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Fairyland of aromas

Imagine a butterfly where - nibud in tropics, flying from a flower on a flower. Such magnificent variety of the attracting paints, sensual aromas! You wanted to turn into a butterfly? Then you need to try an aromatherapy: perhaps, you will like “to play“ with aromas of essential oils...

Essential oils win the increasing popularity. It is absolutely deserved. When using essential oils various processes in a human body proceed more favorably. But aromas influences not only a body, but also soul.

Essential oils loved

in Ancient kingdoms. Mentions about “... the best fragrant substances: are quiet..., cinnamon..., reed..., cassias...“ it is possible to meet in the Bible.

Knows that Cleopatra tempted Anthony in the room covered with petals of roses after took a bath with a jasmine. The queen possessed secrets of essential oils, made “spirits“ for different parts of the body, I use generally a jasmine, musk, a rose, a sandal-wood tree. For example, on wrists - a jasmine, on a stomach - musk, on hips - a sandal-wood tree.

Rich ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs literally did not think of the life without bewitching and curative aromas of essential oils. The East people keep traditions of ancestors to this day.

Now on sale the great variety of essential oils is: synthetic and natural. In synthetic oils there are no all those chemical compounds - it is impossible to create something so valuable for the nature - which are present in natural (from 50 to 500 connections) oils. It is reflected in cost a puzyrechka with oil. Choose oils as which you are sure.

Natural essential oils have characteristic three-tone aroma. It is easy to check it as follows: if you drip on an oil droplet on three sheets of paper about frequency in half an hour, and then you will smell them, then you feel different tone of a smell. On the first leaf there will be “lower“ (earthy, balsam) a tone. On the second - “average“ (deep, tart) tone. On the third - “top“ (fresh, easy) tone.

Pay attention to these oils.

In more detail about it can be read, for example, at S. A. Mirgorodskaya in the book “to Aromalogiya: Quantum satis“.

Also should note

that you should not use the same oil more than 21 day in a row since there can be an accustoming and weakening of therapeutic effect. Essential oils are the concentrated means which should be used in droplets (the quantity is, as a rule, specified on leaves - the inserts attached to oil, he can be recognized also from the seller). They cannot be applied directly on skin - there can be a burn!. Add them to vegetable oil (for example, olive, almond or jojoba), milk or cream.

Remember that aroma has to be pleasant to you and your partner. You will not begin to use spirits from which smell you turns inside out. Your organism understands that it is necessary for it and that - no. Do not show violence in relation to yourself.

of Ways of use of essential oils a set, but simpler are an aromatization of the room or water in a bathroom, massage or use of oil as spirits (just apply oil on “your points“).

Ancient Chinese used various structures for a bathtub to increase sexual activity. For this purpose mixed two drops of an anise, a jasmine, a narcissus, the plan - the plan, rosemary and fennel or on two drops of a rose and a sandal-wood tree and on one jasmine and caraway seeds. Was considered that the sweet smell of a flower the plan - the plan exerts positive impact on a potentiality. Men of Ancient China used its essential oil for bathtubs, incensings and especially for grindings during erotic massage.

Hugo`s Inhabitants - East Asia for bathing like to add oil of a rose and a sandalwood to water.

On the island of Madagascar for sexual stimulation ilang - ilang is burned in icon lamps, used in bathtubs and for massage.

in sales can find Now

various “sensual“ mixes which part aromas of orange, a bergamot, a geranium are, ilang - an ilanga, cardamom, tangerine, a sandal-wood tree and other oils.


For acceptance of an evening bathtub can are suitable mix from 4 drops of a geranium, 2 drops of a rose and 2 drops of a sage.

of the Woman can use for massage mix from 15 drops of a geranium and 5 drops of a rose divorced in 2 tablespoons of oil - a basis (for example, almond oil). Men will suit mix (on the 2nd tablespoons of basic oil) from 5 drops of a sage, 5 drops of a rose or a sandalwood.

A during pregnancy use of qualitative essential oils can help your organism to facilitate some states significantly. However some experts consider that during this interesting period it is better to dissolve essential oils in a bigger proportion, than in a “usual“ state: 4 drops of oil on 20 ml of a basis (vegetable oil, yogurt, milk, honey, body cream).

of Aromas and combinations of aromas great variety. The choice for you. And you will surely think up something the, at different people and oil “sounds“ differently!

of Oil at various diseases and sostoyany
  • inhale aroma of a lavender, add it when bathing, do massage with addition of this oil;
  • apply
  • on edge of a pillowcase or on a piece of 1 - 2 fabric drops of essential oil of a rose or a lavender;
  • Ilan - ilang will help
  • if to you the notions of compulsion do not allow to fall asleep;
  • add to a bathtub on 2 drops of oil ilang - an ilanga, a cypress, roses and 3 drops of oil of not role or on 3 drops of oils of a lavender and tangerine. As “basis“ will approach, for example, milk or bath foam
the Varicosity and hemorrhoids by
  • do to gentle foot massage, avoiding sites where veins, as mix from oils of a lavender, lemon and cypress strongly act (on 2 drops of each essential oil on each 2 tablespoons of basic oil, for example, of apricot). It is possible to add 4 drops of oil of a geranium to a bathtub;
  • at hemorrhoids sense of relief the cool sedentary bathtub with addition of 7 drops of oil of a lemon can bring
  • . After such bathtub it is desirable to make massage kiparisovo - lemon oil (on the 4th tablespoons of basic vegetable oil - on 7 drops of cypress and lemon essential oils)
  • add to vegetable oil (20 ml) lavender oil (4 drops) or lemon and mint oil (on 2 drops) and roundabouts massage a stomach (area of a solar plexus)
  • try foot trays (from warm to cool water), having added oil of orange, a cypress and a rose (on 2 drops) or oils of a geranium / lemon and a lavender (on 3 drops);
  • to
  • at puffiness is well helped by massage with essential oils of a cypress and a lemon (on 7 drops on the 4th tablespoons of oil - bases) or geraniums, a lavender and rosemary (on 2 thaws on 1 tablespoon of basic oil).
Apply to of the Problem with skin with
  • directly on the inflamed site lavender oil (better by means of a Q-tip).
  • of the Extension
    - a basis (for example, from wheat sprouts) to add oil of tangerine To oil or to mix 3 drops of oil of a lavender with a tablespoon of sea-buckthorn oil. For a bathtub you can prepare the flavored sea salt (4 tablespoons of natural food sea salt), having added to it 5 drops of a geranium, 5 drops of a lavender and 4 drops of tangerine
  • Massage oil: jojoba add 1 - 2 to 10 ml of oil drops of oil of a lavender, not role or a sandal-wood tree
  • try to use essential oils of a lemon or grapefruit. It is the best of all if you add to 5 drops of vegetable oil (for example, almond or peach) 1 drop of a lemon or grapefruit and since morning you will massage with it points behind ears;
  • flavor air by means of an aromalampa, having added 3 drops of a lavender, 1 - mints, 1 - a pine or a cypress;
  • with
  • the cool compress with essential oil of a lavender on a forehead and warm - on a breast will help to eliminate unpleasant feelings