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To be in time all

Washing, cooking and cleaning ruthlessly eat our time. There is a lot of vanity, I pound a little: in a sink the dirty ware breeds, and from neglazheny linen it is possible to put a small hill under the name “Everest, Light Version“.

Actually can win against life, just it is not necessary to do everything and at once. Mother of a family buried under freight of cares will be rescued by only correctly developed strategy.

Morning of difficult day

As passes

your morning? You jump up in half an hour after 25 - go an alarm clock call, blindly include a teapot and convulsively awake the child who less than in an hour needs to be in a garden? In 5 minutes, after collective washing, you have at the same time breakfast, feed the kid and try to get on on it the first clothes?

it is obvious to

, so it is impossible to live. Therefore morning of difficult day has to begin...

in the Evening of difficult day

you Remember the children`s stool at a bed on which mother taught you to put everything that is required since morning? Use this pedagogical to no - Hau. Prepare for the kid clothes since evening, and aunts he will collect a backpack with toys for a garden “for tomorrow. To yourself get such “stool“ too - not to look for in the morning as Bridget Jones, the whole tights and a blouse without spot on a breast. Collect a bag in the evening that it was possible just to take it in the morning and to go. If you constantly lose keys - organize especially for them a nice hook or a shelf in a visible place in a hall. And if the crown morning phrase of the husband not “I love you, my charm“, and “where, oh, damn, my tie?“ there is a resistant feeling that the “bedside stools“ are necessary to all family.

Morning of kind day

If everything is ready

since evening, then you do not need to put in the schedule the unlimited number of minutes on morning vanity and hassle any more. Divide the released time in half - into yourself favourite and into cleaning. It would seem, a trifle, but if to spend much 10 - 15 minutes every morning, in the house it will be always pure. Eventually, it is possible to wipe dust and with a cosmetic mask on a face. Now quietly you awake the successor - it is time to wash and go to a garden. Wind hourglasses in a bathroom - while color dust a thin stream pours down, the child brushes teeth, and you make a breakfast. Before an exit from the house remember that in the evening you should make a dinner. Shift necessary products from the freezer in the refrigerator - until you is, they will manage to be defrozen by itself.

we Use cunning: every time you bring order to different places, then gradually all sites of the apartment will receive your attention and will begin to shine. The dirty ware in a sink is able to breed. Therefore from - under morning coffee and a plate from - under the nursery of porridge it is better to rinse cups at once!

Evening of kind day

everything is prepared for


For the morning, now spend 15 minutes for cleaning where it is necessary. At once send dirty clothes to a laundry basket (the highest economic pilotage - separately to store light and color). If things collected enough - it is possible, without waiting for the next day, to start washing. And at last, a final “household“ chord - wipe all surfaces in kitchen, including a plate with a sink, and splash a little disinfecting liquid in a toilet bowl - in a night everything will be cleaned off by itself. So, in the house it is pure, children sleep, the full spouse peacefully watches TV - it is a high time to arrange himself a fragrant bathtub with foam.

we Use cunning: if you are “on the fly“ passed on bathroom equipment and a plate at least once in two days, they do not need applications of serious efforts at all.


to Children likes circus. And still a zoo, cinema, the museums and feeding of ducks in park. And of course, it is better to spend Saturday and Sunday with the child, but not with mops, rags and vacuum cleaners. Small steps during the whole week - and already during week-end are not present such ruin for which shoveling it is required to spend plenty of time. And if cleaning not to avoid, attract to it the child in process of his forces - to spread out toys, to wipe dust and to vacuum the room 5 - summer the person is quite able. The husband shirks? Remember: big boys have serious games. Let will load the dishwasher (the road, I am afraid this piece!) also will solve the most difficult problem on optimization “purchases of all list of necessary products, so that remained on drinks with marking “for adults“. The result - on house efforts at you will leave no more than two hours, the rest of the time can be devoted to a family entirely.

Clothes and toys - cleaning

What is the time you spend

for that:
  • it is accurate to p to spread out children`s things from which the child already grew up in a case?
  • to collect
  • in a toy box, for a long time not actual for the kid?

Is given that in five minutes you are hardly able to cope with these tasks. An exit is simple - it is necessary to get rid of stuff quickly: it is less than things - less problems. Touch a kidswear, wash everything that not on a season, and pack into special boxes. Get rid of the fact that there was a little: if the hand is not raised to throw out, distribute things to acquaintances whose children are younger than yours, advertize at forums and in communities it seems “I will give for nothing“. Take an interest in arrival of the nearest church whether take clothes there for distribution by that who needs it. Try to sell what kept a trade dress Online. If subconsciousness bombards you arguments it seems “or perhaps we will give birth to one more“ or “and if years through five the child appears at the sister?“, of course, it is possible to leave things, but anyway they need to be moved away from shelves with the “current“ kidswear.

we Use cunning: the clothes packed into vacuum packages take many times less places!

As for toys, if right now you distribute everything that already bothered the child on friends, you will throw out what is broken long ago, and you will hide far away a half remained, in the nursery will become far more free! In a month - another you will give out to the offspring “forgotten old“ long ago and will send those machines and sweeties who in a turn now for deserved rest... There is nothing the child who for a couple of hours dived into a box with toys which he did not see long ago is more pleasant for mother, than! And what economy!

