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The happy moments of

the happiest moments of my life are connected with breastfeeding of my girls. I gave birth to the senior daughter when I was 22 years old. Perhaps it was connected with my youth: I not really thought of process, everything took its course. The maternity hospital of the child put to a breast on second day. Regularly someone came and educated all about in what mummies should be engaged while there are no children nearby. It is necessary to drink more, more hotly and by all means to decant the gathered colostrum droplets. As a result milk came to 4 - ye days and in such quantity that the little girl who previously ate unknown baby food could not eat it.

Then rise in temperature, pain from the wrong applying to a breast and painful decantations by the midwife. To an extract everything was gradually adjusted, temperature left, the daughter grew up and began to eat more. A bit later incredibly painful cracks began to live, and here then my happy period of breastfeeding began.

Ya admired the small miracle, listening as she peacefully smacks the lips in a dream, and I understood that I give it the milk, and together with it the love.

In five years I waited for the girl again and thought that now I am a big clear head, so much I know and I can, I fed the oldest daughter one and a half years and I know not only how to begin, but that it is important how to finish. I honestly tried to avoid mistakes. Chose maternity hospital where perhaps joint stay with the kid. At once took the daughter to itself, limited drink, correctly put to a breast. I managed to cope with the problems arising for the first time days after milk arrival, and we were written out happy home. Where we were waited by other difficulties.

On the second month of breastfeeding at me mastitis, very tall temperature, lymphadenitis developed laktostaz. Tears, nerves, antibiotics, ultrasonography. It was very difficult for me. Also it seemed, there will not be enough forces.

there Passed time, everything began to return to normal, but my breast for me laid up the next test: the amount of milk decreased, and it was necessary to fight against this difficulty. Thanks to activity of my bittock we are fine. Now she is seven months old, and we on breastfeeding. The love to children is a miracle, but breastfeeding not always comes easily, sometimes it is necessary to fight for it, and I know what will be an award.