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Brazier, barbecue, grill and smoking shed: elements of tasty summer

Summer - time of picnics. What picnic without shish kebab? Any. And a shish kebab without brazier? Too. It is possible to plane, certainly, skewers from branches, to put several bricks at fire... Something, of course, and so will prepare. But, in - the first, in the wood or on the river bank to bricks, sometimes, there is a crunch, and in - the second is not our way. If to prepare a shish kebab - that in due form - on a good brazier. What it has to be? About this and many other read further.

the Shish kebab - business thin

the Recipe of a shish kebab at everyone the. The main thing here - good meat and marinade. Someone kefir pickles, someone else something. All this is fine, but nevertheless, crude marinated meat is not a shish kebab yet. That it turned out, and guests gasped - the good brazier is necessary.

According to Dahl - “brazier“ is a brazier in the Caucasus and in Persia. Word this Arab. However, the brazier overcame the designated geographical framework for a long time - it at us in the country is used everywhere.

What? Today are very popular folding or sborno - folding braziers from thin steel sheets. It is impossible to call such braziers optimum. The matter is that they not too well hold heat. And if it is honest - just badly it is held. Firewood and coals in such braziers burn through quickly. Therefore in the course of preparation, as a rule, it is necessary to wag often with a piece of cardboard or still something - that coals did not go out. To meat from it it is only worse - as a result it can strongly char on the one hand, and with another will be dry.

In general - always should reading to

the instruction before applying even it, apparently, the simple device as a brazier. Whether you know that in the majority import folding or sborno - folding braziers in principle it is impossible to burn down firewood? Violation of this rule threatens with a brazier exit out of operation - walls can be bent. Such braziers are intended only for use in them already ready coal. Moreover, there are braziers in which and store coal it is impossible to kindle - only to put already ready, warmed. Not to do it where - nibud on the earth, and then not to fill up coals in a brazier with a shovel - use “starter“. So the special mug for coal is called, with a capacity of three - five liters, with the convenient handle. It is necessary to get it separately.

Some domestic producers of braziers claim that their production is not afraid of firewood - burn down I do not want. But nevertheless it is better not to risk and it will be limited to ignition of coals - in this case the brazier will serve longer.

One more minus sborno - folding braziers - their relative unreliability. For example, if to put such brazier not on a firm and plain surface - it can just collapse in the course of preparation of a shish kebab. Such cases not often, but nevertheless happen. Agree - the very unpleasant prospect.

generally, folding and sborno - folding braziers - not the best option for preparation of a good shish kebab. However they are convenient when transporting - it is their most important advantage. Certainly, despite all minuses, will use them all the same. The most famous producers: Landmann firm (Germany), Weber, Brinkmann (both from the USA), Italians of Ferraboli & S. R. L., Russian Forester.

still disposable braziers Happen. They are very popular in Europe, are on sale even at gas station. The disposable brazier is the soldered polyethylene tray from aluminum foil, is powerful to 500 g. In it are one after another laid: coal, a thin metal lattice and a support from a wire. As it is correct to kindle such brazier - it is always specified in the instruction which is attached to it. One and a half - two hours - such is usually operating time on which similar braziers are calculated. It is possible to manage to prepare four - five kilograms of meat products. Of course, such “toy“ braziers are calculated more on frying, for example, of sausages or chicken wings. It is more difficult to prepare the real, qualitative shish kebab on such brazier.

the good (reusable) brazier has to possess walls not more thinly than 8 mm. Better if it is not steel, but pig-iron - this metal longer and more evenly keeps heat. Depth of a qualitative brazier has to be sufficient in order that in the course of preparation of a shish kebab between the top layer of coals and meat there were not less than 15 cm


If you have a giving, the most correct option - to establish a stationary brazier. In principle, it can be made independently. To design, so to speak, a brazier (or even the stone furnace) on own understanding or being guided by special literature. If to potter laziness, and there is a wish for some brochettes - go to shop. Now the huge number of good stationary pig-iron country braziers, with podduvaly, a pipe and with grid-irons is on sale. And, they not only will help with preparation of the most various products, but also will decorate the seasonal dacha.


to us will be helped by a barbecue and a grill

Summer trips “on shish kebabs“, of course, will hardly sometime lose the popularity among Russians. But nevertheless, recently in our country it became fashionable to leave “on a barbecue“. What always liked to hide - in Russia beautiful foreign words. In general, the word “barbecue“ has nowadays several values. It and, actually, picnic, and the special device for frying, and a dish which by means of this device prepares, and still sauce with which this dish is seasoned.

in principle, of course, a shish kebab and a barbecue - relatives: both in that and in other case of a dish prepare on naked flame.

of the Barbecue (the speech about the device for frying) happens both stationary, and figurative. In the first case it, as a rule, is established on a garden site. The brazier can be metal (steel or pig-iron) or stone. The barbecue has to be equipped with everything necessary for preparation with its help of various products. Surely there has to be a lattice for frying, skewers, the spit, and also a special rassekatel and a box for coal is desirable. Meat, fish or a bird are put on the top lattice, and on lower fuel is located. The top lattice can be double (demountable) that products could be clamped. At such existence convenient wooden (or wire) handles is obligatory. That to skewers, they can be as classical, and in the form of a letter U. In the second case the meat pinned on them will not be scrolled when time to overturn it comes. Sometimes it is possible to use wooden skewers as skewers - will be suitable for a stabbing of vegetables and fish.

