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The list of the main legislative requirements for all forms of the family device of the children acting in Moscow.
Adoption of

Children, concerning whom adoption (adoption)


the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 275 of March 29, 2000 is allowed by

  1. , Adoption is allowed concerning minor children, the only parent or both parents of which:
    • died;
    • are unknown to
    • ,
    • are recognized as court it is unknown absent or are declared the dead;
    • are recognized as court incapacitated;
    • are deprived of
    • by court of the parental rights;
    • agreed in accordance with the established procedure to adoption;
    • for the reasons recognized by court disrespectful do not live more than 6 months together with the child and evade from his education and contents.

of SK Article 124. Adoption is allowed by

  1. concerning minor children and only in their interests with observance of requirements of the paragraph of the third paragraph 1 of article 123 of the present Code, and also taking into account opportunities to provide to children full physical, mental, spiritual and moral development.
  2. Adoption of brothers and sisters by different persons is not allowed by
  3. , except for cases when adoption is equitable to interests of children.

of the Person, having right to be adoptive parents

of SK Article 127.

  1. Adoptive parents:
    • of persons, recognized as court incapacitated or it is limited by capable;
    • of spouses, one of whom is recognized by court incapacitated or it is limited by capable;
    • of persons, deprived on court of the parental rights or limited by court in the parental rights;
    • of persons, discharged of duties of the trustee (trustee) for inadequate performance of the duties assigned to it by the law;
    • of the former adoptive parents if adoption is cancelled by court on their fault;
    • of persons which for health reasons cannot carry out the parental rights. The list of diseases in the presence of which the person cannot adopt the child, (to accept it under guardianship guardianship), to take in a foster home is established by the Government of the Russian Federation;
    • of persons which at the time of establishment of adoption have no the income providing to the adopted child the living wage established in the subject of the Russian Federation in the territory of whom adoptive parents (adoptive father) live;
    • of persons, not having permanent residence, and also the premises meeting the established health and technical requirements;
    • of persons, having at the time of adoption establishment a criminal record for a deliberate crime against life or health of citizens.
  2. of the Person, not married among themselves, cannot adopt the same child in common.
  3. in the presence of several persons wishing to adopt the same child, the privilege is granted to the child`s relatives on condition of obligatory observance of requirements of paragraphs 1 and 2 of the present article and interests of the adopted child.

of SK Article 128. the Age difference between the adoptive father and the adopted child.

  1. the Age difference between the adoptive father who is not married, and adopted by the child has to be not less than sixteen years. For the reasons recognized by court valid the age difference can be reduced.
  2. existence of the age difference established by paragraph 1 of the present article is not required to
  3. At adoption of the child by the stepfather (stepmother).