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The long way to each other of

With the emergence our kid did not hurry, and already went 42 - I week. But at last “the call rang out“, and we went to maternity hospital. Were born not really easily (a heavy hypoxia) moreover and got to holidays (on January 3, it is separate history). All this led to complications which overtook us on the eve of Christmas.

the First days when Maksik was with me, he often shouted, refused to take a breast and if ate a drop, then it right there left back (as it appeared, it and there were hypoxia consequences). For the 4th days it was not brought on feeding and told that put under a dropper, and at night it stopped breath, and it on the reanimobile was taken away to the area.

I here days stretched... Calls to hospital, nerves, tears, rare trips to Maksik... I very much wanted to keep milk to feed the kid. Read a heap of literature, visited, probably, one hundred websites, wrote out several recommendations - both national, and scientific. It was the whole ritual: it was decanted each 3 hours (only for the night a break of 6 hours - about 12 nights till 6 in the morning), in 30 min. drank a tablespoon of dill broth, in 15 min. a rassasyval a tablet of the preparation promoting a lactation, then put before itself a basin with hot water, wetted a towel, wrapped a breast and only then it was filtered.

But when there is no child nearby, the amount of milk promptly reduces to zero. Reached that I talked to a breast and persuaded her to give more, asked: “And what we will feed with Masyu?“ And so 3 weeks.

But here that day when we once again came to visit our Krokhotulka came, and the doctor told that I can arrive on Monday. Also we will try to apply Masik to a breast. What at this moment was created in soul - not to express in words.

Monday. I very much worried whether Maxim will take a breast, there passed nearly a month, but - about a miracle! - he stuck so as if there were no these days (I have even a little cry).

We were born

weighing 3950 gr., in hospital threw off to 3370 gr. When I arrived to the kid, he weighed 3500 gr., and in a week we gathered 500 gr. For the next month we gathered 1600 gr., and for the third - 900 gr. And it only on GV!

were not ill

, adjusted immunity. Our Krokhotulya to us on pleasure and to the pediatrician surprisingly grows. Here that the mother`s milk means. All my efforts were not in vain.

Nothing can be more expensive and more valuable than health of the child therefore I can convince mummies who do not want to feed or absolutely were upset, from - for the fact that nothing is impossible. It is impossible to lower hands at all! It is necessary to fight for each drop of this “white gold“ if it is so possible to be expressed.

All of happiness, good luck and pleasure!