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Ridiculous tricks in hope to become pregnant

to me 25 - already or still - I do not even know. But “happy family life“ somehow does not develop without one component - the third family member.

Earlier I considered that I will always manage to give birth to the child, wanted to make it years in 27. I 5 years a saw of “Novinet“, but in a year after a wedding the husband zakanyuchit: “Rodya to me son“. And here I understood that together to us it becomes dullish; probably, it is already time.

Descended in the Center of Planning of a Family (CPF), made all tests, there told: “Become pregnant!“ And I stopped drinking tablets.

the First half a year of failures I was in a stupor. Always it seemed to me that the girl has to become pregnant in the first day without protection. Somehow time I even “Postinor“ swallowed from - for unpredictable of accidents (oh, My God!) with whom you would think? With the future husband! And, in “safe“ day of a cycle.

not everything was so simple

A. And to become pregnant, some girls should pass one million inspections and, besides, one thousand various “ceremonies“ like “birch“, poses of “the priest on a pillow“, syringings by soda, herbs or other curative liquids. Most it was necessary to rise on shoulders headfirst and to wait what stubborn spermik will reach, at last, an ovum.

When I understood that “ceremonies“ do not work, went to TsPS again. Also rushed. Analyses, inspections, too cured at the same time the husband of something (5000 rubles on drugs to improve some substance in analyses on 0,1).

It seemed to

that in we wash a pocket the devil with a shovel sits, at everyone we wash a step removes money from there and just throws out them on wind. But it, strangely enough, did not help.


I am all Internet and decided that I by all means needs hysteroscopy. Found phone of the best surgeon in our city, came to it, but he advised to undergo still some procedures. I went on the second circle. And every month waited that my monthly, at last, will not come. Half an hour of a delay, and I already on low start in a drugstore behind the test. And steadily the law of meanness worked: once you pee on a piece of paper, at you monthly will begin. Or even you already feel their harbingers, there is even a small botched work, and you all the same with hope pisat on the test.

Once I even inspired

in myself that she is pregnant: I was hurt by a breast, there was a wish salty and felt sick in the mornings, and small allocations - it the erosion krovit. But dreams every time broke against cruel reality.

still, then I mentally exclaimed: “And so you are what, two strips! And the magnifying glass, appears, here is not necessary!“ I check the second test - the same. While waited for results of HGCh, already thought up a name to the child as I will tell parents, in any case - already almost chose a garden. And HGCh showed 0. All dreams again in anywhere.


Ya in the Internet, I write “the false test“, search results are shown in each line by “Belief“, “Belief“, “Belief“. I run to a garbage can, I look for a test label - precisely, “Belief“. As I read then, “Belief“ cannot be trusted.

on the Internet read the interesting stories similar to mine, and understood that I am not one such cranky. For herself precisely solved - if only suddenly I become pregnant, too I will write about myself on the website.

By the way, many time I represented myself pregnant as the husband to me buttons boots as parents give gifts. And once fell into a reverie and imagined such situation: I with three children - stair-steppers of 2 - 4 years, two armpits, one behind run, I go to TsPS to take away the analysis of HGCh. Around turn of unfortunate girls, and I receive the analysis and I see that it is positive. From lips I break an unfortunate sigh “Oh, My God!“, and girls around quietly giggle. I know that in soul they a little bit envy me. For myself I decide that after the fourth I should be protected again, and this most joyful decision in my life.

as a result there passed a year more of drudgeries. I did not tell either friends, or colleagues about the problem. And that who asked, said that we do not want more, the husband against, etc. But one very clever and attractive woman at work somehow told:“ Masha, when you at us - that go to the decree? Come as - nibud to me, I will give a book to you, from it all become pregnant“. Also told about one our colleague as she without one pipe of 6 years could not give birth to the second child, and after this book the next month became pregnant. Well and others were examples whom I do not know. I thought, probably, the book some thematic, maybe, and the truth, I will gather useful information. And the book appeared absolutely abstract contents: the brochure like thesis on a subject something it seems “Traditional outlook of Khakas“. I looked at this book, even looked through houses, and now illogically I thumb through its once a day and I adjust myself on the fact that it will help me.

a week ago that good surgeon to me made by

A a laparoscopy, told that pipes good, and ovaries not really. He made a resection, told that now I will precisely become pregnant.

I first of all got with

of the House into the Internet, read good reviews of this operation, statistics of pregnancies after it (85% within a year), and again I am full of hopes. whether

I will be helped by operation or the magic book, or perhaps I still someone`s councils will read and on a ceiling I will go or pads of frogs to trouble? The main thing, I with all the heart wait for the miracle, the time which, I hope, sometime will come.

A my history could not wait for pregnancy, I state everything as is ahead of time because I cannot keep more in myself these thoughts, hunting to share with somebody.