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Temporary excommunication from a breast - how to avoid problems

In life of the feeding mother various situations meet. Sometimes - most often for health reasons - the woman is forced to agree to the emergency termination of feeding by a breast. But even if you are hospitalized for quite long term or you have to go to business trip, it does not mean at all that the speech has to go about a full stop of a lactation.

So to do when there is a need of a sharp, but temporary excommunication from a breast? It is very good if by the time of hospitalization (or departure from the house) you manage to create bank of breast milk. For this purpose there is quite enough once a day - it is the best of all at daybreak when milk it is more - to decant one breast, and to give the second to the child. The decanted milk at first is cooled in the refrigerator, and then placed in the freezer. If at the same time you have special containers for storage, breast milk will be suitable within three months.

during the compelled long break in feeding to mother will need to decant each three hours milk - on 5 - 10 minutes each breast. On such case, of course, it is better to have a milk pump. If your opportunity often is not decanted, intervals can be increased: it is enough four times a day in order that the lactation was not gone. In this case you have to be ready that you will reduce amount of the produced milk. Though it is easy to correct it: when you come back home and will actively be engaged in feeding of the kid, the volume of a lactation will be restored.

Should mention

that after return home many mothers find out that at first the kid is capricious and does not wish to take a breast any more. Most likely, the matter is that during mother`s absence the baby got used to drink milk from a small bottle. It is known that it is much simpler to suck milk from a pacifier, than from a breast as a pacifier narrower, and liquid follows from it quicker and easier. As a result after a small bottle to the kid already “laziness“ to be put to a breast.


to avoid a similar situation, try to approach the choice of a small bottle responsibly. So, small bottles of Philips AVENT help mothers to nurse longer as their nipples have the physiologic form repeating a shape of a female nipple that does simple transition from a breast to a small bottle and does not cause accustoming. Also nipples have the diagonal stiffening ribs preventing adhesion, and the kid does the same sosatelny movements, as when feeding by a breast. Besides, small bottles of Philips AVENT possess clinically proved ability to influence health of the kid, reducing probability of emergence of gripes. As show the conducted researches, children at the age of two weeks which fed by means of Philips AVENT small bottles, suffer from intestinal gripes less than kids who were fed from usual small bottles. It is possible thanks to unique system of the integral valve. Thanks to it the external part of a skirt of a pacifier forms a bend during feeding which allows air to get in a small bottle, preventing formation of vacuum in capacity. The child does not come off a pacifier and does not swallow air which it becomes frequent the reason of developing of gripes at babies.

Also you can be completely sure by

of safety and reliability of small bottles of Philips AVENT. Recently there were new models from the plastic materials which are not containing diphenol - And - they are absolutely safe for the child and are approved by all bodies of health care in the world. New models are produced in two options - dairy and honey color, and the last differ in the bigger durability and durability. Nipples are made of strong and hypoallergenic silicone. The wide neck provides easy washing and filling of a small bottle, and the “fitted“ form of capacity helps the kid to hold it in hands. Pleasant addition is that small bottles are compatible to milk pumps and noses for feeding of Philips AVENT.

you can obtain more information on feeding from a small bottle, consultation at the expert and to communicate to other mothers on the refreshed Philips AVENT page to the address philips. ru/AVENT.

But cases when after return of mother the child does not take a breast “defiantly“ happen, being obviously capricious. Most likely, matter in emotions. Try to understand feelings of the baby. Children do not understand “need to leave“, and it seems to them as if mother threw them. Thereby, refusing a breast, kids express the offense. To return everything on the places, you just have to pay more attention to the child, surrounding it with caress and care. Also do not forget to offer it a breast (especially before going to bed), but be not overzealous and you do not press on the baby. When the kid believes that mother is not going to disappear again, he will surely take a breast.

All councils in this article are rather simple

. However carrying out them, you without effort keep a lactation and successfully resume feeding by a breast if you were forced to suspend it for a while. The main thing - to be adjusted on success!