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sadovo - meadow

As consider a landscape as house adjoining though in c.u. though in rubles, and on reckless “that we should build the house?“ people expert usually call the sums approximately identical and always quite impressive. Apropos that in how many arrangement of “the territory, adjacent to the house“ will manage, so definite answer, most likely, will not be. One will decide not to be spent especially: I will make everything, I will plant apple-trees, a flower bed I will break, stones everyones a naveza there, it will be beautiful... Another in general will judge that there is no place to hurry, the main thing - a roof - walls is, and all the rest over time. The third, regularly reading “correct“ magazines and perfectly understanding that the exterior requires “mister designer“ too, will address to landscape firm. Not sooner or later, and it is timely.

Garden, park or kitchen garden?

From time immemorial people decorated with

the dwelling. Each house owner respecting himself sought to have a garden. The garden was always a symbol of beauty, wealth. History of landscape art contains hundreds of years. Since ancient times people, using plants, stones, reservoirs, etc. materials tried to create around themselves harmonious space. Within centuries the stylistics of gardens changed - ancient gardens of China and Japan, Italian, French, English, mixed styles...

Modern landscape fashion as show results of the most prestigious exhibition in the world in Chelsea, not the first season gravitates to ecological style which supports natural balance, harmony of natural flora and fauna. Perhaps, it is connected with the fact that the wild nature in densely populated Europe is practically absent, and it led to the fact that ornamental plants, the most similar to wild-growing types became the most fashionable.

Landscaping turns into one of factors of ensuring ecological stability of the environment today. Also it is realized at the expense of live construction materials - uses of vegetation and ability of the nature to self-control. Gardening of territories not luxury, not only an embellishment, but the ecological factor forming the expedient and comfortable environment of life of the modern citizen.

in principle, at desire quite really standard site to turn into a magnificent garden, the shady wood, regular park and at the same time to consider desire to play sports, games in the fresh air, cultivation of fruits and vegetables. Correctly planned site can become not only a background for the house, he can create mood, will allow to communicate with the nature in the own territory to the taste.

Eh, someone went down from a gorochka... with Alpine

It is no secret that, organizing definitely, space around itself, we as if try to harmonize our inner world with the outside world. In this sense, the landscape exterior, as well as a house interior, is, in fact, a certain projection of internal installations, habits and aspirations of its inhabitants. Everyone chooses the style of a garden, as well as lifestyle. And therefore to the designer it is very important, without imposing the vision, to define that “golden mean“ between creative “I“, realized in the project, and needs of the client, to help it to choose among a set of style decisions and methods of registration of open spaces in what to it it will be comfortable what will reflect features of its taste.

Ideally, improvement of the homestead territory has to be planned still before the ditch under the base of future house is dug. It will give the chance as much as possible to emphasize site advantages, and also to correct the existing shortcomings.

When the general conceptual local plan and improvements of the territory belonging to you after completion of construction to landshaftnik exists it is not necessary to work in regime of “rescuers“ trying to correct the mistakes allowed by designers and builders. For example, unsuccessful arrangement of the house. Sometimes it just wants to be turned (“There is to the wood a rehouse, to me the back!“ ) and it only in the fairy tale is possible. However the desire to change the territory around the house usually appears at the house owner, unfortunately, only when construction of the house is already complete. It is necessary to go on “cunnings“ which in an arsenal of the skilled designer a set. It can be both placement of volume groups of plants, and the device of additional paths, platforms, arbors, sculptures and many other things.


For creation of a beautiful landscape uses a set of components - it is first of all plants (decorative both fruit-trees and bushes, herbs, flowers), and also various types of reservoirs, stones, small architectural forms, a paving of paths and platforms, various types of lawns and flower beds etc.

it is correct to p to pick up these components, to group them in uniform harmonious style, very difficult task even for the professional, and independently it is possible to undertake it only if gardening is for you serious hobby to which you want and you can devote all the time.

Difficult and responsible business - selection of plants. At the choice it is necessary to consider not only their decorative value, but also specific features of growth. Plants is a contribution to the future. They need to be chosen as carefully as any expensive thing which is got very for a long time.

At selection of plants for gardening of concrete object needs to consider several important factors. First of all a microclimate of this site, it can significantly differ from data on the area, it is influenced by security from winds, existence of a surface of the water, feature of a relief and microrelief, opacity by buildings and constructions, duration of daily insolation on separate sites and other factors. It is important to know the direction of the dominating winds, structure of soils, height of standing of ground waters, duration of the warm period, probability of frosts, dangerous to plants, relative humidity of air, a condition of rewintering of plants.

