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Mother, dear mother!

the Answer to a riddle “As an April Fools` joke can become a New Year`s gift?“ I learned in seventeen years. Yes, my child was conceived in day of jokes and draws. And for me it was not ridiculous at all! I remember confusion and fear in the opinion of future father and a cruel question: “And what you will do?“ And still: “And what your mother will tell?“ Mother, dear mother! She, of course, told nothing good to me, but also made bad nothing.

Having understood

that it is impossible to persuade me on abortion, she began to feed me with cottage cheese strenuously. So I also lived. Prepared for passing the final exams in the 10th class of high school and handed over them quite successfully. Schoolmates asked me to what institute I will come, and I shrugged shoulders, smiled and kept the secret. It was clear for me that the institute is removed for several years. Without worrying about anything, I went to work, having pragmatically judged that the seniority and decretive money prevented nobody yet. Without excess disorders I worked, and in the evenings knitted bootees and prickers of a baby`s undershirt.

I here came “put X“ - clear that there was it a gift by New year. The fear was not. It was sick, and in the head for some reason Mayakovsky`s verses “The left march“ as an echo of school examinations busily turned. So under “The left march“ I also drove to the delivery room where easily and quickly brought the female beautiful healthy baby into world. I was happy! And mother, by the way, too.

Terrible heavy quinsy overtook me absolutely at the wrong time. Droppers, antibiotics, high temperature and asthma. As soon as I recovered and could speak, by the shivering voice I asked the doctor a question: “The doctor, seems to me that I can be a pregnant woman what to do to me?“ Eyebrows of a strict doktoritsa met her starched hat.“ On your place I would make abortion“, - it cut off and left chamber.

But on my place, and I did not make abortion. I was 22 years old, and, remembering the careless pregnancy and easy childbirth, I for a minute did not doubt that everything will be good.

But it was not good

. From 16 weeks me pyelonephritis of pregnant women mowed. A high pressure, hypostases, and, above all - awful pain which practically did not release me. The hospital replaced hospital, and in intervals I lay at home. “The simulator is unfortunate, if only to it not to wash the floors! - my mother-in-law groaned, for the twentieth time crawling with a rag near my bed, - All sofa lay, the idler! When this lying comes to an end?!“ The husband smoothly flowed on the party of the mammy...

I here long-awaited ultrasonography, and sentence of the doctor: “Your child lags behind in development for a month. Perhaps, you should not keep such pregnancy?“ I told:“ The doctor, perform the work. I will give birth“. Time did not go, it crept, slowly and painfully. But at last I felt familiar fights. Phone in the apartment was not, and I prepared for consultation, the benefit it was near our house. “And you cannot wait, I to myself already gathered a bathtub!“ - in life did not hear a question more silly. I took a bag and one went. Behind the mother-in-law ran and nagged: “Why a plot fur coat, will rest in maternity hospital - new do not ask!“

Mother, dear mother! You are a mother too - my beloved... I called the mother-in-law mother... For what you so with me? Childbirth was heavy, the son was born with threefold obvitiy umbilical cords, a cerebral hemorrhage. But he was born live! So - all not for nothing! Together with the baby pain abandoned me at once! And I already also forgot that it to live without pain! And I was happy!

the Third pregnancy was planned by

. My new spouse infinitely wanted the child. On light of the woman it was not happier than me!“ Went crazy, to give birth in thirty six years! It is already dangerous and in general - why it is necessary! It is necessary to think the head“, - my mother told.

Mother, dear mother! I am your only daughter, and to you not to understand that for happiness to have many children. To me any more not 17, mother, and I thought the head. Of course, there was both a threat of interruption, and hospital. Great doctors and the attentive husband were near. This pregnancy was another, absolutely another. I looked at the Gulf of Finland and thought: “You will see it, my kid!“ In simple and ordinary things I suddenly saw so much beauty! I admired flowers, smiled to children and old men. I shone with happiness. “You surprisingly beautiful woman!“ - the foreign man told me. To me, thirty-six-year-old, with a huge stomach... Employees admitted: “Looking at you, there is a wish to give birth to one more!“

the Son was born

eight-months, but rather large and healthy. I was happy! The husband exulted! Mother was happy too.

When we with the husband conceived to adopt the girl, to me was forty one years. “We categorically against! Do not do it! We with the father will suspend any relations with you!“ - mother sobbed.

Mother, dear mother! Well, really you did not understand yet that it is useless to protest if I want the child! And even if I could not give rise any more - I was beyond offered by destiny. It you taught me to be such what I am and to independently make serious decisions! And now, mother how you love the younger granddaughter, unless is not present? I became a mother again. And I am happy!

be not afraid of

, dear mother! Trust in my forces - I will cope!