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Physical development from the cradle of

When friends ask me what to present to young mother and the newborn, I usually advise to get a qualitative fitball, children`s sport center or the subscription in a paddling pool. The surprising choice for the newborn, the truth?

However me it seems to

that suits and toys will serve the in several months, and the healthy, strong, active and dexterous kid will use sports gifts several years.

So it developed p that in our family several years the sport center for kids became the center of the nursery. The eldest son is five years old, but the place of its “registration“ all the same does not change! In two years he mastered rings and rukokhod, learned to somersault and go on an inclined surface. Today the son swings a press on a hill, does chin-ups and boxes a suspended pear. And recently been born kid learns to turn over on soft mats, tightened and sits down, having grasped convenient thin crossbeams of a short flight of stairs, creeps on an inclined hill. And I see how it is great that the sport center can use since the birth. When in the house an interesting environment for physical development is created, the kid with the small help of parents itself begins to master different types of movements, learns to use rings and a horizontal bar, jumps and somersaults.

0 - 3 of month, everything only begins!

U you on hands the newborn - we congratulate! You can make much for its health: physical exercises, massage, a hardening, swimming, there is more caress and tenderness for good mood. The child spends the most part of time in a dream, the wakefulness periods short, from 10 minutes to an hour. But already in these intervals you will manage to work with the kid, to deliver to him and yourself several pleasant moments. Get acquainted closer with the native little man, gradually undress, arrange an air bathtub. Stroke quiet movements of the handle and a leg, massage from the center to the periphery of a pile and palm. The kid will like a sound of your voice and warmly mother`s hands. Over time he will begin to be awake longer, you will be able to execute the whole set of exercises. In the first months of life pay special attention to exercises on reflexes.

to us only it seems to

that the baby is weak and helpless. The nature allocated it with a number of congenital abilities - the reflexes helping to survive and adapt to the changing environment. Some reflexes, such as glotatelny, will remain with it for the rest of life, others will stay only several months. Nevertheless, these reflexes are very important: it is possible to judge by existence and degree of expressiveness of a reflex about health and development of the child. Knowing the main unconditioned reflexes of the newborn, you not only will do exercises of more various, but also strengthen the kid.

Robinzon`s Reflex: the newborn child keeps the weight of freely hanging own body at a hvataniye. Put forefingers in palms of the kid and gradually raise him. Feel a limit of its opportunities, let your other fingers insure small! As soon as you feel that the successful fellow weakens, undertake body weight and softly lower the kid. Do not allow the child “to fall“!

When you learn to determine by

fatigue, anticipating unclamping of palms, replace your fingers with the stick suitable on diameter, carry out exercise over a soft surface. Over time pass to a crossbeam of children`s sport center, continue to insure the little gymnast and be not surprised, many children can hang long enough!

Reflex of automatic gait: at an easy body tilt forward and an emphasis of feet the newborn does the step movements. Support the kid under mice, rest his feet about a surface of a bed or a table, incline the case forward. Having waited for the first step, move a body after slightly confused perestupaniye of small legs. When the kid is tired, he will just sit down - means, time to stop occupation approached. Stamp on different surfaces: a smooth and cool mat, a rough bast, a fluffy bathing towel, a rubber rug with pimples.

Reflex of crawling of Bauer: when pressing on a plantar surface of legs of the newborn laid on a stomach, the child reflex carries out the crawling movement. Put the kid on a stomach, hold up palms under patches - it will make a start and will move ahead. Thus the child can creep several meters. When small begins to focus a look on objects, draw its attention with a bright toy.

it is rather difficult for p to Creep on a plain surface, babies is not even able to hold the head. You can help its movements, using a hill of sport center. Establish a hill on the lowermost step of a ladder, in the place of a landing place a mat. Put the kid on a stomach on a hill the person towards the lower part. Before the kid on a mat you can put a bright musical toy. The inclination will turn out small, but the baby slowly will begin to slip down. Will add slightly - slightly efforts and will slip even quicker. Establishing a hill at a small angle, you try to obtain smooth crawling, but not “sliding“ down.

needs to watch constantly that it was easy for child to move that nothing disturbed it, for example, the holding-down clothes, otherwise the baby will lose taste to this occupation. It is the best of all to put the kid on a hill absolutely golenky if temperature in the room allows, or in a cotton t-shirt. Put small at first closely to edge of a hill, gradually increasing distance which it crawls.

