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Conversation with the child to, later and whether at the time of delivery

conversation of parents with yet not born child Is possible? Whether this conversation is necessary? It seems to me that similar questions arise at the modern person for the reason that he is not sure at all of whether the child in mother`s womb something is capable to understand and to feel.

In culture of China where still the age of the child is estimated from the moment of conception, but not since birth and where, thus, the child admits the full-fledged person a womb, such conversation is accepted. So, in the middle of pregnancy the father in detail tells the yet not born child about a family, the number of children, material prosperity and in case life of a family is very heavy, can ask not to be born, and to leave.

In our country 100 years ago when the majority living in it were the people believing and where each child was considered as Lord`s blessing to a family, conversation with not born child was also usual. As confirmation to that serve poetic lines of slander for pregnant women:

As clear the flower of field
In a grass green hides,
And you, my krovinushka,
In a belly of mother are sung lullabies. you will be born
I to a flower well matched.
Body strong yes white,
Eyes clear yes kind,
Heart to the Lord pleasing.
A light - that white waits for you,
is Waited by both mother, and people kind. you I pray to
O to the Lord,
On you, the baby, I rejoice.
you Will be mothers - the assistant,
to People kind - a consolation,
you Will be to the Lord in pleasure,
A to parents a support.
As clear a flower of field
In a grass green hides,
And you, my krovinushka,
In a belly of mother are sung lullabies.

Here so artlessly and beautifully our great-grandmothers talked to the yet not born children. Also did not ask a question whether the child hears them - of course hears!

As at morning the birdie singing
a pleasure Ring a dawn sings

, So soul washing with
a zachuyal,
That under heart the baby ripens.
You the child my molenny,
Charisma apprehended, me is granted to
On a prayer,
For love, for caress - pleasure.
You for the mother, for the father
light covered with Light,
Became hope, a consolation.
we Wait for you, you we shine,
To Christ we go with a prayer,
That sent favor to you,
That grew for us at an award,
A for the Lord - joy.

In our today`s life remained places to the song, verses, a prayer a little. And in especially difficult situation there is a young woman who waits for the firstborn. Until the first stir it is very difficult to future mother to present the child, so and to talk to it. It becomes simpler when the baby moves, and mother has a feeling of dialogue with it. But even it is difficult for woman to be at loss for words for conversation with the child at this time. Here it is possible to advise to use what already exists in our culture. The baby can already sing lullabies, to read fairy tales or very simple words to tell about what occurs around. Conversation with yet not born child because today many pregnant women should undergo various diagnostic and medical procedures is especially actual. It can be ultrasonography usual already now, and maybe more serious - for example, amniotsentez. Often the day before and after research (if it is necessary to wait for results) the woman is anxious, cries, cannot find any peace. And what happens to the child at this time? I think, he tests not smaller tension at this time especially as the issue of its further existence is sometimes resolved. Certainly, researches are often necessary, but you should not forget to train for them the child.

Even before inspection needs to tell

to the baby about the forthcoming procedure: where it will occur how many will last what it is necessary for. Also he needs to be calmed during the research and later, in a result waiting time. Optional with the child to speak aloud - it is possible to carry on internal dialogue. Doctors know that during such painless research as ultrasonography, children in a womb behave very much differently: one sleep peacefully, sucking a finger, and others move much as though trying to hide. As a result of poll of a large number of pregnant women it became clear that children whose mothers before research talked to them most quietly behave and adjusted them on the forthcoming procedure.

Continuing by

this subject, it is impossible to overestimate conversation of parents with the child on the forthcoming childbirth. Of course, it is not necessary to tell the child about the mechanism of childbirth, about that how many it will proceed, - here it is more important to say with the child about how parents wait for it the birth, that is prepared for to its birth what diapers and baby`s undershirts are sewed for it by mother what cradle and a carriage are bought for it by the father as were tired of waiting for his grandmother and the grandfather, brothers and sisters. This conversation needs to be continued during all childbirth, and in this sense very important is a presence of the father on childbirth as in labor there are such moments when with the child it is simpler to speak to the father. It is necessary to understand that the child is an active participant of childbirth therefore, for example, in case of prolonged childbirth before using medicines for stimulation of childbirth, it is necessary to talk to the child, to ask him about the help. When the child moves, he stimulates thus force of reductions of the giving birth uterus, and it is simpler to it to make the way on patrimonial ways to time of the potuzhny period.

It can seem to

a little unreal and far-fetched, but those people who directly deliver, say that all children behave in labor differently: someone from them takes an active position, and someone is very passive, and then all work is performed by mother.

Conversation with the child should not be interrupted by

also at the time of the birth. Now speak much and write about an imprinting - process of a zapechatlevaniye by the child of all that surrounds it in the first hour after the birth. Everything that the child sees, hears, feels at this time, influences all his further life. Therefore those words which will be told to the child by the father and mother after the delivery, those emotions, that pleasure which they will transfer him - all this will become parental “blessing on life“.

In the western psychotherapeutic practice can talk to children of the smallest age including with newborns (if necessary). There are situations when the child in maternity hospital is brought to the woman not at once, and she feels that contact is broken, the child does not want to take a breast. In this case it is not necessary to be anxious and panic - it is necessary to talk to the child, to explain to him why you were separated, perhaps, even to ask for him forgiveness.

In general, conversation is a basis of relationship of parents and the child therefore the earlier it begins, the it is more than opportunities to build this relationship positively.

If you do not have words to talk to yet not born child, take these:

As there ascends the sun,
As the rain spills,
So you, my detonka,
the Mother waits.
On a grass on rosny flowers
In Bozhiye`s sky admire,
of the Cloudlet quick to the sun
As yagnyatochka are pardoned.
Ya with a prayer to the Lord
For you, mine you the baby,
That clear was as the sun,
That kind a yak dozhdichek,
to People pleasure as if flowers,
Gentle - the mother - a yagnenochok.