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Accessories and games for decorative rodents of

In the same way as dogs and cats, little pets the comfort, games and entertainments is necessary. Often happens so that the loving owner well looks after the ward, tenderly treats him, but cannot offer to a small animal the necessary terms and objects for rest and games just because he is not familiar with these remarkable devices, and them is great variety.

Today we want to invite you to excursion on the market of accessories and toys for decorative rodents. So, than we are ready to indulge them and how we will play and be engaged with pets?

On mission all toys and “gadgets“ for rodents can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Accessories for comfortable health of animals. These are lodges, shelters, short flights of stairs, hammocks, kupalka (a container for sand bathtubs which are necessary for chinchillas and some other species of rodents) and many other things.
  2. “Sports equipment“ which completely will satisfy needs of the pet for physical activity and promotes the correct development of various groups of muscles (tunnels, floors, a swing, ropes for a lasagna, running wheels and walking spheres etc.) .
  3. of the Toy, intended for development and entertainment. Often this function coincides with the previous group of goods (actively moving, running and climbing, animals take great pleasure), and also includes use of other devices promoting “intellectual“ games: tunnels, labyrinths, objects by means of which the animal is cheerful and spends time with advantage, free from food, a dream and cultivation of posterity.

It is undoubted, all these things serve also one more purpose - strengthening and preservation of health. They are made taking into account features of behavior of each look in the wild nature. Someone loves big space, someone prefers shelters, someone likes to climb (means, it needs a high cage with a set of shelves and floors), someone to dig, do supplies and to build “nests“ and shelters independently. There are animals to whom god ordered to turn constantly in a running wheel, and is also absolutely indifferent to such entertainments. Our task - to present to the pet at most of pleasure and advantage.

Part of these objects can be bought

in pet-shops, and part - to make independently. Speaking about today`s zoomarket, we deal with unusually developed structure, the richest range and constant innovations. Besides traditional forms of retail trade, there is now a set of other ways to get interesting things: express delivery, wholesale (if you have a big nursery), with the help the Internet - shops, or mail.

Besides goods from large producers, many masters - artists make remarkable accessories which not only are qualitative of various materials, but also are unusually beautiful and original. Wooden lodges and lodges from fabric, tunnels, soft labyrinths made of cloth, hammocks, suspended lodges for rest and games, cocoons - shelters, ceramics (shelters, lodges, feeding troughs) a handiwork and a great number of all the rest belong to this commodity group.

Usually these small masterpieces are made of safe, environmentally friendly materials the tender, loving hands of those who hold houses of animals, and still - possesses design abilities, imagination and talent for needlework. There are whole websites devoted to man-made goods for rodents: you will be able to find them through forums of fans and search engines in the Internet. Usually these accessories are produced to order and extend as individuals, and through clubs and nurseries, or by means of mail.

is more detailed than

A now. Let`s begin with the first commodity group: goods for comfort.

the Majority of rodents - active and mobile small animals with friendly temper. Each look differs in the, unique features, and, proceeding from these features, need the certain conditions as close as possible to natural. But rodents have a property uniting all types without exception: it is passion to secluded corners and cozy minks.


the Shelter is necessary for a small animal not only for feeling of comfort, but also for prevention of a set of diseases and maintenance of health. The matter is that at the majority of rodents the thin, gentle and difficult mechanism of thermal control. They are afraid of drafts, are subject to colds in the winter, and in hot days can overheat and even to receive a heatstroke which often leads to a lethal outcome.

also direct sunshine therefore the fluffy kid needs the place where he will be able to take cover and wait uncomfortable changes of external environment Are harmful to

to them. The majority of such shelters exists in the form of lodges which are put on a cage floor. Getting the dwelling for future favourite, at once estimate in what corner of a cage there will be a lodge and whether there will be it convenient and capacious. Consider also quantity of the animals who are contained in one cage - rodents very much like to sleep in an embrace, to bunch, get into a lodge or a hammock big crowd.

the Wooden, grassy, weaved out of a rod lodges and shelters are very beautiful

. They are made of qualitative materials and are completely harmless: in them there are no nails and small fasteners, and glue and paint are not toxic. However be ready that these things are short-lived, and sooner or later will be damaged and gnawed. To sharpen teeth, to gnaw everything at rodents in blood, and it is absolutely impossible to disaccustom them to this habit.

Ceramic lodges are more durable

. Pliable material allows to give at a molding to it any form therefore lodges for rodents surprise and strike with the variety: in the form of the ship or the lock, izba, hut or palace, wattled basket, cheesecake, apple, grapes cluster... Giving preference to such lodge, try to choose a strong and heavy thick-walled subject which the animal will not be able to break, overturn or move to a wall, having closed themselves an exit.

