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Method of the “laughing loudly“ photos

All know of need of the positive attitude towards themselves and to life in general. It is often possible to hear that happy events promote strengthening of health and give installation on longevity.

“Here what I cheerful and cheerful!“

the ordinary recommendation is Quite popular

: look in a mirror, smile and for something by all means praise yourself.

the question Arises: and whether it is possible in the medical purposes to influence subconsciousness of the person the fixed positive emotions? Experimentally I tried to find the answer. Began with the fact that watched own photos where it was imprinted laughing.


Having chosen the best, I increased it and hung up houses on a wall so that it caught sight to me more often. I glanced at it with curiosity. There was a feeling that in my consciousness, and it is rather - in subconsciousness, though slowly, but new idea of itself gets: here I, am what cheerful and cheerful!

At first I paid attention to decrease in own uneasiness and apprehended such state as self-evident. It was promoted, probably, by the emotions recorded in the photo. But when there passed a little more than three months, I unexpectedly noticed that at me all symptoms of a hereditary hypertension completely disappeared. Such result did not leave me indifferent any more. I remember how I then approached the photograph and, having smiled to it, mentally said: “And so I what - cheerful, cheerful, and now also healthy!“ At the same time thought: “If in three months achieve such good result, what will be in a year or two?“

Already can be told

safely that the positive emotions recorded in own photo strongly took root into consciousness, and it already, in turn, exerts enormous impact on all organism. Well as was not to share such opening with people around?

I shared

I. First of all, with those whom I advise as the psychologist. It I advised to follow my example. There passed some time, and to me began to tell that, besides the solution of psychological problems, at my patients various associated diseases began to recover quicker: nervous, skin, ulcer and, of course, a hypertension, as well as at me. In their consciousness earlier there was no own image at all. But now suddenly it appeared moreover such attractive.

Lidiya Mikhaelovna, the teacher by profession, tells:“ Now near my portrait the “laughing loudly“ photos of my husband, three children and two grandsons already hang. You also cannot imagine what tremendous effect arises when you see at once so many the smiling native persons. From each other we expect only the friendly relation now. And occurs, we joke constantly. About what diseases can there be a speech in such situation?! I already hurried to share the experience also with parents of my pupils at school. All became interested, and at us was formed directly - secret some society. Today in a class in the relations between children cruelty and callousness completely disappeared. For me it is the main result.

Here only one line from the composition of my pupil:“ All like my smile, and I should not draw with impudence attention to myself any more. And was the real hooligan“.

Important turned out even how the “laughing“ photos are placed. For families where children lack for attention of adults where they feel the vulnerability, it was recommended to place portraits to one line: at the edges - a photo of parents, and in the center - a photo of children. And portraits of parents were made 20 in size × 30 cm, and children - 15 × 20 cm. On everyone an inscription:“ One for all and all for one“.

that disputes in a family stopped to me was reported in a month. For such short term idea of itself and of a family in general changed: all began to feel solid team.

Most quickly progress was noted by

when people kept the diary. In it supervision over themselves were brought, all positive changes in mood and behavior registered.

Very interesting letter I received

from Samara from Sergey, the owner of a bakery recently. He writes that he suffered warmly long ago - a vascular disease (I lower the detailed description of his illness) and was in a preinfarction angina.

“I always had difficulties with a visual memory, - he writes, - but I so wanted to restore the health... I often looked at the photo, and then closed eyes and tried to present myself. And remembered himself laughing, and then recovered soon. I am the former architect therefore considered the “laughing loudly“ photo as the best project which I very much wanted to realize“. Sergey also convinced also other workers of a bakery to be photographed and place the “laughing“ portraits near workplaces. For this purpose he invited in the photographer`s bakery. “Adults rejoiced to this event as children. Made laugh each other, played a trick... All photos turned out amazingly. Generally employees got used to follow my example. And now say that will always work only in our bakery that any more they will not find such pleasant working atmosphere anywhere. It is healthy!“

Tamara Ivanovna from Tikhoretsk wrote that it “the vital train“ took a new course on longevity. There was it thanks to magic of its “laughing“ photo, and she does not doubt the cheerfulness any more...“ Diseases, - she writes, - are showered from me as the dried dirt from footwear. Till 100 years without pain and troubles - now my slogan!“ It also photographed the son. At its request in a photographer`s studio in the photo of her child made an inscription: “Here I what cheerful and cheerful“.“ I brought it to a photograph and spoke: here you real“. Now to her son there are phenomenal changes: it became balanced and self-assured, the leader in the company and in a class. Mother is very happy with such result. it is difficult for p to predict

, how exactly your organism will react to your “laughing“ photo. One she helped to transfer easier difficult pregnancy and to give birth to the healthy child. Another - to prevent an illness or a depression at big troubles. The third - to get on feet after a serious trauma quicker. One is undoubted: the advantage will be for certain. Many say that to have such photo will become the same commonplace soon how to brush in the morning teeth.

under the influence of the “laughing“ portraits at people the perception itself, behavior, the relations with people around gradually changes. And as a result of all this they get rid of many diseases having the psychoneurological nature. The most considerable achievements were received at collective use of a method: at work, in families, in educational classes of schools. I will stop on one such case which I consider very important.

