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The portrait of the Surprising school

everything is a thing - time. We can stand, sit, lie or very quietly to itself sleep, and it runs. Always. Happens that we do not notice it, it is valid, difficult to feel a difference among themselves “yesterday`s“ and yourself “today`s“, then suddenly you look back... Oh! And when managed - to dtsat N years to fly by from the moment of the last school call?! And everything that then was such vital, even only important (we take youthful maximalism into account), is hidden now somewhere deeply in a subsoil of memory and does not disturb, is not remembered, does not dream.

But suddenly the moment everything forgotten comes to get

, to rake over the past and to remove dust school volumes. The son is going to become a first grader! And already before trembling maternal heart there are chimeras of the forthcoming searches of suitable educational institution. Here is from what to go around to the head: lyceums, gymnasiums, new techniques, author`s programs, experimental groups, pair of foreign languages from the first class, martial arts, school studios of theater, design, music and painting (the list can be continued and continued). The question is in how to select grains from a ryegrass, to choose school where will teach to think of the child and will not suppress his identity, will give fundamental knowledge, but not to the detriment of health. Will bring up harmoniously developed personality, but will not spoil mentality excessive loadings. And the name of school - yet not a guarantee of success.

I Know the parents who were hastily taking away children from lyceums with sonorous names, having found out at once that even actions with simple fractions are not so simple for their children after several years of training in special techniques with “individual approach“.

So if to dream, then with all the heart. What has to be school? In my opinion, first of all, seeing and hearing.

the teacher Here enters a class, and before it not twenty boys and little girls. Before it twenty persons having the right for the opinion, the right to state the point of view, to get into argument, to ask a question and to receive the answer. I, naturally, understand that it is very difficult that nobody cancelled discipline and the curriculum, but it is vital. If at least once the child was not heard (did not want to listen) or, what is even worse, if he answered not on a template not that wanted from it to hear, it will be closed as the floret displaces the petals, without having seen the sun. Farewell, Newtons and Eynshteyna!

Interest vanishes (and in seven years everything is interesting, there are no uninteresting objects), the initiative dies away, the child mechanically learns something, something reproduces, but the spark went out. In this regard there is also one more problem: first graders are boys and first graders - girls are the two poles absolutely not similar at each other in the course of training. And here to me the sacral thought of separate training creeps in in the head, and, besides, I see an urgent need in teachers - men. I will try to reason the position.

the Nature genetically created women and men differently. The woman is programmed on saving hereditary information, on “survival“ of a sort, adaptation to external conditions whereas in the man evolutionary progress is put (it is expressed even in chromosomes: XX - duplication at the woman, XY - a variation at the man). That is, if to look in general where women will manage to adapt, men either will die, or will invent something ingenious that will allow to take a step in evolutionary development (not I declare it, and neuropsychologists on the basis of numerous researches and supervision). Then whatever feminists went on about sexual equality, these distinctions also define a difference in behavior and perception of information between boys and girls. To what I began this lecture about physiology of floors? Here - that will just and pertinently be to remember that boys since the childhood are brought up generally by ladies, i.e. mothers, grandmothers, nurses, teachers, teachers who initially have other type of thinking. I remember occasionally as in the first class our first teacher, Valentina Ivanovna is, by the way, very good teacher, called the boy Vanya to read the poem “about the Eaglet“. If who remembers, then there was such song which was often sounding in our Soviet childhood. And there is Vanya and loudly so on all class tightens: “Orlyo - yo - yo - NOC, Orlyo - yo - NOC, fly up above with - about - lnets...“ . And so she became angry, tore off the song and delivered the two to it, thought, he misbehaves again. That is, we trace logic: she did not wait that he will sing, he did not meet its expectations, so it is badly, so the two. I do not know how to the middle of the first class Vanya already wrote down in firm poor students and hooligans, but I still remember his surprised eyes at that moment: he did not try to break a lesson, he sincerely believed, what is so best of all, but it was not understood and did not begin to be listened. There is my cry from the heart: at such approach the number of children which it will not be allowed to realize presented to them by the nature incredibly increases.


