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It is no secret that in bathing preferences heart (and with it and a transitory body) the domestic house owner is irrevocably given to a traditional Russian bath, this national “log hut of health“. Then more sparing Finnish sauna and so-called east or Turkish bath - to boors follow. All other - baths exotic, like the Japanese ofuro or the Georgian chamois.


On - Finnish

By and large, it is possible to deliver quite efficient saunka “meter - on - meter“ even in the small city apartment, having allocated under it the place, say, in a bathroom. Because “the more the merrier“ and “pairs of bones do not ache“. For example, the smallest model with × sizes of 125; 125 × 210 mm will perfectly go in even on a usual balcony which, certainly, should be warmed previously.

If wants something special, then it is better to construct a sauna to order, proceeding only from your inquiries, opportunities and means. Especially as, for example, for tall persons in sborno - a panel board sauna it will be not quite cozy as their standard height does not exceed 190 cm

Panel board saunas are issued several standard sizes, the set gathers “in the place“ within one day. At a certain skill of the handling of the ordinary home tool (boards fasten on self-tapping screws) it can be made independently, being guided by the enclosed instruction and photos. Lack of such saunas, however, as well as any factory production: they not always differ in a big variety of forms and configurations and do not consider nuances of your apartment. So to fight against roughnesses and cracks it is necessary to you independently, showing sometimes remarkable sharpness. However, if these “features“ of the area are absent, and a sauna to a spekh, then it is better to buy sborno - panel board - it will be possible to save hardly, but it is possible to gain several days, and when moving to take away a sweating room with itself.

production of Tylo firms (Sweden) and Harvia (Finland) is considered

of the Best of the western combined saunas. However, the Swedish panel board saunas are more expensive Finnish approximately on a quarter.

Such sauna gathers on a steel frame without a floor from modules 80 cm wide. It is good if space reserved for installation of a sauna is multiple to eighty, and if not, then losses of useful space are inevitable. Besides, the sauna cannot be established closely to room walls as air vents will be corked.

Material. Usually apply needles to production of saunas - the North European fir-tree and a pine - from which by special heat and vacuum treatment pitches are removed. This wood contains fitontsidny oils (pitches) which are emitted when heating and destroy pathogenic microorganisms. In an aspen there are no pitches. But the fine power of this tree soothingly affects nervous system of the person. In old time spoke: felt weakness - embrace an oak and if something hurts, nestle a sore point on an aspen. Thanks to high conductivity of long and soft fibers the aspen levels a biofield of the person and by that treats. Why foreigners do not use an aspen? The matter is that an aspen - a curve, knotty. The percent of an exit of good wood is low. Strongly jars on an aspen in the dryer therefore it is necessary to dry it in the open air and longer. Only our boundless forest stocks allow to build baths of an aspen. By the way, the perfect aspen practically does not concede in anything to the well-known “bathing“ tree an abasha, excluding, however, heat conductivity: from an aspen not to sit down on the heated polok. Do of an abash mainly benches: to build saunas entirely of it too expensive and began to smell quite specific at an abash.

of the Furnace and Kamenka. From the point of view of the current legislation, on installation of a sauna permissions of the supervising organizations, including the same fire inspection are required. However in 99% of cases none of house owners of it do from - for immemorial red tape and requisitions. Besides, the equipment of famous brands is certified and at the correct operation it is absolutely safe. By the way, in the Scandinavian countries the sauna in the apartment is so habitual as a microwave or, say, the refrigerator.

In the city apartment, certainly, it is better for p to use electric furnaces. It is simpler and purer. In city apartments the of 4,5 - 6,6 kW furnaces are usually used. For more powerful furnaces needs 380 V and three-phase current (it it is simpler to arrange in houses with electric stoves).

the Russian market of electric furnaces for a bath and a sauna is quite various

. Leaders, certainly, are the Scandinavian companies having century traditions in construction of saunas.

the Finnish company Harvia by right is considered a standard among those who are able to appreciate the real Finnish sauna. Popular models Harvia kamenok were always one of the best - elegant, strong and economic. Quality and safety a kamenok of Harvia is reached due to use of high-quality materials and the modern production technology.