Decorative rats very much like to climb, clamber on rods, to jump from the floor on the floor and even to go on a cage ceiling, clinging hinder legs and hanging headfirst. They very much will like suspended lodges - hammocks, pass - the stove benches suspended at big height, tunnels for games and rest - shaken as if soaring in air.

the lot of rats can jam Into one hammock - they lie a vpovalka and enjoy after-dinner rest, shake, play with the help of these devices. Chinchillas are not indifferent to a “high-rise“ way of life too, but they not so much climb how many they scurry about to and fro on short flights of stairs, jump in height, jump from the floor on the floor (at the choice of a cage consider this feature: the dwelling for a chinchilla has to be not only spacious, but also high, equipped with short flights of stairs and floors!) .


to the Chinchilla very much will like the suspended tunnels and hammocks for games, but the fluffy beauty, most likely, will prefer to sleep in a lodge on the earth. Sandworts and to a tag are absolutely indifferent to such “rock-climbing“, hamsters are hyperactive and inventive in the entertainments and without similar “extreme“, and guinea pigs - magnificent jugglers and acrobats - are not able to clamber and climb therefore hammocks and the suspended accessories will not be necessary for them.


to the Chinchilla needs not only a lodge and floors - “lazilka“: this animal needs regular sand bathtubs as does not love water and did not get used to lick the fur coat. Upon purchase of accessories for a chinchilla take care about special capacities (a so-called kupalka) where the small animal with pleasure will somersault and ride in sand, clearing thus the magnificent fur.

Sand for bathing has very small fraction, pours, constantly flies in air therefore if you are afraid for an order in the room, you carry out procedure of bathing in a bathroom or a corridor, taking out all cage or a kupalka with a small animal there. Remember that after the termination “procedures“ the kupalka needs to be cleaned, otherwise the animal will roll in sand long hours, can even fall asleep in a kupalka, and it is very harmful to gentle sensitive leather of a chinchilla. Sand baths are also taken to a tag and by sandworts.

the Second commodity group - the developing “sports“ shells and toys.

They serve both the improving, and entertaining purpose, help to support health and a good muscular tone of the pet. It is vital to use them as the most part of time the rodent is in a cage and it is subject to threat of a hypodynamia (a lack of the movement which can lead to an atrophy of muscles, it is warm - to vascular diseases, early aging, excess weight). Hamsters, to a tag and sandworts very much love running wheels and walking spheres.

Getting these accessories, pay attention to their diameter (in compliance with the size of a small animal), durability, safety and noiselessness of a design. Chinchillas adore running about in a wheel too, but are capable to injure the thin pads, too small and fragile in relation to a large heavy body.

It the wheels made of rods because the paw can get stuck between them are contraindicated to

and it will lead to a trauma and, perhaps, even to an extremity fracture. It is better to use the integral wheel or a wheel made of small mesh material with tiny, almost impenetrable cells.

Is and the closed running wheels - you can withdraw a small animal from a cage, place it in the closed wheel and take with yourself on kitchen, make a lunch, in a drawing room where you watch the favourite soap opera, etc. The favourite will be engaged in mobile game, and you will be near him, and they are to enjoy society of each other.

Walking spheres - rather new invention of the zooindustry. They are issued the different sizes, for different types of rodents. The sphere is closed by a cover, the animal rides on all house, touching pads, and translucent walls of a sphere allow a small animal to see everything that is created around it. Upon purchase and use of a walking sphere watch its durability and be extremely attentive, closing a cover!

If it opens, your pet is waited by the mass of dangers: electric wires which he can decide to taste, other pets - cats and dogs, toxic houseplants which cannot be gnawed. When the cover keeps poorly or the animal learned to unscrew it, for the period of walk paste it to a sphere an adhesive tape. Avoid a typical gross blunder: many owners forget to take out a small animal in time from his “racing car“ therefore he can be tired and receive excessive loading on warmly - vascular system.

A here decorative rats are not interested in running wheels and walking spheres at all: they are not necessary to them at all.

the Following interesting page of our story are tunnels and labyrinths. They can be carried both to “sports“, and to the developing toys.

Attention! Do not hurry to make the decision, buying by the favourite the smart huge cage for polecats equipped with a set of the built-in plastic details and labyrinths! It is really intended for a polecat, and only for a polecat, but not for a rodent in any way! All fragile plastic details of such design will be sgryzena sooner or later.

the Example of such cage you will be able to see

in any large pet-shop: the opening for a tunnel is done in a roof or a sidewall of a cage, to it the pipes connected among themselves fasten. Or such option: the cage consists of two parts which connect pipes of labyrinths. Usually such design is made of plastic details - fragile and short-lived. Sooner or later the rodent will want to sharpen teeth, will gnaw through a hole, will break off the acting parts and will become constant to run away outside, and such cage is not subject to repair.

it is better for p to use accessories which can be replaced in process of their breakage that the cage at the same time did not suffer. For one and all rodents and rabbits the cage has to be with strong, metal rods and doors! It is better to buy separately “spare parts“ for folding of tunnels and labyrinths, or to make them independently: to sew, buy or order soft labyrinths from fabric, to put a tunnel of pieces of plastic bottles etc.