Bathing not only will deliver

to the kid many pleasant moments, pleasures of contact with warm water and gentle mother`s hands, but also will give an opportunity to practice. In water action of forces of gravitation on a body is compensated by the pushing-out force - you can “rasprygat“ small, shake it semi-sitting, as on a swing. Holding under a chin, you drive on a bathroom the eights, allow to be pushed from sides.“ Duck“ the reflex helps the child to hold the breath at hit of a stream of water or air on area of a nose. Blow in a face to the child, water on the top from a palm - if the kid easily held the breath, he is ready to the real divings. Blow in a face and lower the kid under water. In the beginning on a fraction of a second, and then if you feel that the kid is ready, you spend under water more time. The main indicator of good occupation - the happy child.

of Exercise on a fitball for certain your kid will like, rockings forward - back, to the right - to the left calm small, at the same time strengthening his muscles. Change the direction of the movement and amplitude of raskachivaniye, roll the child around, on diagonal, in different directions, spring with different intensity. Children well relax on a ball therefore here, slightly springing it the knees, you can carry out massage, finger-type gymnastics, exercises on an extension. Kids flexible by nature, help them to keep this flexibility and ease of movements. Having warmed a body exercises, finish charging an extension: clap piles the friend about the friend, reach the put feet a tummy, a chin. Let it will be pleasant to the kid, act in a comfort zone. Play phone: tickle a leg and reach a pile an ear, a cheek, a nose. Straighten and put legs, hide behind them, and then - “Ku - ku!“ - mother looked out and widely parted legs in the parties, almost cross split turned out!

3 - 6 months, we study the world around

the Kid grows, gains weight, it is already “not terrible“ to take it in hand. The periods of wakefulness increase, the child spends more time lying on a tummy, examining the world around. Offer more interesting objects for studying, surround the child with interesting contrast pictures for sight focusing. Spreading the child on a tummy on mats of sport center, hang up various toys on crossbeams of a short flight of stairs, so you will stimulate the kid to move to these objects, to last the handle, to rise on all fours.

Each child likes to be awake at mother on handles. Be not afraid “to accustom to hands“! To be together, to feel loved and is protected not a bad habit, but need of each person. Children to whom did not refuse heat of parental hands it is easier “release mother“ from the beginning of independent crawling and walking, they precisely know that parents will always accept and will support the kid.

these months the child promptly masters a set of new skills and abilities: revolution, it is resistant on all fours, the first attempts to move in space, difficult coordination of hands, around so much there is a wish to feel and taste. Help small to study possibilities of own body, to become strong and coordinated, to learn to overcome positively obstacles. It is possible to add to exercises which you already carried out more difficult, demanding an active position of the kid.

we Prepare for revolution. The hands overturn the child from a back on a tummy and back. Put the kid on a scarf or a diaper, undertake corners together with the father, slowly roll small from edge to edge, give the chance to feel coherence of movements of all body during revolution. Well and just shake for pleasure!

Obstacle course: on a soft surface of a bed or a mat place the small roller, for example, from the curtailed towel. Put the child legs on this roller, handles and a tummy lean against a bed. Place ahead an interesting toy. To reach the purpose, the kid will slip from an eminence. In process of a growing the child to learn to slip from high obstacles, pillows and the put blankets. Having learned to get down from an inclined surface, the kid can try to climb on small rollers, to creep via them. Surprisingly, but, without grabbling yet, children very much dexterously clamber on - plastoon.

Suggest the kid to master different types of movements in space, drive together as brevnyshka. You lay down together on the floor laid by mats or a soft blanket, put the baby to yourself on a breast and, embracing him hands, begin to be rolled slowly on a floor in one, then in other party in the beginning. This exercise develops a vestibular mechanism, and close interaction with mother, kisses and whisper on an ear will load the kid with pleasure and self-confidence. Children also will not refuse rifts “Kolobok“: put the kid on a back, collect handles and legs in an embryo pose, supporting under the head, begin to roll the Kolobok in different directions. Let`s not look far forward, but this exercise prepares a body for somersaults!

exercise of “wheelbarrow“ will help to Strengthen muscles of a humeral belt: support the child under a tummy and legs that he could stand only on hands. Interest the kid in the interesting toy located not far. Most likely, it will just flop on a breast and will be tightened forward. When handles get stronger - will make the first attempts to step. Over time reduce extent of support, you hold the kid by hips, and by a year - only by shins.

When the child will begin to sit down, use this skill in games in water and on a gymnastic ball.“ Rasprygivayte“ the child in a sitting position, swing here and there on a fitball, teach to flop cheerfully in water from a side of a bathroom or the pool, holding mother`s hands.

the Second half of the year. The kid all in the movement - creeps, sits, gets up, all right!

