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the Culture of activity is not too developed now. In Soviet period activists, people with active living position were held in high esteem. And in our society, it seems, the success cult prospers, but rather a result which can be shown, but not process of persistent and long achievement of the purpose is appreciated. The new general understanding of activity did not develop yet. Let`s try to understand in what here business.


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of Missile defense different versions of the word with this root - activity, the activist or even activism (support discriminated). In general, this too broad concept that it was possible to give its exact definition. Usually activity is represented through communication with such qualities as independence, responsibility, ability to make decisions, initiative, aspiration to changes. The field of activity for such activity can be the most different - from the whole world to own soul.

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in the form of broad social movement. For example, in the USA many people become organizers and activists of local community (community organizer and activist). It is a social role clear to all, almost career. At such figures the subculture prospers, books and the managements how to become the successful activist are published, training is conducted.

In our country public activity did not find the modern heroes and steady structures yet. Charity or oppositional political activity are most noticeable, and both forms often develop without support of the state - or are even pursued by it.

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In business and psychological literature one more popular concept - pro-activity. The psychologist Victor Frankl developed this idea. The essence is in considering itself by the main source of changes in the life. Not to refer to external circumstances, it is not simple to react to them - and to concentrate on what can be changed thanks to own efforts.

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A if you realize the passivity more likely? That, it is the respectable principle - for example, in the Chinese culture the principle at - Wei, not act is highly appreciated. Positive acceptance is very important ability. The changes started for the sake of changes can be senseless. If something is already good or simply suitable - why to be active in relation to it?

Positive, creative acceptance can be a good basis for the relation to the world. It is very important - to manage to accept itself, to accept other person. Present that you constantly and without stopping will be active in relation to someone from your relatives, you will try to change every minute it, from the most good motives... Most likely, the relations of it will not sustain.

Acceptance is not an obstacle, and on the contrary, a support for changes. And even moreover - changes require acceptance of the events, but not search of illusions. It is impossible to change what exists only in imagination. In the beginning it is required to accept reality whatever it was. It is important to commensurate the changes and occurring in the natural way. To be active - at all does not mean “to break across the nature“.

Therefore an important condition of fruitful activity - to find balance between own activity and acceptance of the events. One features of our life are given from the birth or will of circumstances, others become result of our own initiative. In many cases given us too becomes result of our choice - for example, daily events of your life will be different depending on what city or higher education institution you will choose.

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In what area practically to apply the activity? It is hardly worth preparing in reformers of all mankind at once (though who knows that at you on mind). A suitable situation - own life and what in it occurs. Let`s assume, you decided to change, be responsible for yourself, to treat own life as to the project. What to begin with?

First of all, once the values realizes. What is important for me and that is not present. What it is necessary to be engaged in first of all and that will wait. To understand strong and weaknesses. And then - to deal with more specific questions. In what my vital plan consists? What do I want to reach? How to make it?

Exact answers to such questions you can only find

: nobody else has no right to decide for you what to do to you with the life. It is only possible to advise how to look for answers. Key value have information search, people, ways of understanding and the solution of problems.

Really from where you scoop information on the life? Formal estimates (for example, at examination), casual responses of acquaintances? As far as it is reliable sources? And what you know about that higher education institution to which you decided to come? About the future specialty? About the future career?

Who these people who exert impact on your life? The family, schoolmates, friends on the yard? As far as a circle of your communication - result of your choice? To learn to work with problem situations and to set the purposes, various knowledge - daily, practical, scientific will be required. It is much more difficult and more fascinating to get them, than to solve problems from the textbook.

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Of course, the most natural scope of activity for the entrant and the student - education. Whether it is easy to answer you a question in what your educational strategy? At what stage you are now? In what your tasks today? How your current achievements will influence achievement of your strategic objectives?

it is important to p to clear own values in relation to education. And really, why and for what you study? What remarkable result you seek to receive? To carry out the educational values - what it is worth setting the objects? What needs specifically to be made? Where there can be problem situations? How to resolve them?

Actually, active training - it is very interesting. Modern education is often warped exactly towards passive ways of assimilation of knowledge - the teacher presents, the student perceives. In finished form it is improbable to achieve active training - better to show an initiative.


