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Nine months of hope - nine months of love

For certain each woman remembers the pregnancy. Remembers every day expectation, remembers the first pushes similar to fluttering of a butterfly, remembers how through skin on a stomach appeared palms, small patches.

When to me was 24 years old, I sacredly believed that I will give rise to 25. In 25 it did not turn out: the husband was not ready, it was impossible. Having decided not to go in cycles, I with maniacal persistence considered the schedule of periods, calculated the “necessary“ days, was upset when I understood what “did not turn out“.

A then arrived on the second highest. Sessions with their control, offsets, examinations did not leave the place for self-flagellation and at work nobody cancelled reports. I was broken off between study and work, besides the husband began to work with arrivals. If for the period of session at it “output“ watch dropped out, then it was necessary to do all with an electrobroom speed - generally, I decided that the child will wait, and threw out a treasured calendar card.

A at the end of May I understood that “red days“ were in April, heart missed a bit from nervousness, but I waited. Decided that I will wait a week more.

All week tried not to think that I, perhaps, have a kid, and tried to prepare diligently for state examinations and to finish the diploma. I do not know what more me concerned at that moment: an opportunity to fail examinations and protection or an opportunity to become mother. Told the husband about alarms. Together bought the test. Home I flew. Present my disappointment when instead of the expected two strips I saw one bright, and the second so thin and pale that it is unclear: whether it is, whether it is absent. The husband laughed:“ You for the night would make the test“.

came into a drugstore Next day, bought two - for the firmness of result. Hardly it is light, I rushed off to do the test. Naturally, both strips on both tests were on the place. Heart fought by fits, eyes pinched tears, the smile did not descend from a face. Hopping, returned to a bedroom. Showed to the husband tests. Half asleep, without knowing symbolics of tests for pregnancy, with the “minus“ sight he understood nothing. And here me broke through: I laughed, kissed it, showed these treasured two stripes. And he smiled. Also it was visible that at this moment it was overflowed by pleasure and pride - we became a family really.

I here I understood that I am not afraid any more. Neither examination, nor protection of the thesis - anything. It was much more important that in me there lives my kid. Probably, therefore both examinations, and protection took place easily and with a smile upon the face.

But whether all - the fatigue has an effect

, whether continuous traveling, whether suddenly come heat... Generally, the doctor put pregnancy interruption threat, appointed treatment, a bed rest. The last troubled: I, the laugher and the fidget, have to lie in a bed?! It was necessary to suffer.


, in all 9 months it was the biggest test. I was lucky: neither toxicosis, nor hypostases was, all analyses came good. Culinary perversions were not observed. No, of course, there was a wish borsch, oranges, the Korean carrots, ice cream, baked chicken, peaches - the husband quietly executed whims of the pregnant wife.

generally, I led a usual life: we with the husband went to have a rest on the nature, weeded and dug potatoes, mushroomed, celebrated holidays, learned to drive the car, swam in the pool. Even in intimate life especially nothing exchanged - neither in quality, nor in quantity.


in the prenatal doctor about pregnancy course, surprised her with the story about driving on a snowmobile. Well, think: winter, warm windless day, a new snowmobile - well how not to be tempted? At first with the husband, then - feelings weight: delight, pleasure of the movement, light adrenaline. Of course, I understood that you should not become impudent with a trigger therefore gradually - little by little, but went. Lyubov Mikhaelovna grumbled through laughter: “Here would also come to give birth on this snowmobile...“

my mother, expecting construction in the grandmother`s rank, became even closer and more native. She told about the pregnancy, listened to all my stories read on the Internet calmed if I worried, ironed a stomach and listened to the child`s heart (we went to the quietest room where there are no hours even, I laid down, and mother put an ear approximately to that place where the day before the doctor listened to heartbeat of the child) - and heard!

as I wanted to learn

A who will be born. Honestly, me was all the same, the boy or the girl, just there was a wish to buy a dowry: toys, caps, baby`s undershirts and what color to choose? Here and problem. Neither the first, nor second ultrasonography showed a sex of the kid: at first term small, then sidewise fell down a rebyatenok. I remember, the colleague - the psychologist came to us, asks: “For whom you wait?“ On my awkward pozhimaniye shoulders, Lena surely told:“ Not important, the main thing, love. Also imagine the child. What itself you will program, such and will be born“.

Ya, of course, doubted, but tried. It was impossible to represent the boy, and the girl - it is easy. There was a wish that the daughter was similar not me: big-eyed, bright, only with a fair curly hair and light eyes. And what you think? My daughter - my reflection! Here also do not believe after that in neurolinguistic programming...

A still I followed the fashion: oh, as I liked to be a pregnant woman! The tummy is small, accurate, eyes shine. The easy make-up, a new sundress, kolgotochka - is not right the one who considers pregnant women ugly. Many mummies do not like keen interest in their pregnant person, and I liked to be the focus of attention, to tell about the future kid to the girlfriends and colleagues, especially to those who already have children. More at anybody you will not meet such support (well, mothers and husbands it is not counted).

By the way, about the husband. When to the finish there was about a month, we agreed that it to me will help to be prepared for childbirth: to take a shower, to make depilation, to give an enema, consider fights - he supported me, assured: it is better to cease to hesitate of the native husband, than to redden before the nurse. Though, honestly, I did not want to see it in the rodzal...

Of course, any pregnancy comes to an end. My daughter was born by means of the emergency Cesarean section, but it is unimportant. The feeling of motherhood, pleasure, love to the yet not born child, desire to become good mother is important.

the doctor asked

On the last survey before an extract from maternity hospital: “You will come to us still?“ And I firmly answered: “Yes!“