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Mamayev Kurgan - the main height of Russia is

Mamayev Kurgan. I remember this sacred place since the most young years. Hallmark of the hometown. The first association at any guest. Tell: “Volgograd!“ Will answer: “Mamayev Kurgan...“

On a glory barrow any excursion is brought first of all. It is possible to understand and experience the atmosphere of the bloody Battle of Stalingrad exactly here. Around peaceful life, the city lives and works, loves and creates. Getting on Mamayev Kurgan as if on an invisible time machine you move to far terrible times of World War II...

of 135 days of great fight for height on Volga. 135 long days, each of which claimed hundreds of the young lives. It is terrible to present it.“ Height 102,0“. Such is the name of this hill on all military maps. From these positions all city, clearly. Climb an abrupt ladder on the main height and look at the beautiful city. Great Volga, Zavolzhye distances, houses and factory pipes of huge giants. It is clear, that each of opponents wanted to dominate at this height. During fights control of height passed to the Soviet troops, to German. Fights went deadly.

I now, costing on a barrow, always you feel some alarm, tears always flow... It is so much buried fighters. It is so much torn-off lives. 34505... Enormous figure!


Exactly here stopped the Hitlerite, the victory in the Great Patriotic War began with this height.

the Monument - the ensemble on Mamayev Kurgan in the form in which and now he receives numerous guests, was erected in 8 years - from 1959 to 1967. The famous sculptor as E. V directed works. Vuchetich.

of 200 granite steps lift us to composition top - to a statue “The motherland calls!“. 200 days and nights there was a Battle of Stalingrad... And these steps as symbol.

the Well-known statue is visible to

not at once. From Lenin Avenue we slowly climb high steps and we get on the avenue of pyramidal poplars, a statue in the distance, it still seems tiny. The long beautiful avenue brings on the square “Dying in the last ditch“. The granite soldier closes the Motherland from foes. Some more steps conduct us to Heroes Square. On both sides - walls - ruins. I remember the children`s memoirs. In this place I was shaken by the atmosphere of reliability of the real fight. A sound of the flying bullets and bombs. Resolute teams of the commander: “Fire!“ . To me, small, there was a wish to escape, hide. The picture of those times is so really recreated. Real test.

of the Wall - ruins brought us on Heroes Square. The huge lake - the pool, in is mute there are no edges, water all the time pours out in drains. A life celebration over death, tears on the dead. At the left - a wall in the form of the developed banner. I know words from this wall since the childhood by heart: “Iron wind hit with it into a face, and all of them went forward, and again the feeling of superstitious fear covered the opponent: whether people went to attack whether they are mortal?“ There is nothing to add.

On the right, opposite to a banner, six two-figured sculptural compositions. Here the hero carries the wounded friend, Soldiers and the general - they were near. The nurse rescuing the soldier... General feat, general victory.

Always I stop on this square before entering the Hall of military glory. Long I stand... It is disturbing. Light-. Some inspiration comes. Understanding of sanctity of a military duty. Not for nothing here drive children from the most early age. This complex - the best patriotic education.

the Hall of military glory meets

by disturbing music of Schuman of “Dream“. Slowly we climb a ring which all walls decorate the symbolical lowered a little banners on which 7200 surnames of the dead for the main height of Russia are engraved. In the center of the hall - the huge hand holding a torch with an eternal flame. While fire burns, memory will live in human hearts!

the Most beautiful ritual of changing of the guard. For service in guard on Mamayev Kurgan select the best fighters. It is “blue blood“ of our army. To get to a company of a guard of honor - great honor. The perfected movements, the verified step, accurate teams - and again on a post the fighter. To get on changing of the guard - a great luck.

the Exit from the Hall of military glory brings us on Skorbi Square. Tomb of the marshal V. I. Chuykov. A sculpture of the grieving mother inclined over a body of the dead of the son. Bitterness. Mourning. Grief.

rise to the main statue “Motherland“ begins

With this area. On the way to the main monument of a complex on the one hand burials of Heroes of the Soviet Union, participants of the Battle of Stalingrad are located. The very first tombstone bears an inscription: “Your name is unknown, your feat is immortal. Eternal glory!“

I here we at the bottom of a huge sculpture. At her huge leg always I feel the scantiness. 52 meters - height of a statue, 16 meters - the base, which most part in the earth. In the right hand - 33 - meter a sword, weighing 14 tons. All monument weighs - attention! - eight thousand tons!! It is clear, that such heavy monument has to be strengthened carefully. At one time the sculpture began to heel, and Kurgan was closed on reconstruction. In a statue - the whole laboratory in which watch a list, the direction of wind. Volgograd - the city where wind of 300 days in a year blows. Steppe zone.


on June 12, 2008 in Moscow, at Red Square, summed up the results of the national competition “Seven Miracles of Russia“. Mamayev Kurgan was included into their number. This miracle should be seen!

“On Mamayev Kurgan silence,
Behind Mamayev Kurgan the silence,
In that barrow is buried by

To the peace coast quietly laps war“.
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