Should get rid of stuff quickly. It is less than things - less problems.

we Use cunning: big baskets are extremely inconvenient for toys - to find some trifle at the bottom, the child will inevitably throw out all contents on a floor. Superficial (it is ideal - with transparent walls) boxes are much more practical. Beautiful stickers on each of them will help the kid to understand, where to put dolls where - animals and where only parts of the designer or the railroad. “Go and collect the toys“ - too global and boring task for the preschool child. Break it into small, easily feasible components of type:“ Put all tell-tales in this box / park the increasing cars under a bed“.

Having got rid of stuff in the nursery, the most important - not to save it again. Every time, trying to do much good for the successor a gift, wonder - whether really this thing is so necessary for it. Rescues one simple rule from excessive littering: how many arrived - so much and decreased. Brought a new toy to the house? Clean far away one of old!

Washing of children`s things

Some parents claim that in the nature there are children who never put on clothes of spots, do not fall in pools and do not tear trousers about branches of trees. Speak about such children much, but yet nobody and ever saw them. If you regularly deal with spots from paints, felt-tip pens, fruit and soup, we congratulate - you mother of the normal living child! Therefore if the child brought from the garden “present“, pour stain remover on this place at once, but not in a week during washing.

we Use cunning: do not save on goods for children`s creativity! Strokes of the Chinese felt-tip pens wash off from a kidswear worse, than traces from company water-soluble. Cheap plasticine brings more trouble in cleaning and leaves vile fat spots on clothes, a floor and furniture. Gouache washes off very badly therefore before giving paints, it is worth taking off a branded t-shirt from the young artist.

the Ironing

U you do not have

problems with this point if you like to iron. And if is not present? Just stop to be engaged in it - the majority of things almost do not need the iron.

you cannot watch

at the five-year-old daughter in wrinkled jeans and you suffer from sleeplessness on a neglazheny sheet? Try to iron every day literally for 15 minutes while you watch TV, then process will seem not such hopeless and exhausting.

we Use cunning: modern washing wring out linen so strongly that it turns out too crumpled. Use the mode “without folds“ or set the smaller power of an extraction. After that the clothes need to be straightened carefully on the dryer so that it is not necessary to iron then at all. In case you dry things in the car, take out them a little damp - better to iron shirts in such state.


svezheotutyuzhenny until children managed to jump on it, to scatter or fill in with juice.


If you really are in time nothing, cleaning, washing and an ironing can be postponed, to oversleep in the morning, and in the evening - not to wipe a surface in kitchen. You can even remain hungry if you live alone. Men some time can be kept on ready pelmeni though they from it wither, dry and are uncontrollably torn “on the left“. But if in the house there is a child, he needs to be fed regularly with fresh food even in case you work 58 hours a day. In the nature there are mothers preaching the principle “a glass of juice replaces a bowl of soup“, but to us with them not on the way.

How to squeeze preparation of tasty and healthy food in the intense schedule?

  1. Make the approximate menu for a week and during week-end send the husband behind products - it saves time and money: men buy strictly according to the list and never zaritsya on “that vase at a discount“. Even it is possible to be bought by bread for seven days ahead - put long loafs in the freezer and get as required.
  2. Meat, a bird, fish cut
  3. on portion pieces at once and freeze separately - it is for soup, it on goulash, to fry it. If in plans of cutlet, it is possible to make forcemeat at once, to form it, and then to freeze.
  4. Porridge from flakes prepares very quickly, and at times at all does not need cooking: it is enough to fill in of all with boiled water or milk and to allow to stand a little. The breakfast is ready literally in three minutes - both children are full, and time is saved.
  5. Ideal mothers cook to kids multi-colored food in the form of animals and artly paint with carrot mashed potatoes. Buy multi-colored macaroni and do not suffer from the fact that you do not manage to mold edible hares three times a day. A simple exit is even in case all of you - are eager for a feat and exclusive food for the kid: in one of days off together with the husband and the child stick small pelmeshka (spinach or a little beet juice will paint dough). The multi-colored with own hand stuck together pelmeni - a fine dinner.
  6. by
  7. the longest when cooking soup - to make broth. For saving of time the big pan of good broth can be poured on several capacities and to freeze for the future, and then within a week only to fill soup on once.
  8. practice of a freezing of ready dishes in separate containers - mashed potatoes with cutlet, soup, quenelles with buckwheat Exists. Try, perhaps, sometimes these preparations will help out you.

we Use cunning: in the freezer only styvshy products, in densely closed containers put. It is easy to defreeze such food - just rearrange for the night the necessary boxes in the refrigerator (fast “thawing“ in a microwave can change their taste).

Everything that can become “itself“, let becomes ““: chicken, the piece of pork or fish in an oven are demanded by much less attention, than the same products on a frying pan. Soup in a pressure cooker does not need constant pomeshivaniye. What is extinguished has less chances to burn, than what is fried. Look for simple recipes - there is a mass of ways to cook tasty food quickly and with little effort. The main thing not complexity of preparation, but harmony in a family. In the house it is pure, the husband and children are fed, mother is happy: at last she all was in time!