For fans to pokhlestat itself (or the neighbor in the shelf) a venichok the Combi model will approach. It can work in two modes: sauna and Russian bath. For change of the mode one pressing the button suffices. Also Kamenka is equipped with the water heater. Observance of the mode of temperature / humidity is monitored by automatic equipment. After the termination of the damp mode the heater automatically switches in the mode of drying of a sauna. All heaters are supplied with the automatic switch in four hour of work, and also the thermorelay which works in case of breakdown of service and disconnects it.

Other Finnish firm Saunatec exports to Russia furnaces under the Helo and Viki trademarks. In an asset of this company “president`s elektrokamenka“ - the Fantasy model which is specially developed for the first person of the country of Suomi.

On top Kamenka special stones of volcanic breed keep within (vulkanit). On them to strike to park, it is possible to splash fearlessly a cherpachok - another. Steam turns out good, soft.

Wood bathing furnaces are most demanded by

in country houses. It is connected not only with cheap fuel. For many fans to take a steam bath the sound of the logs crackling in the furnace in combination with pleasant aroma of a smoke is obligatory attribute of a bath. The market of wood furnaces is widely presented by the Russian producers. Design features of the majority of our furnaces allow to use them both for a classical Russian bath, and for the Finnish sauna. By the way, thanks to a special prefurnace tunnel which equipped the majority of domestic models “our“ furnace can be heated from a waiting room. From import a kamenok such chance is given by only some Harvia models. Range western wood kamenok several already electric: it is not enough in Europe of the woods therefore appreciate a tree.

In Turkish

It is considered p that to take a steam bath orientally Turks adopted culture from Arabs, and that, in turn, from Romans. Traditional east bath is under construction by the principle of “palm“: around a steam room five niches - rooms settle down. In everyone niches - the certain temperature: from 70 to 80 degrees. In the center of a spacious steam room, clearly, there is a big marble plank bed, it is called “soup“ that designates “a flat stone“, or “chebek - Tasha“ (literally: “stone for a stomach“). Really, on a hot chebek lay down a stomach, getting warm and steaming out. From here one of favourite sayings at Turks - “Let chebek will always be hot!“ . The advantage of visit of a steam bath is obvious. It helps from sleeplessness, effectively treats acne diseases of skin, rejuvenates and revitalizes skin. Many of the clearing effects of east baths with success are applied today in beauty shops. Owing to the sparing temperature and thanks to effective cosmetic results the Turkish bath is especially popular with women. However, certainly, boors should not consider only as “a female bath“.

In Russia interest in a hamam arose at the beginning of 90 - x. At that time nobody was engaged in construction of hamam, but steam cabins of the European brands were available for sale. It is, in fact, urbanistic option of traditional east bath. The plastic cabin without bottom with a glass door, steam is forced by means of the steam generator. Now it is possible to say that ready steam cabins did not get accustomed in Russia safely. However, today`s house owner wants not the stamped plastic, and to boors constructed in the place, to order. Meanwhile interest in the hamam remained and even grew. Today to boors it is demanded just as a sauna.

Certainly, in accuracy it is hardly possible to reproduce classical to boors on the country site. And it is not necessary. Modern technologies (first of all, systems of electric cable heating and high-power steam generators) allow to reduce to boors to one - two rooms.

Under boors can convert one of rooms of a cottage. However for this purpose it is necessary to work carefully with “box“. After transformations of a wall will represent the smart construction “pie“ consisting of 14 layers!

It is known that unlike the Russian bath and the Finnish sauna, in boors does not have a tree at all. In total - including plank beds - it is executed from a stone. Options of finishing of a steam room set. As in many similar cases, everything is defined by prosperity and the owner`s ambitions. So, for example, quite economic option of finishing with use of a ceramic tile is possible. And it is possible and “to give all the best“ fairly: to make plank beds of whole natural marble, and on walls and a ceiling to lay out art mosaic panels from the Italian smalt.

By the way, several words about smalt. During its creation glass is processed by oxides of various metals and heats up to high temperatures. As a result material is bought excellent by physics - chemical properties: crash-worthiness, frost resistance, resistance to various aggressive cleaners. Smalt is opaque and as if shines from within. Besides, each cube differs from others in a shade a little, from - for what the surface which is laid out by smalt even of one color does not look monotonously at all. Smalt is equally good for walls and a floor. It will be suitable for finishing and a bathroom, and the pool. And, of course, hamama.

At any option of finishing needs to follow several general rules.

