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Breast milk saved life of

my son was born on November 18, 2008, 8/8 on a scale Apgar. In 12 hours to it it became bad, it all turned blue.

I was told nothing, and synulya was under oxygen. I was in a hysterics and asked to bring the son. Why do not carry, whether all as it should be? All wrote off for Caesarian.

Nevertheless brought to

it for a minute that to calm me. About heart nothing was told. I demanded that put to a breast, did not want that he was fed with mix. GV was very important for me. To me repeated that after Caesarian what there milk... But I achieved, Vova to me was put to a breast for a minute. Then the husband brought me a milk pump, and I carried to a synula a milk each 3 hours. Did not pass also days after operation as milk already came - as it appeared then, the best medicine for mine was synut.

For the 4th days at me synulya everything turned blue, began to choke and it from boxing with kids was transferred to reanimation.

For the 8th days from maternity hospital on the reanimobile us was transported in pathology of newborns. Through 3 - 4 hour Vova was examined there. “The kind manager“ rudely reported:“ 3 days!!... Well, at most 3 months... Also there is nothing to roar here. I told you, will die. In my practice any with such diagnosis did not survive yet. Gave birth to one, you will give birth to the second and third“. As such things can be said in general to mother that “gave birth to one, you will give rise to yourself and another, and this will die, I told you“!? Where ethics, where spirituality? To tell such things and in such form! I could not believe, I repeated that my kid will not die, he will grow up, will become the doctor and still will write the thesis that with such disease live! On me looked as at the madwoman. Nurses patted on a back, sympathizing, the manager constantly shouted at me and repeated that Vova will die. She was angry that I in general do not understand words - the doctor with experience says to me that he will die, and I am such... I do not trust it!

For the 9th day from the birth we were on consultation in the cardiocenter. The diagnosis - congenital heart disease. Three weeks we were on oxygen. In 14 days made a repeated ECHO and... We have positive dynamics - MZhP with 0,8 became 0,6. Doctors did not expect.

the First 3 months of life of a synula we were as in hell. All went on about his death, and sudden. Doctors to whom we were directed ironed on the head and trained me for the worst, for some reason with such confidence... For New Year`s holidays wanted to put for 10 days in reanimation again. We with the husband believed that everything will be good, did not listen to anybody.

Vova very badly sucked a breast. There was terrible short wind since the birth. We lived on scales and a milk pump. I fought for breast milk. Against a stress it several times absolutely vanished (when took away in reanimation for the 4th days when told that it will die, and do not ache here). I adjusted myself not to cry not to harm GV.

We stood. Vovochka exhausted 30 - 40 gr. also filled up for fatigue. At the same time the 40 gr. he sucked more than an hour. Then I long decanted the milk remains 1,5 more hours and again fed it. Slowly finished feeding the decanted milk from a spoon, a glass, increasing to 50 - 60 gr. for once. Froze the remains. As it for hours hung on a breast, milk came unevenly. When Vova asked, but was not, got from the freezer. Filled up, having eaten a little, froze decanted. Put on weight slowly.

To doctors ceased to go not to listen about instant inevitable death of the son. Heartbeat was controlled on 10 - 15 time per day. In 4 months in the cardiocenter there were results, very joyful for us: in dynamics thickness of a wall of the right ventricle and MZhP decreased. The obstruction disappeared! We just were in the seventh heaven! The first victory since the birth. Short wind became less.

Till 5 months I nursed it only, continuing to finish feeding the decanted milk since Vova did not have enough forces to eat at least 60 gr. most.

Here my such history. I apologize that wrote with emotions, but... Long kept all this in itself. Mothers will understand me. The main thing - belief and mother`s love! Breast milk and my belief, love created a miracle! To us already 1,5 g and we still on GV. Synulya adores “sisyu“ and is not ready to refuse from a miracle - mother`s milk which presented it life!