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GV on demand: convenience or punishment?

our young family completely tested on itself modern ideas of conducting pregnancy, childbirth and education, food, development of kids. Namely: natural childbirth with the partner, breastfeeding on demand, a joint dream, carrying in a baby sling, early development. In a word, I call it “Across Sirsam“. Whether it is good whether it is bad - now this choice seems to us only correct and suitable for our little son.

Initially we chose by

the medical center welcoming natural childbirth and, respectively, early applying.

to my Happiness! I looked at it and could not believe, repeating the husband: “I am! I gave rise!“ Pride overflowed me. And the sonny literally was slightly put to a breast and at once fell asleep - the foundation is laid.

Already next day we “ran away“ from maternity hospital - the kid almost all night long cried, I in confusion was unsteady along empty dark corridors, pressing it to myself. Generally, I decided that houses the loving husband will help much better, than the nurses sleeping on a post.

our “native“ midwife who Arrived to patronage advised me to drink twice less liquid, than usually. I gave a hint supposedly and so I drink a little always. It:“ Well, here is even twice less“. In two days milk came, and here I understood that something not so. The sonny was put very often, but all the same cried also after feeding, and even at a breast... And I formed lumps in a breast, and validly it became sick to feed. The midwife could not arrive (on September 1 outside), advised the consultant for GV.

of the Girl, consultants for GV are just angels - saviors! The consultant arrived through a couple of hours, examined me, set a heap of questions. Asked how many I drink liquids? ß:“ 300 ml a day“. She did not believe, told that it is unreal a little. But I am an obedient citizen... Tried. The consultant told that only it and rescued me from much more problem situation, it is good that so drank a little.

Ya was perplexed: what did I make not so? I put the child very often, I put correctly as learned: the mouth is opened as at a chickabiddy, clasps to an aura... What not so? She asks: “And whether it is heard how the sonny swallows?“ It appears, and really at such filling of a breast if the child drinks, then quite adult sounds of swallowing are heard, and we have a silence! Here never I would guess! It appears, in the course of sucking the son slid off about auras on the basis of a nipple and gums squeezed out literally on half-drops! Poor kid...

you Present to

, this fragile girl to 2 o`clock in the morning taught us to be fed with the son, looked for poses, convenient for us, controlled process, and in breaks when the son very happy and full slept, rastsezhivat me, massed - rescued, in a word! Thanks to it!

Here so thanks to the remarkable girl - the professional we eliminated with

the only barrier, and further everything went like clockwork. I feed 1 year 8 months, during this time never thought neither of amount of milk, nor of decantation. And in general I perceive milk availability as something self-evident now...

So turned out that feeding at us was established on demand: in total - at my kitten of a problem with a dream from the first day. He could fall asleep only with a breast in a mouth and did not let out! Even if on the third attempt I managed to take away a breast, then in 15 minutes he already invitingly shouted, demanding the back! Newborns have very short phases of a dream and as soon as it passed into a superficial phase, right there felt that something is missing... Oh, I did not know how to adapt how to live... It is impossible to lie for days on end with it nearby. Tried to give a baby`s dummy, but the son felt offended and as I insisted, never sucked a baby`s dummy more than two seconds. In a carriage he did not fall asleep too. The poor creature so shouted on the street that my heart did not maintain: it is a pity for a chickabiddy. Took it on hands, and he looked for my breast, procrastinated my cheeks, there was a fall, and I could not feed him directly in park.

it was Very difficult to p to adapt to such sisechnik. At me it turned out to dress it in winter overalls of already sleeping, to shift in a carriage, to go down on the noisy elevator, and then a gut feeling to guess that he will wake up soon and to rush home. As a result we were fed on a dream, during a dream - if houses how many time will call, after a prosypaniye at once, immediately, well and so far were awake sometimes... About 20 applyings a day ran. At night all this still became aggravated. Also it turned out that the joint dream is really only exit for us. Soon I so got used to feelings at a breast that I really began to get enough sleep. Even turned over together with the child on other side on the full automatic machine - as a uniform organism.

Through some time I understood that breastfeeding is not such and big trouble for mother. I remember what at me was shock when in children`s shop on cash desk before me the man bought cans thirty mixes! I then for the first time thought: “Nothing to ourselves how many we save!“ Then I communicated to acquaintances who jump both at night are a wife to calm on hands of the shouting hungry baby, and the husband - to warm up a small bottle up to the necessary temperature. Also understood that we are in general happy parents!

A then... Then to me such improbable confidence and ease came! I went outside with a detenok also felt that everything that it is necessary for us, at us with! And always! I became such light on the feet: in two months we began to go on guests, and in five went to the first travel - to India! And there everything was just remarkable! And on the plane the sonny fell asleep with a breast, and in the country of any inconveniences. If I was tired, and to me the two-minute break was vital though, then as a last resort there was always a breast - the son never refused it, never!

It seems to

, it in general is ready “to hang“ round the clock. The confidence was added also that it valid the most useful that exists in the nature for my child. And it is still very pleasant that it very much is pleasant to the son - he is direct asks - elicits, sometimes hunts - snatches if lay down. When sucks - so as if meditates: eyes are buttered, all in themselves, and then as will come off - and ran! The milk affects it as three power engineering specialists in a volley.

But nevertheless I would not begin, say, the close girlfriend to recommend to

diligent breastfeeding on demand. Because there are enough shortcomings too. It is always heavy to be ready to feed. The only lack of my breast - the fact that it is not removable. Imagine, the child is still not able to fall asleep independently. Here I put him to bed in the afternoon with a breast. Itself left to cook to it a dinner. In half an hour - crying, calls. I run, I palm off a breast - calms down. I lie, I wait when fails“, will fall asleep more strong. There pass 20 minutes. I slip out. I come back to kitchen - everything burned down. Oh, there are such minutes of despair... And now also teeth appeared (at us late - in 1g2 m the first). And sometimes, when especially long sucks, happens that even unpleasant feelings, the itch is direct some appears...

Now we at the first stage of very soft excommunication. I was simply tired of too frequent and too long applyings, I try to clean superfluous - to distract something, to allow to drink waters. Week at night the husband offered water instead of mother - the son was indignant, of course, be healthy. But I, despite the softness, was indignant more. As a result till six in the morning I am not touched now... But from six to eight has a really good time. Here so we do the first short steps towards involution of a lactation.