First. the Ceiling surely has to have the form of the arch or a dome that hot condensate did not drip on the heads of parilshchik (feeling not from the most pleasant), and imperceptibly rolled down on walls further - an inclined floor - in a sewer ladder.

Second. For achievement of the maximum comfort, it is necessary to warm up a floor, walls and benches. And - from within, by means of systems of electric or water heating. The heating electric cable of a heating system “heat-insulated floor“ keeps within a floor and under a stone of benches. Power of a cable calculates taking into account the necessary temperature of a floor and plank beds. The system at the same time copes an automatic temperature regulator that protects from an overheat and burns.

Third. are nastenno applied To lighting - ceiling lamps, heat-resistant and moisture-proof. East color is reached at the expense of system of original illumination - so-called“ the star sky“ - on the basis of optics - fiber lamps, and also the special device for giving of aromas (fragrance).

Fourth. In boors it is desirable for strong to have a water source - a wash basin, a bowl with water, a shower or the simple crane.

Steam generators. East sweating room differs in high humidity for which achievement rather powerful steam generator as steam room volume in the Turkish bath is higher Finnish or Russian is necessary. The considerable part of the domestic market of steam generators is occupied by production of the Swedish company Tylo and the Finnish company Helo.

the Steam generator settles down out of a sweating room, whenever possible, in close proximity to it. If compact wall models, irreplaceable at deficiency of space. Besides, many models are supplied with the portable control unit. These are the stylish automatic panels intended for direct or remote control steam. The steam generator is connected to central water - and to power supply. If the country house, and heating - autonomous, from own boiler room, then is better to provide an additional contour - especially for heating of a hamam. Otherwise, to fill with couple, it is necessary to heat all cottage. And if behind a window plus 20?

the Majority of models (in particular, the Tylo brands) are equipped with the built-in protection of a tank against an overheat, the adjustable nozzle allowing to change intensity of steam and also the inlet valve with the filter for protection against mechanical pollution. However to prolong term service of the equipment, water nevertheless is recommended to be filtered previously.

On - it is American

Of course, the infrared cabin in pure form can be hardly considered as full-fledged alternative to a traditional sauna. Warming up of a body and sweating in a cabin are caused not by means of hot air and steam from Kamenka, and under the influence of special IK - the heater. What is an infrared cabin?

At first have some school physics. Infrared waves are the, in fact, thermal radiation which is possessed, by the way, by any live organism, including, certainly, and the person. Unlike ultra-violet, IK - waves are absolutely harmless to health. Moreover. It is scientifically proved: IK - the radiation of a certain spectral range (from 7 to 14 microns) possesses rather salutary properties.“ Life beams“ as quite often call these IK - waves, influencing at the cellular level, give amazing therapeutic effect.


on use of thermal waves of this salutary range based action of IK - cabins or infrared saunas. It is literally improving pass - the center in the usual apartment! IK - sessions are shown at violations warm - vascular activity, muscular pain, diseases of kidneys and frustration of immune and nervous systems. IK - cabins effectively struggle with cellulitis and excess weight.

can be established to

of the Cabin in any, even small room. IK - a cabin will become fine addition to a classical sauna or will even replace it. Especially it will be estimated by ladies for whom stay in a usual sweating room often is discomfortable. As a rule, cabins of the leading global manufacturers (for example, Infradoc) are outside sheathed by an interline interval of valuable breeds of a tree, in particular, the Canadian red cedar. Therefore “to hide“ such cabin in a niche there is no need if, of course, it is not “highlight“ original design - the project.

But, of course, not a covering plays a major role at the choice of a cabin.“ Heart“ any such sauna is actually IK - a radiator. In early models of cabins the ceramic tubular radiators filled with quartz sand with a nikhromovy thread of an incandescence were applied. After them replaced radiators from a special metal alloy “inkoly“ with a ceramic dusting. The resource of work of such radiators is equal to 10000 hours. In other words, even at frequent (but private) use will last for half a century!

Some models of cabins are supplied with the built-in acoustic stereosystem allowing to hold “youth sessions“ under favourite music. By the way, about duration of stay in a cabin. One session - 30 minutes, in day - no more than one session. After procedure - a cup of green tea or a glass of mineral water. Alcohol is contraindicated. As to, and right after. However, this rule extends to all bathing procedures, irrespective of steam room type.