Rigid tunnels consist of the pipes connected among themselves and have the fixed form, and soft - cave in, shaken, rumpled under pads; game with them is very interesting and fascinating too. Folding designs allow to model a labyrinth to the taste and to diversify entertainments for the pet. It is possible to arrange to rodents the whole playground on a sofa or a desk - you present them the interesting occupations and entertainments connected with outdoor games.

Few years ago on the Internet the video where it was photographed wandered... the whole certain room for several rats! They were not in a cage (cages in the room were not trace and!) freely ran on the floor covered with a warm carpet drove balls, slept among magnificent pillows or were hammered into lodges for rest, scurried about on labyrinths, climbed wooden regiments and ladders, and having got hungry, ran to a feeding trough. Rather poor Russians who do not have a country house with a set of rooms needed only to sigh and envy delightfully...

the Third commodity group - toys for entertainment and intellectual development.

we already told

About “apparatuses“, tunnels and pipes. And how the rest? Here - that also begins the most interesting - dizzy flight of your imagination!

of the Toy for rodents not only is developed and entertain your pet. They can involve you in game and your children, and occupation with the favourite pet become something, similar to training! What can serve as such toy and as to apply it? Let`s give for you several examples: from them you will be able to realize something, or to think up something, unique and remarkable...

  1. the small, melodiously ringing hand bell. You ring it, being about a cage - small animals by all means will wake up and will decide to check what occurs. When they run up, award them with a titbit. There will pass not enough time, and they will develop a reflex - to come to feeding on a hand bell ring.
  2. Read literature, look for video files where it is told about experiments with laboratory animals. Having studied these materials, you will be able to simulate a similar situation in house conditions. For example, once at researches of laboratory rats started in the most difficult labyrinth in which some points (behind this or that turn) there was a toy or a delicacy. Each time animals found the award quicker and quicker, but scientists began to change labyrinth walls, forcing down rats from a habitual way, put delicacies in other places or placed them only in a certain day and hour - and monitored reaction of small animals. And if for experts it was only experiment, then you will be able to make something similar with own hands, having arranged fascinating game for the pets!
  3. Accompany your actions with certain words and sound teams:“ to walk“, “home“, “go here“, “to lie“, “upward“, “kiss me“ etc. As an award for correctly made action, surely encourage the pet with game, walk out of a cage, a titbit or caress. Use for training of a toy and accessories! It is so possible not only accustom an animal to obedience and performance of teams, but also to achieve from it performance not of difficult, but effective and amusing tricks with objects: to run behind a ball, to move down down a rope, to vsprygivat to you on hands and to take food or a toy from a palm etc.
  4. Recently at exhibitions of decorative rodents dog agility competitions often are shown: small animals have to pass a consecutive number of shells - to jump on bedside tables, to climb on a short flight of stairs and to get down from it, to rock on a swing, to whisk in a labyrinth and to get out of it. It dog agility can be built in house conditions and to play constantly with a small animal. Than quicker and more correctly it will pass all “route“, the piece of a desired award and delight of owners will be that more.
  5. Decorative rats are the only predatory rodents who are contained in bondage. The hunting instincts which are shown in behavior of each rat have to be by all means satisfied! Buy in pet-shop of mice from natural fur which are intended for cat`s games - and unforgettable “show“ is provided to you! You are surprised how quickly from a fur mouse there will be only horns yes of a leg...

the games with rodents which are not demanding any devices, toys and accessories at all Are. They can be borrowed from literature or to think up independently. One of the western editions suggests to study “arias“ for guinea pigs. These animals publish very pleasant, melodious whistling, often drawing attention of the owner with such sounds. Try to accustom a guinea pig “to sing“ by means of a delicacy and caress, at the same time conduct a hand or a stick - it looks very funny and effectively, reminds a circus trick.

One more interesting game is “problems“ for pets which they with ease and with pleasure solve. At the same time it is possible to use different accessories or to do in general without them, the effect will be just tremendous! Take a piece of a favourite delicacy of the pet, wrap it in usual writing paper (at all not in a foil, the newspaper or a film, all materials have to be harmless!) put it in a cardboard box, it is possible to put a box in other box more, close a cover, place on the top floor of a cage or in a labyrinth.

What somersaults will be manufactured by a small animal to reach an award! It will pass all “thorns“ of a difficult way, will find a box, will dump it down or will drag to the secluded town, will open a cover or will break off packing by teeth, will reach a desired piece, will shake out, will develop it... Or still: “bury“ a nutlet or sukhofrukt pleated a cover or bed linen (if, of course, you allow the pet to play on the bed!), hide to the secluded place in the room where your animal makes walk.

of Options of such games! As soon as the task is carried out, complicate it: it promotes a variety of entertainments and intellectual development of your favourite.