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To subdue asthma of

it is impossible to recover From asthma, but it is possible to take it under control and to live without attacks. The illness quite often becomes aggravated at the end of winter. Even skilled physicians quite often confuse it to catarrhal diseases.

the Word “asthma“ ancient Greeks called

an asthma attack. And as it is possible to choke for various reasons, there were specifying epithets - warm, bronchial. During an attack of the last there is a spasm of bronchial tubes, their walls swell, and the internal cover becomes covered with dense slime. The similar mechanism is put in respiratory system by the nature for the purpose of self-defense not to allow hit in lungs of substances which can damage them, - mainly, allergens and toxins.

At the patient with asthma of the child this reaction becomes excessive (so-called hyperreactivity of bronchial tubes is formed), as a result intake of air in lungs is broken and air cannot come out. Lungs are inflated, the thorax stretches, to heart in it becomes close, the condition of the young asthmatic worsens, he still cannot neither inhale, nor exhale.

At different children attacks of asthma proceed unequally. One breathe with whistle, others cough, the third cannot inhale air. It is important to distinguish approach of an attack on its harbingers in time - to the first symptoms of the approaching trouble.

Shortly before an attack the child becomes whimsical, irritable, begins to study worse, to be tired quicker, sleeps badly and eats, complains that eyes and a nose itch, sneezes volleys. Parents should give to the school student medicine or to make the inhalation appointed by the doctor. And it is very important to provide rest. Any outdoor games, walks are cancelled, control, test works, examinations, the Olympic Games and other competitions - too. The slightest nervousness can provoke an attack!

to Know the reason

Remember the last cases of an exacerbation of bronchial asthma at the child and analyse their reasons.

Attacks arise during any season or only in some defined - in the winter, in the spring, in the summer? In cold time the children suffering infectious - an allergic form of an illness feel worse: cold and flu start at them the bronchospasm mechanism.

Trouble breathing arise on the street? During cold, windy and wet weather asthma can become aggravated from - for temperature difference: in the apartment warmly, and in the yard, on the contrary, a frost. whether

weather, perhaps Changed, there was a difference of atmospheric pressure, a thunder-storm or a magnetic storm? Meteodependence - one of the reasons of an exacerbation of bronchial asthma. whether

the child Was active and mobile

more, than usually, before an attack? Muscular loading - a powerful provocative factor of an illness, is even such diagnosis - asthma of physical effort.

the School student for some reason was upset, upset, suffered prolonged anxiety with

, was overexcited or, perhaps, laughed much? Emotional splash can also lead to an attack.

was eaten by a citrus, chocolate, nuts, egg, fish or other allergenic product? Food allergy brings to long, sometimes to very heavy asthmatic attacks which not always develop right after food. Sometimes after reception of a product - the provoker there pass days.

Reacted with

to the bouquet of chrysanthemums brought to the house by guests? Means, it has an allergy to pollen of slozhnotsvetny plants. It is impossible to keep them in the house even in a dry form - as a part of an ikebana or pharmaceutical phytocollecting. Same treats a wormwood, a calendula.

Where the bronchospasm most often begins

? Let`s say it usually happens in the apartment. Such attacks provoke pincers of house dust, hair of animals (if in a family there is a dog, a cat, a hamster), a forage FOR aquarian small fishes. The situation becomes aggravated if someone from family members smokes.


Daily do to

of the Rule of hypoallergenic life damp cleaning and several times a week while the child at school, you clean the room the vacuum cleaner. In the room where he sleeps, put a humidifier.

you Store textbooks, books and toys in a case or the closed boxes. Every month erase soft hares, bears and other inhabitants of the nursery, do not leave them on a look.

Any down or feather pillows and blankets - in them the huge number of the microscopic pincers causing the most severe household allergy collects. Reaction to hair of animals does not go with it in any comparison! Get for the child sleeping accessories from wool or a qualitative synthetic winterizer.

