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Among summer sparrows - bejans begin to drop out of the nests, trying force of the wings. Not at all it turns out at once. Here such - that grief - the flyer also fell to legs of my boys.

- Mothers! Look who we have, - is joyful, Ilya pointed by a broad gesture to the small tousled lump of feathers sitting on a palm at Sergey.

- to It the help is necessary. He is not able to fly, - Nikita added.

Ya threw up the hands:

- How many time to tell you: birds cannot be touched! It for certain somewhere nearby had mother, and you frightened off her. His mother also took care of it, fed, taught to fly, and you... It will not accept it now.

- Mother! We long waited, it was not. Perhaps it at all any more does not have it? The cat ate, or the kite dragged off.

- It does not acquit you!

- Well you shout! It would become easier for you if his cat ate? Do not grumble, and help us to feed him better and to arrange a nest.

everything passed

With the housing device safely. The hamster removed to a big saucepan, and the released cage was very quickly rendered habitable by Stepka. So children called a sparrow. With feeding too problems did not arise, its yellow mouth was constantly open, and it with plaintive peep demanded all new and new entertainment. The problem consisted that he ate much, and to find the necessary quantity of a forage was not so - that simply. All family was on duty at windows in hope that some fly will fly to us on a spark. And if it happened, then it was caught right there and sent to Stepke`s mouth. And it all peeped and peeped. Then I sent children for “excavation“. The full jar of earthworms was our rescue. Having sated, ours roasting started, ruffled up and calmed down, having enough covered eyes - beads. Sleeps.

- Uf! - with relief I exhaled, about myself having thought how many once a day it is necessary to feed him, and at the same time and sympathized with sparrows in their hard work.

had to Feed with

not so often, but he ate much. And having gorged on, always closed eyes, tousled plumelets and filled up.

Children often took

it on hands and carried with themselves everywhere. Stepka so got used him that he will hardly catch sight of somebody at a cage, begins to chirp, clap enthusiastically wings, showing the pleasure. As soon as someone`s hand was pushed in a cage, it right there removed from a pole on a finger and went to walk.

But most of all he liked to sit on someone`s head. Stepka long nested on the top, setting hair “nest“ and when everything was made, cheerfully chirped, rejoicing to “dwelling“. Children very much liked this process, and new “nesting“ took place strictly according to the schedule, being followed by joyful laughter of all participants.

Time went. Our Stepka from feeding before feeding walked, sitting on someone`s finger or the head, and we caught for it flies, dug worms and fed ours roasting. Feeding, as always, was on me. And soon Stepka already began to recognize me on a voice and to peep, demanding an entertainment. He with appetite swallowed flies, bugs and worms, is grateful chirping. Children usually watched from outside the events. And once Ilya noticed:

- Mother! You at us the real vorobyikha - mother! At you so fine it turns out!

burst out laughing with

Ya, having thought about itself:“ Whom I was only not in this life, and whom I still should be“.

But once children came back home in tears.

- What happened? - I outright got a fright, seeing before myself their tear-stained mugs.

- Mothers, Stepk departed... And - and - and... - Ilyushka stretched, pounding a tear fist.

Ya breathed sigh of relief, having understood that nothing serious occurred.

- As departed? - with regret I asked, stroking boys on the heads. - Perhaps?

I of the boy began to be told in eager rivalry how it occurred.

- He at me on the head sat, - there began Seryozha.

- And then took and departed.

- Aha. On a fence.

- We to a fence ran, and it on a tree departed.

- Well. For now Serega climbed on a tree, it on Minusinka (the name of the local rivulet) departed.

- Through a fence. And - and - and.... - Ilyushka all was not appeased.

- For now we climbed over a fence, it still somewhere departed.

- We looked for it, shouted, but did not find.

smiled to


- Well, here you see how everything well came to an end! - and, having read bewilderment in the opinion of my sons, added: - You said that the help is necessary to it. You helped it, brought up him. And now he became an adult and is able to take care of himself. Here also departed...

Children still puzzly watched

at me. Then I writhed a mug and added:


- it is offensive! We fed him, fed, and he did not even say goodbye.

of the Face of children brightened up a little, but the grief shade nevertheless remained. Probably, it just grieved them to leave the new friend.

Some more days children waited that Stepka will return, but it did not arrive. And what for? At liberty - that is better for it!