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Riding - the royal hobby for our children

Riding is called so not incidentally, the considerable attention at education was paid to ability to keep in a saddle of both successors of a throne, and children of representatives of the aristocracy. And not only because the horse was, in fact, the only vehicle. Now riding is one of obligatory objects of training of children at elite schools and boards and in our country, and in Europe. This subject - one of important components of versatile and harmonious development of the personality. But to feel the prince (or the princess - why and is not present?) on a white horse, the aristocratic origin and expensive board is not obligatory at all: it is enough to come to club or school of riding which are practically in each district of the city (it is about Moscow).

of the Purpose, the reason, dream

Why people come to equestrian sport? Of course, as well as in many other sports, there are high purposes here: competitions, medals, cups, Olympic Games. But, probably, here they have no such value, at least, at the beginning of a way. Those who love horses - these big, clever, kind and graceful animals come to horse schools. And not all trained dream of competitions. To someone will to learn keep in a saddle for walks on park or horse campaigns quite enough. Well, and someone will become the champion of Europe.

When to begin? For whom it is possible?

In the history and literature can often meet by

examples when in a saddle of the child put practically right after he started walking, and to three - four years the kid surely kept in a saddle and even jumped over small obstacles. Certainly, it is not about the real big horse, and about a pony. Nevertheless, you should not begin training so early: the child`s organism, including a skeleton, got stronger for loadings insufficiently and the more so falling without which training will hardly do.

Usually minimum age of riders - about six years. At this age the child is capable and to keep in a saddle and to cope with a restive pony - and character at pass horses often where stroptivy, than at a big horse, - and not too will be upset in case of falling. Later young equestrians change to big horses. However, there are practically no age restrictions. It is possible to get for the first time onto a horse both in six, and in ten, and in fifty years.

are quite insignificant

I on health of restriction at riders - it is possible practically for all who have no serious diseases on which disability is appropriated. One more serious restriction - some diseases of blood excluding a possibility of falling. Still equestrian sport should not give the preference to people with an allergy to horse dandruff - instead of pleasure continuous sufferings can turn out. However, the allergy such meets quite seldom.

If it is impossible for

, but there is a strong wish - that is possible?

In most cases it is really possible for

- only not in the general group, and in special, with the trainer, specializing in hippotherapy. The charm of gallop or overcoming of obstacles can feel here and it will not be possible, but health will become for certain better. Occupations by hippotherapy recommend at such diseases as cerebral spastic infantile paralysis or consequences of injuries of back, osteochondroses, radiculitises, violations of a bearing, violation of intellectual development, autism, mental, is warm - vascular and many others. In communication with a horse, care of it and in various exercises the child becomes more sociable, coordination of movements improves, practically all groups of muscles become stronger. Communication with a horse is capable to help children to get rid of consequences of a severe stress, a grief, psychological complexes and overfatigue.

Where them to look for


to List to

all stables here, clubs and schools of the city and area it would be difficult: they are more than seventy. Let`s call a little. For example, KSK “Bittsa“ - one of the city horse-racing complexes, largest in Europe, is in the area of Chertanovskaya metro station Or the horse-racing school “Izmailovo“ founded in 1935 and which is at Highway of Enthusiasts station. Here it is possible to find classes in hippotherapy. Other, not less deserved and serious schools are and in the country - for example, the school of riding at the Central Moscow hippodrome, is after eviction from the territory of a hippodrome in the settlement Is new - Nikolskoye of the Krasnogorsk district. Despite the compelled moving, the school adheres to the old traditions and belongs to “old school“ of riding.

If does not have

of big desire to study, and there is a wish to touch, look, drive, then it is possible to find horses practically in any park or on ENEA. And if there is a wish, on the contrary, for something bigger, than just driving two - three times a week, it is possible to pay the attention to the bases organizing horse campaigns - for example, Konno - the tourist base “Horse Ryazan“. However, not all of them are close to Moscow.

of Expenditure and expenses

Riding - one of the most expensive sports. However everything depends on what you, actually, want. If own horse, a stall, ammunition - it, of course, is expensive. But it is absolutely optional to buy all this. Horses for training together with all necessary ammunition will be provided by club or school which you chose. One occupation in such club costs about 550 - 1100 rubles. Or 800 - 1900 if the trainer is engaged only with you. In many clubs there are subscriptions doing occupations is even more available. But it is necessary to be spent nevertheless, if “clothes“ of a horse are picked up by club, then it is necessary to take care of itself. So, children`s bridges for regular trainings riding cost from 1300 rubles. From 1100 rubles it is necessary to spend for boots - for beginners. Boots with good protection of legs, approximately for 4500 rubles, or boots (1700 rub) with gaiters (1100 rub) will be suitable for regular trainings more . An obligatory element of clothes of the rider - a protective helmet. It will cost about 1800 rubles.

Of course, all this is optional to buy

before the first occupation - in case the child is not carried away by riding, such expenditure will not be repaid. Boots or boots with a smooth (not corrugated) sole and a small heel and the most usual sports pants will be suitable for the first campaign. And if interest woke up, and business reached competitions, here it is necessary to buy also a special suit - bridges which will manage approximately in 2500, and a jacket - about 3500 rubles.

If wants to ride, and it is not enough money, can offer the senior children and teenagers in many clubs work. In this case they will ride free of charge, and still to look after horses, to communicate with them, and even to receive for it money - small, of course. Too quite worthy option: the child not only does favorite thing, but also itself ensures this occupation moreover and on pocket expenses earns. Than not a reason for increase of a self-assessment?

Probably, from all sports, horse - the most versatile. Also put here not only that practically all groups of muscles participate in riding, and in management of a horse, establishing contact with it, ability to understand and predict each her movement the thinking, imagination, reaction speed develops. Communication with a big, clever, kind animal, responsibility for it, do the person slightly kinder, slightly more responsibly, slightly more quietly, slightly more wisely.