It is obvious that in educational process very many decisions are made by the teacher: what to state what subjects to pass by what methods of teaching to use. However most of teachers comes under influence - and many even complain that students show not enough initiative. Try to ask the teacher questions, to seek for communication. That such communication was successful, it is necessary most well to understand what needs actually to be studied. And how to reach it? An exit to practical knowledge is required - so there is a desire to find work or to become the participant of the volunteer project.

By the way, one more essential moment - creation of team. Study absolutely not only at teachers or in library. Other students, fellow workers and in general any experts with whom you will begin dialogue can teach you much more bigger, than passive recording of lecture.

Important chance which students often miss: to approach the report, course or the thesis as the present research project. It yields very serious results - you improve the ability to communicate with colleagues, to work with information, to solve problems. Such experience will help you to become modern the conceiving person.


Of course, a main goal of receipt - to study to master a profession or to get a serious education which will become a basis of future profession. However training in higher education institution provides much more various chances. In the student`s environment the fruitful relations are easily entered, and then people become partners in business, colleagues by profession, spouses...

be not overzealous

we Will talk about advantages and shortcomings of active and passive approach concerning the choice of higher education institution, faculty, specialty and a profession. Presently there are more and more situations in which it is necessary to make the choice.

reception conditions, ways of training, labor market Constantly change. There are education reforms, and all this occurs against crisis. Therefore searches of balance between passivity and activity are especially important. Wonder: what useful is in what can be accepted? As under what conditions it is impossible to accept, and it is worth changing?

One of current trends consists that entrants choose higher education institution closer to the house, and the reason most often in the financial difficulties connected with life is far from parents. Thus, the question of in what city (especially, the country) to be trained, can be solved on the basis of passive acceptance - where was born, there and was useful.

Activity in this question means an opportunity most (or substantially most) to provide itself in the period of students that can be not the simplest business. Actually, it is necessary to make quite difficult choice. Financial dependence on a family often means study closer to the parental house. Financial independence means that it is necessary to tear off time from study and to spend it for self-sufficiency. Ideal option - to earn by such activity which will become part of future profession. It and the quite good test - if is not possible to think up any earnings now, as the beginner whether then it will become simpler after higher education institution (in the opinion of the employer you, most likely, will be left the same beginner without experience and experience)? Perhaps, it is worth changing specialty in time?

If the situation with the country and the place of training is determined by

, then the following question - in the choice of specialty and higher education institution. In what passive approach can consist? To arrive there, where to act simpler, depending on your school preparation. To be guided only according to acquaintances. To follow in the footsteps of relatives or friends.

Other things being equal, not the most losing way. The burden of the choice is shifted to circumstances again - what was a teacher who in friends as it was died at the senior family members. If you were lucky and your interests are similar to interests of the family, school preparation really gives you the chance to pass introductory tests, and friends support - that why from good to look for dobra?

However should reflect whether it is valid you as the personality, on the tendencies, are similar to those people on whose councils you rely. If similarity not too big, and confidence in what at school will be automatically prepared in that higher education institution which you chose no, then is better not to rely on opinions of others, and to choose most.

Further when the decision on a way of preparation is made, passivity is shown in relying on school teachers. Will prepare - well, is not present - there`s nothing to be done, it is necessary to go to other university... Or, as a last resort, to go to training courses (if they nearby also are available at the price).

Active ways are very different

. Reading grants for entrants and books in the specialty. Participation in the specific projects connected with future profession. Communication with colleagues, teachers, students, other entrants. Now there is a lot of ways of obtaining necessary information, and it is not obligatory to depend on the school textbook at all or on the one who exactly teaches a subject necessary to you. You want to learn - train yourself.


about modern activity, you should not forget also about what is active recreation. Actually, to deal with it and it is not so simple to build own active recreation too. So to say, active recreation is a creative activity which helps you to be restored, develop the physical abilities and sincere qualities. Yes, to be engaged in fitness and yoga, to learn a modern foreign language, to participate in volunteer projects - all this (and many other things) means to have a rest actively.