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it was logical to entitle this text “A prick an umbrella“. I will not begin to do it because the name of the French movie of the same name was frayed already rather in glossy magazines. And the French cinematographers, it is necessary to tell, did not try to be original with a plot.

Knows that events of the brilliant comedy really happened to Pierre Richard in life, only not in Sep - the Track, once chosen by Bridget Bardot, and in London. The hero of the invisible front, the intelligence agent that is, pricked the colleague from the competing organization with the umbrella filled quickly and which is inevitably operating with poison. All participants of the spy thriller were our people (one - the Soviet citizen, another - the native of Bulgaria), but French, naturally, did not mention it that the whole world thought that they always and in everything the first. On the contrary! Truth which always somewhere nearby, emerges sooner or later on a surface.

But all this lyrical digressions and the theory, and for the resident of the megalopolis the main thing - practice. What protects from that decorates of what material it is made how to choose and so on and so on. It is possible even to consider an umbrella in a section. Very interesting and extremely useful occupation. The result - never to look foppish chicken who runs down the street headlong and from her water flows flow down.

Here and residents of the big and small cities ran centuries until once to sir Jonas Henvey bothered to become wet, and it was covered with a female sun-protection umbrella. The shocked contemporaries thoroughly scoffed, and then all to one got personal domes.

These pieces had nothing in common with the richly decorated prototype. Black, as an autumn crow, smooth, with the handle - a cane (from a bamboo, a heather and a juniper) in the form of a question mark. All this is actual at men and now. Other colors are in demand, the especially most dark, from the “color common people“ series too. The cage and a delicate strip does not get out of fashion.

But on female umbrellas the imagination of designers comes off and soars over the earth. Besides eternally attractive elegant geometry - on domes flowers and florets of all times, in style of all people blossom. Here any prints - from peas before imitation of frescos of Michelangelo are pertinent (though it does not look any more it is fresh). Flounces, fur edgings, pastes and paillettes, flat and volume applications - all this brings joy and beauty again.

For secret esthetes who want to please first of all themselves, but not people around, thought up a dark monophonic dome outside and with romantic mood inside. Well, for example, how to you image of a Gothic cathedral from within? Or the blue summer sky in the most delicate cloudlets? Personally I like the star chart, it somehow moves apart space.

Designers play

not only with coloring and decorative details, but also forms. There is a lot of options that we do not feel any more that irrepressible delight what was felt by the woman of fashion 60 - x the 20th century when she for the first time saw a transparent umbrella - a hand bell.

the Square or triangular dome excites curiosity and which - who even, as a variety, takes with it to the streets of the cities. And here originality of model with the handle growing from a square corner for some reason does not inspire. Inconveniently, though it is made according to Ancient Chinese fashion.

umbrellas in the form of heart Are, is - with two handles. But the most important is not color, not drawing and even not a form. Protective properties - here the basic. If you were fascinated by ultrasmall model which is located in a spectacle-case - can, of course, try it to wear as experiment... But be just in case ready that the promised special protection against a reversing of a dome will not work and at sudden flaws the umbrella will begin “to wave wings“. And you, will naturally become wet.

It happens also to models more. For example, the nice umbrella bought the beloved husband in the well-known London department store from very famous brand began to develop spontaneously as soon as on it the wind Rodiny blew. I will not tell that in Moscow it is stronger, than in London, just personal roof for some reason missed a chance. Whether the design is not thought over, despite of prestige of brand, whether producers got tired, and buyers missed, whether the beloved husband not too gently handled an umbrella. Though the last assumption seems to me unreasonable.

the Umbrella is a functional subject which should not “break“ from troubles of weather of average weight. Alas, even the wisest of us can make a mistake! What to tell about our outlets. It is probable nevertheless that ability of an umbrella to decrease to a microscopic state harms its protective properties.

If you want the quality checked for centuries, then it is worth paying attention to the umbrellas made manually. They cost expensive, but masters of umbrella affairs are responsible for the production. Each copy does about thirteen people: one produces a wooden basis, another - spokes, the third - cuts a dome from fabric, the fourth - sews to spokes in 24 places fabric part moreover and pieces of the same matter fixes for durability. The last stage - a handle attachment if only it was not curved from the wooden probe at once - bases.

Such umbrella belief and the truth serves the owner decades. And, if the happy owner does not drop an accessory under wheels of the passing cars, the umbrella can devolve to children and even grandsons. Of course, hand made!