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The list of the main legislative requirements for all forms of the family device of the children acting in Moscow.
Guardianship and guardianship of

Children over whom guardianship (guardianship)

Article 145 is established by

of SK. Children over whom guardianship or guardianship

  1. Guardianship are established or guardianship are established over children without parental support (paragraph 1 of article 121 of the present Code) *, for their contents, education and education, and also for protection of their rights and interests.
  2. Guardianship is established by
  3. over the children who did not reach age of fourteen years.
    Guardianship is established over children aged from fourteen till eighteen years.

* SK Article 121. Protection of the rights and interests of children without parental support

  1. Protection of the rights and interests of children in cases
    • of death of parents,
    • of deprivation of their parental rights,
    • of their restriction in the parental rights,
    • of recognition of parents incapacitated,
    • of an illness of parents,
    • of a long absence of parents,
    • of evasion of parents from education of children or from protection of their rights and interests, including at refusal of parents to take the children from educational establishments, medical institutions, establishments of social protection of the population and other similar establishments,
and also in other cases of lack of parental care is assigned to agencies of guardianship and guardianship.

of the Person, having right to be trustees (trustees)

of SK Article 146. Trustees (trustees) of children

  1. only full age capable persons can be designated by Trustees (trustees) of children. The persons deprived of the parental rights cannot be designated by trustees (trustees).
  2. by
  3. At appointment to the child of the trustee (trustee) consider moral and other personal qualities of the trustee (trustee), his ability to performance of duties of the trustee (trustee), the relation between the trustee (trustee) and the child, the attitude towards the child of members of the family of the trustee (trustee), and also if it is possible, desire of the child.
  4. do not designate by trustees (trustees) the persons sick with chronic alcoholism or drug addiction, persons discharged of performance of duties of trustees (trustees), persons, limited in the parental rights, the former adoptive parents if adoption is cancelled on their fault, and also persons who for health reasons (paragraph 1 of article 127 of the present Code) * cannot carry out obligations for education of the child.

* SK Article 127. the Persons having the right to be adoptive parents

  1. Adoptive parents can be full age persons of both sexes, behind an exception:
    • of persons which for health reasons cannot carry out the parental rights. The list of diseases in the presence of which the person cannot adopt the child, accept it under guardianship guardianship), to take in a foster home, is established by the Government of the Russian Federation;