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Dowry for the newborn of

I Suggest to talk about very simple things. Even can seem to some that it is too narrow subject for the whole article. But I know that many young women who are expecting or already gave birth to the children lack the most usual and concrete councils to feel sure.

Of course, I not the first who speaks on this subject lists of the fact that it is necessary to prepare for the birth of the kid, 100 - 150 points reaching hang on many websites. I want to tell about the most important, about what it is really difficult to do without, looking after the newborn child.

of the Diaper

it is not fashionable to p to Swaddle the kid in diapers now. Many pediatricians and psychologists advise young mothers at once to put on panties and jackets the child. I adhere to a traditional look. Later, in the article devoted to adaptation of the newborn I will try to prove need of swaddling in the first months of life, I will now be limited to the description of diapers. So, whether you will swaddle the child or not, diapers nevertheless are necessary to you, another matter in what quantity. Let`s assume that you swaddle the baby and you use at the same time reusable diapers, then for the first month you need 30 diapers. At the same time never refuse old diapers which to you will be offered by relatives or acquaintances. They can be not really beautiful, but such diapers from numerous washings become soft and well absorb. If you prepare in a dowry all new, you need to buy:


it is better for li to buy

of the Baby`s undershirt to

knitted - more convenient to put on them. On a design they have to be the most usual - without fasteners and strings. Stock up with 3 - 4 baby`s undershirts 22 sizes and 3 - 4 - 24. If the child often belches, it can be necessary more. On the 26th size jackets are already bought. Also knitted, but not oar, with fasteners, it is the best of all on a coat hanger.


Will be necessary for

for walks and the house if at you it is cool. Buy 2 pieces of each size. Now on sale there are knitted hats - they keep on a head worse, but do not press on a neck ties.


Thin - 3 pieces. If at the kid legs freeze before swaddling him, put on socks.


, a romper suit, a kombinezonchik

the Quantity is not determined by

. Can be necessary in the minimum quantity if to swaddle the child, and during wakefulness to leave in one shirt without panties.

of the Blanket

Can manage 2 thin odeyalka (they are convenient that they are erased in the machine), in cold days in addition covering the kid with a down scarf - it warm and easy. Blanket covers - at will.

the Oilcloth

is the best of all to buy

the disposable absorbing diapers, they are children`s and adult, but it does not matter. Buy by pair of the different sizes: 30 × 60; 60 × 60; 60 × 90 cm. Some size will be suitable for the carriage and a cradle some - for a bed and a pelenalny little table. These diapers use as an oilcloth, i.e. stack the kid in diapers on oil-cloth, but not on the absorbing party.

the Bed

Is required by

to the kid not earlier than through of 3 - 6 months, so can still be saved on its purchase. For the first month it is better to get a cradle. It can be and the big wattled basket on which bottom it is necessary to sew matrasik, and internal walls to close bumpers from x / fabrics. Some fathers fix such cradle to a ceiling on a luggage elastic band, and then it shakes diversely, even when the kid tosses and turn.

Pelenalny little table

Very necessary thing. Instead of it it is possible to use a dresser surface. There are special children`s dressers on which surface a restrictive framework fastens. As a last resort, use part of a usual table. Near a pelenalny surface locate shelves on which all necessary things that, swaddling or bringing together the child on the street will lie, not to depart from it far. Do not leave the child on a pelenalny little table unguarded!

the Tray to you is required to


For bathing of the kid a tray - usual, rather big, with an equal bottom which length has to be not less than 65 cm.

the Thermometer for water

the simplest. It is required only in the first days, later you learn to determine water temperature to the touch.

Terry towel

1 piece. Big, well absorbing moisture. Do not get special towels with a hood, they are inconvenient for the first year of life. Scissors

it is better for p to use

not special with the rounded-off ends (they usually stupid), and good manicure nozhnichka.

the First-aid kit

In your first-aid kit surely have to be


  • peroxide of hydrogen of 3%;
  • pipette;
  • Q-tips, wadded disks, small packing of sterile cotton wool;
  • diamond greens, tincture of a calendula or tincture of an eucalyptus;
  • of a grass for bathing: train, camomile, pustyrnik.
Children`s cream

Cream can perfectly replace with

the vegetable oil sterilized on a water bath. The best for the kid - pure almond, but is acceptable also the most usual sunflower - on its basis it is possible to make hunting oil. For this purpose fill a pure can on 3/4 crushed by a St. John`s Wort grass, fill in with oil so that it covered a grass, you hold this to bank on a water bath 1,5 - 2 hours. As a result at you it will turn out dark it is green - brown oil with a pleasant grass smell.

the Envelope

is much more convenient than


For walks, than a blanket. For fall - sinteponovy, for winter - fur. The design is the simplest: a rectangular bag with a hood and the lock - a lightning.

the Carriage

its Choice has to be careful; from as far as the carriage will be convenient, depends your adjusted in daily walks. Pay attention, how fast and just the carriage gathers and understands if you have to take out it from the house parts (separately wheels, separately a box) whether it enters the elevator if you live in the multi-storey building. The fabric covering a box has to be cotton, wheels - thick, it is better that they were pumped up by the enclosed pump. Surely consider existence of shock-absorbers - belt or spring (softness of the course depends on it). Do not choose a carriage - a transformer. They are usually dearer, and to you, most likely, need only the first part of this transformer - a carriage with a big box. Such carriage usually serves all first year of the child. On the second year kids do not like to sit on walks and prefer to go.

the Grid and a raincoat on a carriage.

the Sling (baby sling) to

It is very convenient to

for carrying the child in short walks.

Ya I hope that, having armed with this list, any pregnant woman will be able to get all necessary for the future child.

However in many families the opinion that the pregnant woman cannot collect a dowry for the kid till his birth occurs, or even at all nobody in a family needs to do it. I do not share such opinion. On myself I know, it is the as pleasant most to choose things for the kid, to erase them, to iron and put in a case. And to the child who sits in a stomach, think, it is very pleasant to feel that his mummy cares for it.

I Wish to all future mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers to enjoy very much the choice and acquisition of things for the newborn little man!