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The drama from - for kilogram of

In our country approximately every fifth teenager suffers from excess weight. By means of food of people often satisfies not only actually feeling of hunger, but also other requirements - in entertainments, support, encouragement, a pacification, good mood. According to scientists, at full children the algorithm of the solution of problems through a stomach is usually put at infantile age.

Mother regards children`s crying at the slightest pretext unambiguously - as the requirement of food (and to the kid it is just boring, wet, there is a wish to sleep), and, trying to calm, begins to nurse or dairy mix. As a result of already adult child at any discomfort first of all pulls to have a bite therefore the pathological jammings mechanism of troubles quite often accompanies the son or the daughter on life.

to Feed with

from the heart?

In many families the food often becomes means of settling of the conflicts and way of removal of tension. Thus, children subconsciously connect maternal care, support and protection with food. As it is sad, many adults are not able to show feelings to the child differently, than through a stomach. As a sign of big love they seek to feed to a dump. Meal - a traditional form of leisure and nearly the most beloved entertainment of Russians. Of course, in a family feast or in visit of restaurant there is nothing bad if the measure is observed.

what to pay attention to. That the child got rid of excess weight, analyse that when, and, above all - why he eats. At least within a month keep the diary together with the pupil, noting in it each eaten piece, and also thoughts and feelings to, after and during food. It will help to correct food behavior of the school student.

In the psychoinjuring situations the food calms, gives feeling of safety. It is important to teach the child to reduce stress by other effective methods.

to Grandmothers and mothers should cook daily full-fledged food, to feed the pupil whenever possible five times a day. The main thing - to give preference to useful products.

Should learn to distinguish, for example, carbohydrates on usefulness degree. From easily acquired - sweets, pastries, sugar, white loaf, cream of wheat - it is worth refusing. But vegetables, fruit, berries, macaroni from firm grades of wheat contain carbohydrates which can be eaten without restrictions.

From ten to twelve

After ten, years at first at girls, and one or two years later and at boys begins prepubertat - the age preceding puberty. The hormonal background changes, and children slightly grow stout. Is not necessary from - for it especially to panic as soon enough growth jump will begin, and fatty surplus, most likely, will disappear.

what to pay attention to. Bring more movement in their life that weight returned to normal. Day let surely begins with charging.

Reconsider style of food of all family. Nutritionists consider that even the most obedient school student maintains a diet, separate of parents, no more than two weeks.

you do not drive school students in fast food restaurants. Having eaten a cheeseburger, the child will receive 836 kilocalories and 54 g of fat, with Big Mac - it is even more! Plus a bag of French fries, cocktail, pie, ice cream - one order the young gourmet covers standard daily rate of calories much. It is indicative that in two years after emergence fast - foot in China for the first time for all its history the population of the country had problems with excess weight.

Special signs - a reason for a diet
  • Strong affection for mother which presses on the child dominates over the father and other family members.
  • Painful vulnerability, feeling of own weakness.
  • Passivity, unwillingness to independently make decisions.
  • the Underestimated self-assessment.
  • the Increased uneasiness.
  • Low resistance to stress.
  • Tendency to neurosises.
  • Attacks of apathy and bad mood.
  • Unwillingness to have friends, aspiration to loneliness. The more you found similarities to own child in this portrait, the it is more important to ask for the help the psychologist. Without serious work on the complexes chances of the school student to lose weight are small.

From thirteen

Brutal appetite at the teenager is also more senior than

, from - for whom it in a year can gain up to thirty kilograms, confirms malfunctions of work of a brain, namely a gipotalamus. During puberty gipotalamus operates hormonal reorganization of an organism which not always takes place smoothly.

However unrestrained hunger of the teenager, from - for whom products in the refrigerator are not late, is not the reason of scandal, also as well as promptly blurring child`s figure - not a reason for venomous remarks.

Trying to wound self-esteem of the son or daughter, parents hope that to their child will bother to be thick, and he will begin to watch quantity of eaten. In reality it only creates psychological complexes.

what to pay attention to. Protect the teenager from moral injuries as they cause desire “to jam“ negative emotions. In case of an active set of weight surely consult the school student at the neuropathologist and the endocrinologist.

you do not introduce strict restrictions. The American doctors observed group of girls - teenagers whom parents forced to adhere to a diet strictly. As soon as mothers and fathers reduced control, young ladies began to eat that is called without stopping.

However all is better - to refuse school lunches. There can offer sausages, pizza, gingerbreads, glazed cheese curds, at some schools in general the buffet is accepted - you eat how many you want. Convince the teenager whenever possible fully to have dinner at home.

Between the main meals offer the school student low-calorie yogurt, apple, a pear, orange, tangerine, carrot. The feeling of saturation comes at a full stomach, it is so best of all let it will be filled with healthy and low-calorie food.

have not enough

of One diet. It is effective only in a complex with daily physical activities. Therefore the teenager needs to move more. In combination with healthy nutrition of exercises effectively make active a metabolism.

Nutritionists advise

to visit special groups in fitness - the centers and sports clubs. It is worth going to the pool also surely regularly. According to experts, not less than two are useful to do swimming - three times a week, at least on an hour. And it is better to do it under supervision of the trainer.

of 9 reasons of a gluttony

School students use this or that type of psychological protection or as experts speak, system of regulation of stability of own personality to get rid of alarm, a nervous tension, negative emotions and painful experiences. The reason of an overeating can become:

  1. Frustration - the unpleasant experiences caused by unsatisfied requirements or desires. For example, in a family there was a younger child, and parents switched all attention to it, and to the senior the food replaced maternal caress.
  2. Giperopek`s
  3. and superaffection of mother for the child whom it constantly stuffs with something tasty.
  4. Separation from mother. It out of an access zone, for example, at work, but a lunch costs on a plate as a consolation prize.
  5. Too soft and all allowing parents. Such mothers and fathers usually have sense of guilt before children - for example, for a lack of attention, emotional alienation, indifference and rejection of the child. Well, also buy all food in a row in large numbers.
  6. Weak-willed and helpless fathers. When the father behaves as the child, and responsibility for a family lays down on female shoulders, will not call a house situation healthy. The food helps the child to remove internal stress.
  7. Negative emotions - depression, loneliness, anger, fear. To fill internal emptiness, the child fills a stomach. Food - the best tranquilizer: ate - and from heart went away!
  8. of the Situation, connected with the increased tension and need to work actively. Control and examinations deprive of the child of a dream, rest and rest, but only not food! It compensates a lack of all the rest.
  9. Aspiration to reduce stress, to relax and derive pleasure, and as soon as possible, that is through a stomach. Such style of behavior is called a refrigerator syndrome.
  10. Obesity of parents. It is not about genetic predisposition, and that children often copy behavior of adults, significant for them, including a gluttony.