In children`s collectives very effective (important to forget nobody). As a result in consciousness of children besides an individual image “Here I am what!“ in addition collective is formed - “Here we are what!“. It considerably reduces at them feeling of the threat which is allegedly proceeding from people around. Children become liberated, more open for communication and perception of new knowledge.

Here that the pupil 7 - go a class which almost always came back home earlier from school with a headache told the parents: “We ceased to be afraid to leave to a board, we answer better, teachers treat us much more kindly now...“ It and his schoolmates at the initiative of parents hung out photos in which children were depicted laughing in the educational office. From above at the stand made an inscription: “Here such we presents“. Teachers saw the wards in absolutely other light and then made the similar stand already with the remarkable photos. It is easy to guess as changed life and children and adults after that.

a miracle - the bridge

Not always the method of the “laughing“ portraits works with

“Yawning“ immediately. Tatyana Mikhaelovna from Rostov-on-Don at whom her “laughing“ photo already more than half a year hung on a foreground kindly allowed to quote the letter.“ The photo hangs, but I look at it for some reason with grief. I got used to worry and worry in any occasion. On everyone as it is difficult for me to separate that is really important for me and that is not present for the sake of what it is worth breaking a spear and on what it is necessary to react only as to a rain or gloomy morning, without seeking to change a course of nature. Arriving in one way or another, I asked a question: and what, actually, I wanted to achieve what aim I pursued? And with bitterness noticed that the purpose - that usually and was not. There was only a mechanical reaction, as in an office at the neuropathologist: struck with a hammer a knee - a leg and jumped up. There is no wish to laugh at all, and sores both were, and remained...“

Having received such gloomy letter, I for the first time assumed that for it as, perhaps, and for some other, at once to pass to a cheerful state - too big “jump over an abyss“. They need “bridge“. One more image of the woman became such bridge: it was photographed by yawning. An inscription made corresponding: “I was tired of trifles“.“ There passed only a week, and I became already much quieter, - she writes. - I hung up the “yawning“ picture in kitchen. As I will look at it then I yawn, shoulders relax, and tension which so many years tormented me, leaves somewhere. If I look after that at the “laughing“ photo, then with pleasure I smile now“.

of Month through three the owner of two photographs reported that at it the headaches sometimes reaching vomiting disappeared there passed eczema on hands, noise in ears stopped, and, above all - she became more thoughtful person: before to react to something, manages to think and why to it it is necessary and whether it is necessary in general. Such bridge helped here!

Along with it also one more curious case occurred: with Nikolay who addressed me concerning the allegedly impotences.“ The photo laughing“ did not help it too, and the “yawning“ portrait with the inscription “I Was Tired to Worry“ led as he wrote, “to full loss of interest in sex“. But the most important with what everything ended. Approximately in half a year he reported: “I do not know whether the “yawning“ and “laughing“ portraits, but when I met the Natasha helped me, from my problems there is no trace left also“. I think all the matter is that it it is quiet, without worrying about anything, waited for a meeting with that woman which easily could cause in it sexual feelings. Thanks to the “yawning“ photo Nikolay was exempted from idea to be always ready to performance of the sexual role. “Always“ very often means: “never“.

the portrait gave to

“Yawning“ big help and to the little boy Igor who was until recently afraid to sleep in the dark. According to my recommendation in its room before a bed parents hung up its “yawning“ photo with a bright inscription:“ I was tired to be afraid“. In a week he already began to fall asleep much quicker, than earlier. To pleasure of parents approximately in a month he began to turn off the light for the night. According to the child it became clear that recently he so quickly falls asleep that he just does not manage to invent any horror films. Old ideas were forgotten, and he ceased to be afraid of something in general.

Thus, to each case it is possible to pick up “key“, to throw the bridge. The person often gets used to the unresolved problems and perceives them as something self-evident, considering that from such situation there is no exit. Try to get rid of this delusion and of all illnesses. And therefore laugh, laugh loudly! Does not help? Well, it is possible a few and to yawn.