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My pregnancy and childbirth at birthday of

I Will begin with the fact that pregnancy to me was remembered as easy, carefree and absolutely easy process. The quiet relation to everything with me occurring appeared at me not at once, and after acquaintance to my midwife - the gynecologist - Tishchenko Evgenia Petrovna. Remarkable woman! I to it tried “to poisterit“ couple of receptions:“ I have no stomach“ (10 weeks), “nothing is felt“ (the same term, but means that I do not feel the kid). As a result to me it was told that at me everything is excellent, and pregnancy not an illness, and it is authorized to do, eat and carry that it is necessary for my soul. And still it is recommended to listen less to any girlfriends who in 6 weeks already felt “chemistry“ inside (the doctor laughed - whether sulfuric acid was drunk by the girl). And some had a stomach from 4 weeks, and they refused flatly to tie independently laces - to bend down harmfully... Well, it already who as is spoiled, and for myself I decided that I will not be for anything such and is successful with all affairs, including favourite work, coped up to the childbirth...

at me everything was very not clear to

of S PDR since after cancellation OK I had a long cycle, about 40 days. We tried to become pregnant exactly a year. In 4 months of attempts I went to the doctor, found some inflammation, began to treat, brought down a cycle till 55 days, and as a result my doctor of that time told that we will restore a cycle on the same OK. I categorically did not want it, and I decided to do nothing and more to it not to go. As a result long-awaited pregnancy came, and business was not in some problems, and it is elementary in a late ovulation (we actively tried in days, standard for conception, and I had an ovulation approximately for the 30th day of a cycle - norm for a cycle in 45 days). Generally, PDR put on ultrasonography - on May 23 - 30... to itself, knowing date of conception, I put the 17th.

Though puz at me was big, but did not give any inconvenience therefore to give rise a bit earlier and there was no wish to get rid of this burden to me. Besides I wanted that the kid was “twin“ on a horoscope.

Ah and... Still my birthday - on May 22. I wanted that everyone had the holiday so “planned“ to give rise since 23 numbers...

I there came my DR! I came back home after 12 o`clock in the morning so I began to demand from the husband at once and from the father gifts - DR already came. It was sent till the morning. While did things, began to sip a stomach. And it is necessary to tell that any training fights, I by that moment had no traffic jams and other signs of the coming childbirth therefore I decided that I, maybe, in few weeks will give rise, already some process went. At 2 o`clock went to bed, in 4 woke up, understood that did not sleep almost - the stomach had periodically an effect. Found in a bed flowers from the husband - means, it was cut down for a while, did not hear times how he put them. In a toilet found out that after one of such fights of me there were a few bloody allocations...

the Doctor in the middle of the night did not want to call, decided to be going to maternity hospital that looked what is with me whether I give birth, and from what suddenly blood...

decided to Gather with a full marafet - DR nevertheless and suddenly I do not give birth. While washed the head, dried it the hair dryer, understood that, apparently, everything passes. Decided to have a sleep, at the same time got on hours - to measure intervals between fights. When laid down, it seemed to me that everything in general stopped. It appeared, no.

In an hour of a glancing for hours drew a conclusion that fights at me each 10 minutes. Decided to continue collecting. In a toilet I left a blood clot. And I - that thought that the stopper has to be mucous with small streaks of blood. It turns out that something not so. I awake the husband. Itself I am painted last time to be photographed with a paunch. The husband does not trust me, thinks, I joke. Especially, I demand a photoshoot in a bathing suit.

Reached by

maternity hospital 2,5 hour: the law of meanness - the traffic was blocked off, on moving accident, traffic jams everywhere where they were not earlier (usually at me slightly more than 1,5 hours left). Fights were already each of 6 - 7 minutes, but I will not tell that it was very painful to me, I and itself could take the wheel. While went, I called the doctor, reported that I go to give birth, and she told me that the stopper happens also all bloody, as at monthly. Means, I in vain worried.

