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What is prebiotics and what they are eaten with?

Ideal food for the baby are maternal milk. Unfortunately, breastfeeding is possible not always. At impossibility of breastfeeding or at insufficient amount of milk at mother of the child it is necessary to finish feeding special mix for baby food or to transfer completely to artificial feeding.

For people in industrially developed countries cow`s milk is an integral part of daily food and therefore production of baby food went on the way of creation of mixes on the basis of cow`s milk.

“Unsuccessfulness of artificial feeding of babies in educational houses and children`s shelters of all countries induced doctors in 80 - 90 - x years 19 century to look for ways of preparation of the dairy mixes coming on structure and correlation of feedstuffs to breast milk.

the First evidence-based dairy mix was entered by Bidyort (Biedert). Being a founder of the doctrine about an adverse effect of proteins of cow`s milk from - for their difficult digestibility, he suggested to dissolve milk with water, at the same time enriching it with fat. Since then in connection with studying of an exchange the changed views of rather wider tolerance of the baby to these or those components of milk found to themselves reflection in preparation all of new and new mixes“, - it is noted in the Big medical encyclopedia. Since then the science considerably promoted in a question of quality of nutriyentny composition of mixes for artificial feeding of children. Scientists of the different countries constantly work on improvement of composition of artificial mixes. Their purpose - to bring closer properties of mixes to female breast milk.


To mixes add all necessary substances necessary for full development of the child. Proteins of cow`s milk began to subject to hydrolysis. Thanks to it mixes are better acquired and do not cause an allergy. So there was a group of hypoallergenic mixes - gizrolizat. Meanwhile, hydrolysis is a chemical process therefore it is already impossible to call products on its basis natural.

However should not forget

that still for a long time in the absence of breast milk of children traditionally raised goat milk. Modern researches confirmed that goat milk on the structure is closer to female breast milk, than milk of other animals, and is acquired much better.

So, in a stomach cow`s milk is digested in 2 hours, and goat milk - in 20 minutes. One of the most important differences of goat and women`s milk from cow consists that women`s and goat milk do not contain high-allergenic protein which contains in cow`s milk. It is an alpha - s1 - casein, protein of casein fraction of milk.

In New Zealand where traditionally developed dairy, but not cheese as in Europe, goat breeding, in the middle of the 20th century the English company Vitacare began to make baby food of NANNIE on the basis of goat milk. It surely occupied the niche in food of children in England and the countries of Europe. In 2002 the adapted dairy mixes NANNIE on the basis of goat milk appeared also in Russia, having proved as the high-quality product for baby food possessing hypoallergenic properties. Mixes NANNIE are recommended for food of children since the birth by Institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science and the Union of children`s allergists of Russia.

It is known that besides nutrients, hormones, nucleotides, women`s milk contains prebiotics. Prebiotics are the oligosaccharides which are not exposed to splitting in the top departments zheludochno - an intestinal path. They reach in not changed look a large intestine. There they are split by bifidobacteria and serve for them as growth factors. Products of splitting of prebiotics, korotkotsepochechny fatty acids, increase acidity of contents of intestines, and interfere with growth conditionally - pathogenic microflora.

the Composition of intestinal microflora exerts

a great influence on health of the child. Digestion of the kid, resistance to intestinal infections, maturing of mechanisms of the immune answer depends on qualitative and quantitative structure of bacteria of intestines.

Intestinal microflora shares

on useful which consists mainly of bifidobacteria, and is conditional - pathogenic which can cause intestinal frustration.

At the children who are on breastfeeding as a part of microflora bifidobacteria prevail.

Scientific researches showed that in intestines of the children who are on artificial feeding, the maintenance of bifidobacteria is reduced, and the specific structure is grown poor. Takes their place conditionally - pathogenic microflora, and it negatively influences health of the child.

Therefore to modern mixes for artificial feeding are added by prebiotics.

Though the adapted mixes NANNIE contain prebiotics of the most goat milk, the children having tendency to a viscous and hard chair will suit the mixes which are in addition enriched with prebiotics more.

New mixes NANNIE 1 and NANNIE 2 with prebiotics incorporate the prebiotichesky Orafti complex ® Synergy1 from the company “BENEO - Orafti“, the world leader in production of prebiotics. The complex is approved by the European commission on the following to properties, useful to health: promotes restoration of normal balance of microflora, promotes improvement of a gastrointestinal tract, increases digestion of calcium and leads to strengthening of a bone tissue, stimulates own protective forces of an organism.

Orafti Complex ® Synergy1 contains prebiotics inulin and oligofructose.

Inulin is fruktooligosakharid, received from roots of chicory and other plants. Inulin not only stimulates growth of bifidobacteria, but also helps to bring out of an organism various Endo - and ekzotoksina. It is important the children growing in ecologically adverse conditions of environment.

Inulin and its derivative - oligofructose, improve digestion of calcium, magnesium and iron.

the Chair of the children receiving NANNIE with prebiotics gets even more similar to a chair of the child who is on breastfeeding. It is more regular, has a soft and magnificent consistence.

New NANNIE 1 and 2 with prebiotics, are in addition enriched with dlinnotsepochechny polynonsaturated fatty acids (dokozageksayenovy, arakhidonovy and eykozageksayenovy) which own synthesis at the small child is insufficient. By scientific researches it is proved that these acids play an important role in formation of system of the immune answer, so, are responsible for strengthening of health of the kid.

perfectly proved as

of Mix NANNIE as a high-quality product for feeding of healthy children, and also the children having allergic diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, a dermorespiratorny syndrome. The numerous clinical trials conducted in Russia confirm not only hypoallergenicity of mixes NANNIE on the basis of whole goat milk, but also their efficiency when feeding malovesny children, children with disorders of digestion, a vomiting syndrome.

the New formula of the adapted mixes NANNIE 1 and 2 with prebiotics keeps all best properties of mixes NANNIE, is digestible hypoallergenic food, the nutrients necessary for the full-fledged growth, development, a quiet dream and remarkable health of your kid containing all complex.