Air the apartment each of 1 - 2 hour. If are crude corners in which the fungus in the form of a black raid is got (it is the strongest allergen), dry up them a heater or an electrofireplace. Carefully you brush seams between a tile in a bathroom.


Any flowers in the nursery - they emit allergenic pollen, collect dust, and in pots the mold to which bronchial tubes react a spasm too is often got.

If until the first attack you had no pets, it is impossible to bring them. They are in the house where you go on a visit? Give to the child allergy pill, do not allow to iron pets (if it happened, at once wash up to the child of a hand) and be not late long in such house. When the cat or a dog live in a family since the birth of the son or the daughter, their presence in the first months works as asthma and allergy inoculation - this fact was established not so long ago by scientists. So you should not give “in a good charge“ pets as to the child they are not dangerous. However it is recommended to bathe every week animals to remove from a hair of a scale of epidermis and the remains of saliva - they - that just possess allergenic properties.

Important to
exercise on creation of positive pressure at the end of an exhalation Is useful for
. The glass with a cover and the tubule passed throughout it is required. It is necessary to make a deep breath a nose, and then to exhale slowly through the tubule lowered in the glass on a quarter filled with water.

to Stop an attack

Main - do not give in to panic! From that how accurate and correct will be your actions, the condition of the little patient depends. If the attack happened at night, do not allow the patient to lie - seat in a bed, having enclosed couple of pillows under a back. Other option - help the child to rise and lean hands against a hand-rail of a bed or other support - the joint stock company is easier to breathe. Apply the bronkhorasshiryayushchy inhaler recommended by the doctor for an attack case. Tell the child that tried to constrain cough. Doctors not without reason call it “unproductive“. The matter is that such cough does not give relief but only strengthens asthma. Give warm tea, “Yessentuki“ № 4 without gas or milk - let sips gradually. Teach the child to the special exercise helping to restore breath. Seat him and ask to put both hands on a stomach. Let slowly inhales air through a nose, feeling by palms that the stomach is inflated as a sphere. At the same time the thorax has to remain motionless.

Further let will put lips a tubule, will make a slow exhalation through a mouth and at the same time will feel that the balloon is blown off - the stomach becomes less.

will be repeated Let by this exercise at slow speed until breath is restored (in mild cases of enough of 10 - 15 times).

Five strict it “is impossible“ for

Constantly to sprinkle in a mouth medicine from an inhaler: overdose can strengthen a spasm of bronchial tubes!

to Give to the child antihistaminic preparations (the Dimedrol, suprastin, tavegit, pipolfen) - they dry a mucous membrane of airways, and the drugs suppressing cough (libeksin, glauvent, tusupreks) as they aggravate asthma.

to Use substances with pungent smells (grindings by turpentine, vodka with vinegar, the Vietnamese balm “Gold Star“ and so on).

to Do to

mustard bathtubs and to apply mustard plasters - from - for an overheat.

to Do to

honey inhalations, to give to the child tea with honey, raspberry and a lemon, to dig in in a nose juice of a kalanchoe, beet, onions, infusions of herbs which usually use at cold - they can cause an allergy.

When to cause ambulance
  1. Rattles, cough and difficulty of breath amplify, despite the taken medicine though there passed already enough time that it worked (to a bronkhorasshiryayushchya of inhalation give relief in 15 minutes, and antiasthmatic preparations in tablets - within an hour).
  2. Breath becomes whistling, it is heard at distance.
  3. Short wind amplifies, breath so frequent and superficial that prevents to speak.
  4. the Child stooped, strains wings of a nose and a face muscle, poles over clavicles and an interval between edges are involved.
  5. the fever or sweat Appeared.
  6. lips, a nosogubny triangle or nails Turned blue.
  7. to the Child it became difficult for li to go, it weakened, dizziness complains of a ring in ears also.
doctors call the Prolonged attack the asthmatic status. Bring out of it only in hospital conditions - do not refuse hospitalization.