Absolutely improbable changes happen in life of the little man for the second six months of life: from a restless gusenichka it turns into orthograde the speaking being is comprehended. The kid begins not just to examine and gnaw toys, but also to play with them the real games, he learned to imitate various movements and sounds. Use this interest in a bathroom or the pool: take with yourself the sinking toys, get them from - under waters together with the little diver. Blow cheerful bubbles, having lowered a mouth in water, shake up legs water as a small motor.

When the kid to learn to sit and stand surely, involve these provisions in exercises on a ball. Spring and shake the sitting child, slightly holding him for handles, he will operate the back, leveling position of a body. Show small as it is highly possible to jump on a fitball, holding mother`s hands, and then cheerfully to flop on a bottom! And it is possible to stand, slightly leaning or even without support, clapping (mother insures the hands).

Growing up, the kid is interested bright, painted in different colors, in short flights of stairs and support of children`s sport center more and more. Encourage this interest, hang out children`s pocket mirrors and musical toys on crossbeams, teach the child to grab steps. Put the kid on a mat facing a short flight of stairs. Put one handle on the lower step, help to grasp. Lower the handle back on a mat. Do the same with other handle. Another time put both handles on a step and help to grasp. Then lower one for another.

As soon as the kid will begin to grabble surely, teach him to climb on a short flight of stairs. Show the hands that it is possible to grasp with handles a short flight of stairs, and then to put a leg on the first step and back on a floor. When you several times do it together with it, it is quite probable that he will begin to try to make it. And as he is already able to creep, will try to creep also up a short flight of stairs. Do not forget to pay special attention to descent down because to climb much more simply. But without being able to get down independently, the kid can fall.

Help the child to master independently a hill, put it under a small inclination and direct the toddler to it. Let he will try to creep, it will turn out not at once. But when he will learn at least a little (on one - two “steps“) to get, the kid himself will flop on a tummy and will move down on is mute from a hill. Having derived pleasure from rolling from a hill, he will want to do it again and again.

In the same way, playing, acquaint small with the rings suspended at the level of it the raised hands. After a while, having staid a little with rings, the kid will raise legs and will hang. Some children manage to hang even on one hand. It is not necessary to teach it, they will learn it, incidentally. Standing with rings in hands, the kid will release one or two rings from time to time and it being necessary to appear on the legs without support, is absolutely unexpected for itself.

One year - the big person!

your kid already surely costs

, well creeps, and it is possible, and goes (doctors consider that the first steps can happen aged of 9 - 18 months). Sometimes at this age parents cease to do exercises and massage with the child, not so - that is simple to keep attention of a small motor to which everything is interesting around. Replace passive gymnastics with active games in which the child will imitate you, to effortlessly master new exercises.


with small balls, cheerful game will teach to roll it and to catch balls of the different sizes, to throw them into the purpose one and two hands. Jump together with it as frogs, crawl upon stomach and you hiss as snakes, jump over the imagined poles and hummocks. Stamp together diversely: a back, sideways, crossing through barriers. Add crawling through tunnels to an obstacle course. Construct at first small minks from the hands and legs, arrange tunnels from the put rugs. Such games not just are pleasant to children, but also teach them not to be afraid of difficulties, to trust in the forces.

On soft mats try to master somersaults. For a start repeat exercise Kolobok, roll small forward back and throw legs through a shoulder, the kid perekuvyrkntsya. Over time reduce force of the influence, only set the direction of the movement. To learn to somersault forward, teach the child to sprain the head under yourself and to be pushed with legs, establish a mat slightly under an inclination, let the kid roll down and somersault from top to down. The inclined plane will give acceleration to the movements.

time to get the first transport Came! Let it will be suitable on timemeasure machine or bespedalny bicycle. To begin the movement, the kid has to learn to make a start legs from the earth, and the real wheel will demand good coordination of movements.

the Grown-up child reaches for familiar sport center more and more, teach him to use safely short flights of stairs and a hill, and you should not worry for the gymnast. Induce the child to climb on ladder steps from the inside of a complex, to grab the closest step of a rukokhod and to hang. Then the kid can return legs on a short flight of stairs and go down. Offer the child, having hung for a while on a step, to jump off on a mat, to hang for a while and get a toy which hangs on the following steps of a rukokhod.

When the kid will master visa on a horizontal bar, suggest it to hang for a while on one hand, to hang and be shaken here and there, to touch handles as the monkey, moving on other edge of a horizontal bar. To master pullings up, it is better that the kid as often as possible saw the brought-up father and became interested in this exercise! Support the child behind under the bent legs, ask to touch a crossbeam a chin. Over time keep body weight less, and once its forces will be enough for the first independent pulling up!