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Milk was gone? No!

Dear mummies, this story for all who despaired, having faced a problem of shortage of milk, and decided that it is better to rush with small bottles, than to suffer and bring up a breast. I fattened the first only a month - found golden staphylococcus and forbade to feed. Learned that I was in vain moved on instructions of the doctor later when in 3 years with the son were hospitalized with the most severe allergy. The old doctor explained that it was just necessary to continue to feed. And my sores were not a refusal occasion in feeding of the kid. Here so the firstborn grew up on mixes.

the Second solved in that that began to bring up at least till 1 year. But having supported till 2 months, began to notice that milk began to vanish. The girlfriend (mother of 3 children) insisted that she put the daughter to a breast more often and underfed mixes from a small bottle... Though I kept a mix jar in store, did not believe that something will turn out. With the daughter it helped us! I did not adhere to the schedule. Videla, as torment mother of and children, waiting for hour of feeding. The child shouts, wants to eat, and mother nervously looks at the watch, waiting still for a half-hour. Therefore I fed on demand, on own and others experience having convinced that feeding on hours - not the best exit. For me with the daughter precisely!

Result - a feeding up entered

in 8 months, now to us 2,5 g and mother`s milk still we eat! Therefore allow to advise from the experience.

  1. do not despair at shortage of milk (to us it seems that it begins to vanish in 2 - 4 months).
  2. Serially put
  3. to right, to the left breast.
  4. Today very wide choice of means and infusions for improvement of a lactation (from food to phytotea).
  5. Try to feed with
  6. on demand: the more the child sucks, the more there is a milk inflow.
  7. do not try to finish feeding
  8. from a small bottle at once - it is simpler to suck from a pacifier, and the child, understanding this difference, can just gradually nullify feeding by a breast.

Patience - and your work will pay off not only health of the kid, but also simplicity of feeding (a breast always with itself) and the saved means!