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I feed and love

- Well, mummies, we show a breast! - the ruddy nurse whom called “dairy“ in office was in a forceful mood and began “survey“.

, us was six mummies who gave rise on the weekend. Naturally, for the present anybody had no milk. My breast it was a little poured, allocated couple of drops of colostrum, and it was all reaction of my organism to childbirth so far. “Foster-sister“ bypassed everyone in turn, mummies heard her remarks and exclamations of type: “Well and that it for the people went lean and not dairy, a figure, probably, hold, and it is necessary to eat more! Well it for a breast, one misunderstanding, here before the maid were, oho - go!“ Really, already elderly nurse represented sharp contrast with us: full, with a breast of the sixth size and a flush.

Ya watchfully waited for the turn. I had a “zero“ breast size, during pregnancy everything tried to pass into “first“, but did not pass. The nurse examined my breast, disappointedly sniffed and, having waved a hand that is visible meant “to sense will not be“, departed by following examined. Having finished “survey“, gave lecture how it is important for emergence of milk to do “rastsezhivaniye“ which is done by it personally and called the price of service and suggested all to register in reception. Then announced rules of care of a breast: to wash with soap before each feeding, to be decanted after each feeding, not to give a breast to the child more than 10 min., and that “will overeat“. After these statements I doubted its professionalism a little.

Further three days ran

quickly. I gave a breast to the kid, he gave smacking kiss and with pleasure sucked something. I did not go to “rastsezhivaniye“, than offended the nurse.

Milk appeared for the third day, at first it is a little, then in a large number. I tried to be decanted, but in - the first the breast was such hard that it was difficult to grasp it. In - the second, I doubted whether really it is necessary.

For the 5th day us with the sonny was written out, and we - I with the husband and a parcel - stepped in winter day. From white snow at me even pinched eyes.

everyday life of the feeding mummy with the first child Began

. The kid was very uneasy, slept badly, I gave a breast constantly. There is it could on half an hour, and then in an hour ask again. Already whole day. My mother, having beheld me with shadows under the eyes, it is proud told that I at her when she was small, ate with intervals 4 hours, and she strictly maintained operation schedule. Also there was enough time for everything. Yes, I shouted and asked a breast, well and that, it is possible and not to pay attention to shout.

I could not but pay

attention to shout, I have other type of nervous system. So the first month my sonny ate not according to the schedule. It was heavy, night and day often intertwined at me with each other. Being by the night window, watched city life. The husband, coming from work, sadly rummaged on empty pans, and sadly questioned: “And the dinner will be?“ I solemnly handed to it in hands of the successor and ran to prepare something “fast“, and, above all - most to sit down and to eat quietly.

it became easier than

at the end of the first month. The kid began to eat less often and more. We were weighed in policlinic, and it turned out that gained one and a half kilograms. I calmed down - the child quite to himself gorges on. Of course, with my “hard“ breast even in process there were many unpleasant moments: canals were filled. It was necessary to massage and put cabbage sheets. Once even such stagnation was that temperature for 40 was, hardly coped.


my sonny only Ate milk, even did not drink water, did not want.

- As it? The child needs water! - my mother-in-law questioned, carefully holding on hands of the grandson during rare arrivals.

- the Pediatrician told what does not need to be given, - I answered, referring to foreign authority, - And you, mother, do not want to take a walk a couple of hours with a carriage, and I would have a rest so far?

- Is not present

, I am busy, and besides he at you cries all the time, - and the mother-in-law transferred me the kid who is thoughtfully gnawing a finger to hands and departed on the affairs, important on pension.

of Nothing, we also coped with the sonny. We walked long in a carriage and a baby sling, the breast gave directly on walk, it was noticeable from nothing (on extremely measure, I assured myself of it). Looked and listened to noise of waves, at us to the sea no distance. And with quiet heart came back home.

was Nursed by me till 6 months, then began to enter a feeding up. The sonny did not want to eat either porridges, or mashed potatoes, and demanded only a breast. But it already another story altogether...