Mostly, to teachers to train girls more simply and more comfortably: they to school are much more developed in the speech plan, more focused on contact with the teacher, they try to catch each his eye and say most often what from them is wanted to be heard. It is convenient: the minimum requirements to innovation and maximum - to scrupulousness of execution. Framework and installations, samples and decisions which need to be followed sacredly, and the benefit to those who follow is given. And already from the first class bear many non-standard kids a yoke of mediocre pupils and losers. I, being itself that classical honors pupil - the first grader able to read perfectly, composing verses and stories, liking to communicate on the set and not set subjects, and, respectively, enjoying big love of the teacher, it was sincerely sure that boys - they some silly, “brake“ (as now it is accepted to speak) and not suitable for training. And here having come to institute where nobody will give the ready decision, it is impossible to learn and remember everything by heart, and, often, easy examination conversation confidentially with professor on integrated functions or other joyful things is supposed, here already the outlook completely changes, and being “unsuitable to training“ it is necessary to call to the aid. But it is even more interesting when it is necessary to introduce the gained knowledge in life.

my granny, the teacher with more than thirty-year experience of teaching physics, becomes absolutely helpless if the socket suddenly fuses or conducting “flies“. Here the father to whom still remember his institute dislike for sine comes to the rescue - to cosines, but which at the same time can absolutely easily “from nothing“ assemble some smart engine.“ The morals of this fable“ in that the very first and most important years of training until the children`s soul is open to all new, novel, mysterious and attracting, everyone would be understood and heard, and the sparkle sitting in each child would develop into a flame of thirst of knowledge. Perhaps, for this purpose it is also necessary “to divide“ pupils into boys and little girls. Or at least to learn to communicate with them differently and to demand from them differently taking into account physiological features.

the Following slogan proclaimed by me I would formulate

as “Hands - to touch!“ . That is methodical materials has to be much, they have to be interesting, clear and inducing to experiment, and still - they have to be available to children. Fortunately, now just enormous choice of such grants for every taste: geographical puzzles with tabs in the form of the countries and continents, the shining globes and star charts, sets of the young chemist and young physicist, pass - telescopes and microscopes, and you will not list all! I remember that various prisms, spheres, cones and other magic things which, to our regret, got from there extremely seldom were stored in an algebra office in a case behind glass and never fell into hands of pupils.

A chemistry with physics - here conversation special! As I suffered at school, drawing unclear electric circuits, and here we had a designer “Expert“, and by the evening the four-year-old child mastered the terms “chain“, “gerkon“, “svetorezistor“. He collected schemes, starting the propeller to a ceiling. However, after the experiments made already with “The young chemist“ we lost a rug in a bathroom, having hopelessly spoiled its bromkrezolovy purple, but already studied and that the main thing, all the rest remembered the concept “acid“, “alkali“, “salt“, “indicator“ and much. At school I remember how, swearing on the same Vanya, our “himichka“ broke a flask, the benefit against my school desk that with aluminum, but after that experiments were made only behind department. And chemistry it is so interesting! Give where to be developed! I paraphrase classics and I will draw a conclusion: show me as it becomes, and I will forget, let`s make to me it is most, and I will remember forever.

I last “whale“ of my postulates: “A sound mind in a sound body!“ That is at school there has to be more movement, the movement - life! Just awfully, when in the blossoming of growth of a children`s organism when heart grows, muscular tissue, vessels and internals when they need the maximum physiological load for full formation, set children for school desks at long o`clock, then - homework, the computer, still additional courses of foreign languages and all other fashionable. At many schools even refuse manual training and physical culture: to workers of intellectual work it absolutely superfluous! And already teenagers have an obesity, scolioses, but the most terrible that the mechanism of accumulation of a stress turns on, the nature for millions of years of evolution suited everything very simply: you have a stress - run, escape, and that will be eaten. While you run, consequences of emission of “bad“ hormones came to naught, and you again as it should be. At school it is not less stresses, than at a primitive system (one examinations of what only stand or death silence when the magazine is open, and the teacher aims in next “victim“ which the class of the rule of allocation should sound punctuation marks of involved and verbal adverb turns), and here the movements do not. It, it seems, as well as not really - that is necessary, the main thing that read - considered well. And this is already fraught with diabetes, a hypertension and even an immunodeficiency and other diseases of a civilization. Generally, I want that at school it was understood and created such conditions.

I absolutely “from treasured“ is a dream of that teachers loved children and the work, would be for children a sample morally - ethical qualities that for them it was not indifferent what atmosphere reigns in a class that helped to settle the conflicts and learned to understand each other that explained that it is good and that it is bad, treating the children handed to them, as to own. Well, or almost like to them. Here the beautiful portrait of the real school leaves such!