In a reception - turn, one of girls tells me that in maternity hospital there are no places. It appears, the truth does not, take only with fights. Those at whom planned Caesarian is sent home. Well, I with fights, and in appearance also you will not tell - cheerful, happy, from pain I do not writhe, I change clothes of boots itself.

the aunt looks out Of a reception office, looks at me and asks: “And you who?“ Here that I could answer it? I speak - I give birth, with fights I... Service... Make out me, do an enema, say that it is necessary to sit 15 minutes on a push. I calculate that it is 3 fights - I sit. Service in a reception disgusting. Naturally, phone which I left in a corridor calls, someone wants to congratulate me with Other. All are dissatisfied - and phone at me calls, and I sit on a push long (looked time 3 - 4). generally, impressions not really, but spirit positive.

I here in 11 - 30 I in a rodbloka. I go around (it for the best disclosure, spoke on courses), fights each 5 minutes, besides not especially painful. All this time I receive calls with congratulations without special work. That I give birth, I speak to nobody. My doctor comes to 12 - 30 , congratulates with Other. Says that disclosure practically same as a week ago on planned survey and that I have a flat fetal bubble (I do not know what influences). Does a puncture... About! What fights began! The doctor left, I try to go and I continue to receive calls, with the last bit of strength trying not to give myself. In an hour or one and a half I am not able to go any more and I dream only of an epiduralka, and still asked the doctor whether it is possible to give birth without anesthesia, and that by hearsay in TSPSIRE it is done it is universal also all. The anesthesiologist asks whether to tell me passions about consequences, I have to sign papers that it is warned. I am interested in consequences for the kid. Answers that if to mother it is bad, then to it too, but they had no such cases and, by the way, he is in combination resuscitator. Joker...

I Sign with

everything. The most awful was to sit with fights and not to move while put an epiduralka. I am told that everything is ready, I fitted well and consequences will not be. I will not feel fight soon. Here expected to have a sleep a little, but not here - that was, me began to grieve. The anesthesiologist does not trust, but follows the doctor. The doctor reports that I very well give birth, a head already in a basin, and in 30 minutes we will go to a chair. 30 minutes I try not to make an effort, remembering about risk of gaps. In 30 minutes I ask 2 fights to be extinguished, in everyone on 3 times, everything is ready - we go on a chair. Further all shouted: “Crap - crap!“ And for 4 fights my kid - the small copy of the father was born. On hours was 15 - 45.


it was painful to me only 1 time when the head got out half and the midwife held it, and I waited for the following fight. A small internal gap, nothing terrible, it is possible to sit. Still it became clear that the placenta at me left not all, and it is necessary to do manual inspection of a uterus. It because long was not disclosures. Add anesthesia, the rest is not sick while did, stirred by phone with mother - she called to learn the legal address of firm, and learned that she became a grandmother, well and the address of firm I told it - was imputed. From consequences - it was longer necessary to lie in a rodbloka since it was necessary to check whether the uterus is well reduced and to make its massage. And even additional 16 days of the sick-list on pregnancy and childbirth. Dispatched to all SMS with news, and calls and messages of type began here:“ How it you gave rise without fights? We with you spoke 3 hours ago“. And still some were surprised that I have a vigorous voice after the delivery. It was offended, I am not a whiner some and an occasion happy at me huge to be simple, 3850 gr., 54 cm, a boundary we designate.

Then there arrived the husband, entertained me before transfer to postnatal office, and still brought to me to eat tasty cottage cheese casserole - my festive cake. And I was hungry terribly - days almost starved, thought, in restaurant we will go to note DR, here and unloaded before a gluttony and when fights began, already is do not advise and there was no wish.

me was transferred Then to postnatal chamber, forced to lie with ice on a stomach, then just on a stomach. And so several times. Then allowed to rise. And from the next day I took away the kid to myself in chamber absolutely.

generally, all are happy, all are glad, the head from an epiduralka did not hurt, it was in total sick hour one and a half, did not put an epiduralka yet.

So, girls to give birth not painfully and not terribly! The main thing, be adjusted that everything will be good and that it is necessary to make it for the kid. To it to be born much more painfully and heavier. And I will not argue about an epidural - itself wanted to give birth without it, but in process decided in a different way what I am not sorry about. But also I do not urge all to follow my example.