Where exactly on a site to establish to

a barbecue - it`s up to you. Some use for this purpose an arbor. However there is an opinion that the arbor with a barbecue loses the charm as the vacation spot and turns into a usual summer kitchen. Well, an exit here two - or to mount a brazier separately, in other place, or to construct the second arbor. If, of course, the size of a site allows. Design of a barbecue - a flight of fancy. Devices it happen both in the Japanese style and in style of the American South of 18 - 19 centuries, even in the Russian style - under the traditional furnace in our latitudes. As well as the stationary brazier, a barbecue can be constructed independently or to order from experts. Look for coordinates of the companies which are engaged in it on the Internet.

That to portable barbecues - that is, in fact, usual braziers with coals. In the lower part of the device there has to be a special capacity for ashes (with podduvaly). The lattice on which dishes prepare is established in the top part of a brazier. All device, as a rule, costs on legs. The barbecue, and also grills (they differ in that always with a cover), make most often from the covered heat-resistant paint of stainless steel. However it is possible to find in shops and pig-iron barbecues. It is desirable to be seduced with beauty of similar devices not too. Upon purchase it is better to pay attention to their functionality, simplicity and wear resistance. For example, from beautifully looking enameled parts of a barbecue paint quickly will fly in the course of use of the device. The stainless steel can grow dull (and will be, most likely). So if you will find pig-iron model of black color - take without deliberating.

In a form the barbecue and grills are, usually, similar

to a deep frying pan, sometimes even a keg. However in view of the fact that, unlike a grill, thermal impact on products in a barbecue is possible only from below - its forms can be others.

Portable barbecues and grills happen as the small sizes, and is larger. Alas, it is not too convenient to carry the last with itself in the car. They will be suitable more likely for those who are not ready to build on the seasonal dacha a stationary brazier yet, but nevertheless need something bigger, than a brazier figurative. Some barbecues and grills are equipped with wheels (more often two) - they can be rolled out from the house and on a garden path to move to the place of picnic. Such barbecues or grills are usually completed also with the pallet or a small little table on which it is convenient to place, for example, spices. Also in many models the provision of the top lattice (that on which the food is cooked) can be changed: to lower it below - is closer to coals or to lift on the contrary above - farther from them. Before for the first time using a “food“ lattice, surely calcinate it.

Other option for use at the dacha - a gas grill. Such devices are not really popular in Russia, and in vain. In use they are very convenient. The gas grill represents rather big copper in which lower part one or two gas torches are (outside) established. In the copper there are so-called “lava stones“ - pieces of breed of a volcanic origin. From above - a lattice for frying of products. Gas is used to warm the stones lying in a copper. And the heat proceeding from them promotes preparation of all that lies on a lattice - cutlets for hamburgers, shish kebabs, fish, vegetables... It is necessary to tell that “lava stones“ have a thermolysis twice exceeding it at usual charcoal. Besides, they perfectly absorb the fat dripping from products. Therefore the gas grill almost does not smoke in use. As a rule, volcanic stones it is possible to use three in a grill of year. Periodically they should be washed out in flowing water. And when time to change will come - you will acquire new party in the same shop where bought a grill. Gas grills, as well as their “ordinary“ relatives, are completed with auxiliary little tables and can be equipped with wheels.

to Smoke

so to smoke!

the Home smoking shed you will not call

the device of prime necessity. So what! But it can provide a flavoring variety to our table. Smoked small fish, chicken or meat, sausages of house preparation... Already slobbers began to flow? Then several simple councils to those who decided to buy the similar device.


First of all, it is worth being defined - that it is really necessary for you. For example, at the dacha it is quite possible to build the smoking shed stationary (by means of the corresponding literature). If to construct laziness - it is necessary to buy. Ready smoking sheds are on sale in many shops. By the way, there are even grills with smoking function. Look narrowly at them if you are going to smoke products not regularly and in small amounts.

If the smoking shed stands on the seasonal dacha, it can be rather big - depending on the planned smoking volumes. The problem of removal of a smoke in this case, generally, is not actual. So model with a portable flue - not for giving if, of course, the smoking shed is not where - nibud in a shed or still some room.

If you want

it was possible to smoke products not only on a country site, but also in the city apartment - get pass - the smoking shed. The sizes house pass - smoking sheds, as a rule, are as follows: length - of 43 - 45 cm, width - of 36 - 40 cm, height about 80 cm. Models a few smaller dimensions meet. The device from the ordinary electric socket works (120 V, of 50 - 60 Hz, 5,5 A). Smoking shed weight depending on model - of 15 - 20 kg.

the Case pass - smoking sheds has to be with steel finishing. Any plastic! Interiors, as a rule, aluminum.“ The belly“ smoking sheds contains in itself several shelves of different mission: trellised and continuous. Any of them can be taken out if it is not necessary.

the good smoking shed always has two main operating modes - cold and hot smoking. Besides, slow heating (smokeless preparation) can be provided. Well if there is also mode of infrared drying of fruit.

the smoking shed, the thermometer is included In the package of delivery (the maximum temperature which can be in the smoking shed - 160 º C), the smoke generator, a set of wood briquettes (which just also serve as the generator for development of a smoke), various regiments, a special tray for products, a bowl, the book of recipes. And also the operation manual and the guarantee certificate (not less than for 12 months) the companies - producer.

What you would not use

: brazier, barbecue, grill or pass - the smoking shed (who, by the way, can be exploited all the year round) - you remember safety measures. It is desirable not to admit to similar devices of children. In a case they can elementary burn. And it is necessary to be more careful. Always follow recommendations which you will find in the instruction to any of the devices mentioned in material. Cheerful and, of course, tasty to you summer!