Following that is considered - it is a possibility of watering (manual, automatic, drop) and also what is supposed care of plantings what shelters are possible for badly wintering plants etc.

Only having all these data, it is possible to start selection of plants. Having defined what decorative qualities plants have to possess, from several meeting these requirements - to pick up the most suitable under the terms of growth.

For example, for accord of the house adjoining territory to the surrounding nature are landed, as a rule, by the local breeds of trees and bushes which are well transferring our severe climate. It can be the birch, a linden, a maple, a mountain ash, guelder-roses, derena, junipers, Certainly, the landscape plan of each concrete place is individual. At the same time, considering wishes of the house owner and feature a garden arrangement, its registration can be solved in various styles. The territory on the bank of the gulf with a pier can be presented how a South corner. It is reached by regular planning which main lines are orderliness and a symmetric arrangement of avenues, paths, trees, fountains, garden furniture, statues, vases and so forth. The concept about beauty of this style is connected with ideas of symmetry and an order. A paving color plates, the device of rosaries, pyramidal thujas which are perceived as cypresses poecilophyllous bushes, red maples, chestnuts will create full illusion of the southern coast.

Stones are one of the most decorative elements of registration of a garden for a long time. Correctly picked up, they create a unique landscape, symbolizing firmness and durability. Appeal of stones is that they give a natural view of the territory around the house. At the beginning stones used as an independent decorative element. Built grottoes of them, created large groups of massive stones, plants between them almost did not land. Later stones began to serve as a habitat for plants, “Alpine“ meant the collection of mountain plants issued by stones for giving of bigger naturalness to it. Though the idea of placement of plants on stones extended very slowly, nevertheless rock gardens began to appear in many gardens.

Interest in rock gardens was considerably shown by

in the second half of the 19th century. Botanical gardens one by one began to construct rock gardens. In 1867 the rock garden in Kew Gardens near London, in 1871 - in Edinburgh was constructed. Now the rock garden is understood as an artificial stony hill which fits into a natural landscape and all season keeps decorative effect. There are various types of rock gardens. The Alpine plants can be planted between a chipped cobble-stone, on traditional, or terrasirovanny hills, stony embankments, between stones of retaining walls or in special sinks and trays. Location of a rock garden is chosen taking into account the general planning of a garden. Needs of the Alpine plants for conditions for growth are rigidly limited. In particular, well trained soil and the solar, protected from wind place is necessary. It is desirable to pick up and place stones and plants so that the rock garden as if recreated a natural mountain landscape in a miniature.

the Large role in registration of a garden is played by paved paths. Modern materials for a paving allow to create the most various types of paths and platforms with various drawings and the invoice, depending on their functional loading and composite value. Are for this purpose used as tiles from a natural stone (granite, basalt etc.) and artificial various color scale. In a forest zone the paving from tree saw cuts, gravel paths harmoniously looks.

Water - one of the most attractive elements of a landscape. Water creates mood, supports a good microclimate, creates favorable conditions for life of plants. In an arsenal of the landscape designer there are many means for creation of artificial reservoirs of different function from an unruffled surface of ponds to the most difficult cascades and falls, from tiny decorative to big utilitarian now (for example, intended for fans of fishing). Reservoirs with decorative illumination, including underwater, with the device of fountains, falls, the falling streams, islands will become decoration of any site.

the Special harmony to a garden are given the small architectural forms - various arbors, pergolas, bridges, grottoes, flowerpots, sadovo - a park sculpture. A wide choice of materials of which they are made (forging, a stone, a tree, ceramics, a natural and artificial stone) and also a huge variety of styles, give the chance to pick up ideal option for any garden. Naturally flower beds and miksborder, with harmoniously picked up plants which, supplementing and replacing each other fit into a landscape, blossom all season - making impression of “eternal spring“. Impregnations of flower beds from the annual magnificently blossoming plants are magnificent (a petunia, a begonia, a salviya, etc.) and miksborder from correctly picked up perennials, at the minimum leaving will please not one year. In shady corners natural stones as a natural element of the nature in a combination for example to ferns, bergenias, astilba and other shade-loving plants perfectly look.

the Background uniting all elements of a site and emphasizing beauty of each of them is the lawn. Creation of really qualitative lawn and especially care of it demands big work and high professionalism.

But even faultlessly created landscape will keep

and will get the increasing charm only at appropriate leaving every year. Timely cutting of trees and bushes, bevelling of a lawn, top dressing of flower beds, care of a reservoir..... These questions steadily rise already for the next season after a successful completion of landscape works. Bad leaving it is possible to ruin an ideal garden very quickly. Therefore not to the liyena to sign the contract for service with firm. The good park needs the professional gardener.