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Cat`s kangaroo of

- Mother! Mother! - heart-rendingly shouting, my five-year-old kid ran to me towards. - Mummy!

It carefully pressed to a breast something wrapped up in a t-shirt. Endeavoring to understand what occurred, and assuming the worst, I ran to it towards.

- That? What happened?

- Mummy! I on the bank of the small river found kittens! - it developed a t-shirt, and to my look four tiny lumps appeared. - Someone threw out them. Mother! They are live! Mother!

He stretched

to me peeping and recently been born kittens shivering from cold and hunger. I looked in his face filled with tears also understood that I will not be able to tell “no“.

- What we will feed them? - I tousled to it hair and sat down nearby on hunkers.

- Well as it than? A milk from nipples! - with skill, confident in the correctness the kid declared.

smiled to

Ya. Took on hands of the most loud kitten. It was such lean and cold that it was not clear in what life keeps.

- You look what it is small! To it the pacifier will not get into a mouth. At us nothing will turn out... - I put a kitten back and with regret looked at the son. And he sparkled on me prickly eyes and cried:

- Well, you big, mother! Well, think up something! They are live! - and without waiting for the answer, enclosed to me in hands of convolutions with the kittens peeping on different voices.

Me nothing remained to

how to reconcile to the decision made by my son. I deeply sighed, and he undertook command.

- I will go to prepare for them a box now, and you feed them so far, - and, marching, was removed to the house.

A I and remained to sit some time not movably, deliberating over a situation. There were few chances that kittens will survive, but it is necessary to try everything-. Having risen, I went to save cat`s lives after the son.

the Old rabbit cap turned inside out, appear, was an ideal nest, but it for some reason was not pleasant to kittens. They heart-rendingly cried out, breaking off us heart on part. Children ironed them, took alternately on hands, pressing to a breast, said that everything will be good. But whether kittens did not understand human language, whether we, people, could not understand that they wanted to tell us, it was impossible to calm them. And suddenly dawned on me: pipette! Precisely! A pipette - that we will also bring up them!

Having taken

from the first-aid kit a pipette and having warmed up a milk, we started the first feeding. It was the first not only for us, but also for kittens too. Sniffing, choking and spitting out a milk, kittens rested all pads, plaintively mewing. But hunger made the business, and already in a couple of minutes the first kitten began to ssasyvat and swallow of milk droplets, funny smacking the lips the uvula which is turned off into a tubule. Behind it the second, third and, at last, the fourth.

Having touched tolstenky tummies and having laid kittens in a cap, we calmed down, fondly believing that all our tortures behind. But not here - that was! The kittens who suffered much from cold and hunger did not want to remain one. They shook not with cold, not with fear, plaintively peeped and crept the friend after the friend, c not find any peace. They calmed down only when they were taken on hands, but the whole day to carry them on hands there was no opportunity.

the Way out was found by

quickly and somehow by itself. To release hands, I mechanically put one kitten in a pocket of an apron and and forgot about it. Painfully quietly it lay there. We remembered it, only when time of the next feeding came. Having got from a pocket of an impressive sleepy kitten who all did not want to wake up in any way and, yawning, with pleasure stretched, I understood: rescue is found!

having Fast built a new apron with a big pocket from the former diaper, I shifted in it all four kittens. From this point in the house there came the long-awaited silence. Kittens woke up, having got hungry, and having sated, fell asleep again. All were happy, especially children. They continually ran up to me, dived a hand into a pocket to pull out, stroke and kiss kittens, and, having put them back, ran away on the affairs. All care of younger generation, as always, laid down on my shoulders. Feeding from a pipette everyone three - four hours a day took away a lot of time.

Four madcaps grew at

and got fat not on days, and on hours. And here day came when not only we, but also they a resin to look at us. They looked at the world muddy bluish eyes, squinting from bright light, hardly understanding all that happened to them.

Once when I read to children the fairy tale about Winnie - Down, one kitten put out a head from an apron and began to look around curious eyes around. Ilyushka pointed a finger at him and enthusiastically cried:

- Watch

! Same as crumb of Ru!

All loudly burst out laughing with

. Kittens in a moment removed from a pocket on hands to children, and Ilyushka embraced me and told:

- Mummy! You at us the real cat`s kangaroo!

He told

it with pride and is absolutely serious and therefore could not understand why all of us burst out laughing. Laughter laughter, but this name to me was densely pasted.

Soon to my “kenguryata“ it became close in a pocket, they began to render habitable a box with pleasure, to flounder, somersault and play with each other. Our adult cats at first mistrustfully looked at strangers, sniffing and hissing, but then got used to them and in increasing frequency began to get to them into a box, licking them and playing with them.

Time flies very quickly. Ours “kenguryata“ grew up, became independent, and we safely attached them in other families. And now simply we remember it as about the next amusing true-life story of our children.

Children and animals. Whether there is something more amusing and unpredictable in this world?