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Health and season: whether spring fatigue of

you Know that seasonally the child has to eat differently too?

With approach of spring to pediatricians daily should listen to tens of complaints from parents that at many of them children became any such - and excessively get tired, both sluggish, and sleepy or, on the contrary, sleep badly. Other child, in spite of the fact that age it is small, headaches tortured, at someone appetite became worse. And many adults feel that is called as if ill at ease. And it would seem, everything has to be on the contrary. Brightly the sun shines, one of these days there will come the summer...

What occurs? Whether both children and adults everything at once got sick with any new unknown illness?

do not worry. You, obviously, just forgot that on the street still spring, but not summer. And for this season a similar state quite everyday occurrence. Despite abundance of sunshine, in the spring weather unstable: humidity of air fluctuates, barometric pressure “jumps“. All this imposes increased requirements to an organism, is reflected in health even of quite healthy children.

Should not panic and at once to go to policlinic. Quietly analyse everything, and you remember that your child similarly felt in the same time and last year. This state no other than spring fatigue. In what the reasons of development of fatigue in the spring?

The matter is that in so-called biological spring (and it lasts from April to June inclusive) in a human body violations of coordination of biorhythms of various bodies and systems develop. That is why spring fatigue scientists - hronobiolog still call a spring desinkhronoz. It appears, in biological spring amplitude of biorhythms of the majority of functions of an organism considerably increases. And no wonder. In the spring sharply the course of an external astronomical clock accelerates, duration of light day, solar activity, and also tension of a magnetic field of Earth increase. Inner internal clocks of an organism actively react to it: sharply amplitude of the majority of biorhythms increases.

As a result of it excitability of nervous system increases, secretion of hormones of endocrine glands and zheludochno - an intestinal path increases. In this regard in the spring the organism becomes as if spread out as there is so sharp endocrine reorganization. And time so, an organism is less steady against different adverse effects including to differences of weather. Finally all this leads to decrease in immunity. For this reason different raising of inflammatory diseases of the top airways and lungs, zheludochno - an intestinal path is noted in the spring, displays of an allergy at children are frequent.

So, on the one hand, rough hormonal reorganization and sharp activization of a metabolism, and with another - limited opportunities to enter these processes into the quiet, normal course at the expense of so-called internal reserves of an organism. From there is also a mismatch of biorhythms of different bodies and systems. An inner clock does not keep up for external, and as a result of it the spring fatigue develops.


In the people it was noticed for a long time that the phenomena of spring fatigue begin to decrease upon transition with winter, mainly meat, like food on summer - with a large number of greens and vegetables. And the more the person began to consume greens, including wild-growing plants, rather he left a condition of spring hibernation.

with What can explain to

this fact? According to today`s scientific representations, plants contain three main groups of substances. The first echelon is high-calorie factors: carbohydrates, fats, proteins. It is considered that these substances as if charge power “accumulator“ of an organism. However it became clear that in itself they are not able to interfere with development of spring exhaustion. Then, perhaps, the secret consists in deficiency of irreplaceable factors of food, such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals? Long time scientists considered that it quite so.

However special researches showed that even saturation of an organism in the spring pure preparations of vitamins and minerals in this regard also ineffectively. And here then it was necessary to remember the third echelon of substances - the so-called information factors of food bearing certain structural information and influencing functions of nervous, endocrine systems, muscles, and also various internals. Antioxidants, phytoncides, essential oils, organic acids concern to them. And all these substances just contain in greens and vegetables much.

in the Spring at low contents in food vegetable and prevalence of animal products in an organism shift kislotno - alkaline balance towards acidulation happens. It is connected with the fact that meat products in the course of an exchange form more substances of acid character. Acidulation of blood leads to development of spring exhaustion. At the same time the vegetable food, on the contrary, alkalizes blood and interferes with violations of spring biorhythms.

Unfortunately, in our everyday life the use of vegetable products generally goes blindly, without concrete advantage, is more often on their availability. Let`s tell, green onions or a radish appeared in greengrocery - we take them. But if there is no delivery tomorrow, so our table in general can be left without vegetables, so necessary during this period. Or, for example, cucumbers. Even if they will regularly be on sale, their all the same many people will use as a delicacy, of course, trying to treat the child first of all. For anybody not a secret that in the early spring this production is always quite expensive and to many families it is unprofitable to consume every day fresh cucumbers and furthermore in large numbers.

So what exit from this situation?

Not each parent knows

about that advantage which so-called sprouts of cereal cultures - these spring stimulators can bring. Meanwhile still our ancestors - Slavs guessed their advantage. In the spring they used in the food in a special way the sprouted wheat grain of which they did porridges, kissels and which was added to fish soup. It is about wheat silt, the mention of which meets in many Russian national herbalists of the 17th century:“ ... strengthens all interiors and corporal approves forces“. Now it would be possible to call him a product of the increased biological value.


I it is unsurprising. As it is established by modern scientific researches, at a grain prorashchivaniye in connection with sharp activization of enzymes there is a proteolysis, fats, carbohydrates. As a result they are better acquired by an organism. But it still not everyone. In sprouts of the same wheat the content of vitamins C, groups B, E increases several times in comparison with initial. Concentration of natural antioxidants, antibiotics, growth factors increases. That is why today sprouts of cereals are considered as the most valuable supplier of physiologically active agents for inhabitants of Far North, geologists, polar explorers, astronauts, athletes, workers of hard physical work, pregnant women and especially children. At all these groups of the population the most expressed seasonal deficiency of these substances from - for their the raised expenditure or reduction of receipt with food is noted.

the use in food of the whole wetted grains (wheat, rye, corn, peas, soy and some other) prepared in a special way (without heating) in the form of flakes Is very popular

today. They differ in the increased content of biologically active agents, stimulate appetite, salivation, formation of gastric and intestinal juice, contribute to normalization of motive function zheludochno - an intestinal path, possess antimicrobic action, thereby promote improvement of an organism. whether

Can be engaged in a grain prorashchivaniye in house conditions? Not only it is possible, but also it is necessary - from the same wheat, rye, corn. Especially the technique is quite simple. Grain is washed, then spread between two layers of cotton fabric which needs to be wetted previously in warm water. All this is left at a temperature of of 22 - 24 degrees. the Top fabric is moistened up to emergence from grains of green sprouts from time to time. Usually they appear the latest in two days, and the earliest - in 24 hours. It is important not to miss this moment. It is desirable that sprouts did not exceed 1 millimeter, otherwise it will be tasteless. Eat sprouts or “alive“, or with fruit.


If to your child does not like such food or you want to make more habitual product, then the sprouted grain after dehumidification can be processed in flour in the coffee grinder. As well as any flour, it can be stored too long enough. So if to you a lack of time to be engaged in a grain prorashchivaniye every time, you have an opportunity to create stocks which in process of requirement you will spend. Such malt flour is especially good as an additive to various salads, sauces, seasonings, the grain test and other culinary products. If to fill up this flour in a glass with svezhevskipyachenny milk or just boiled water, porridge or kissel will turn out respectively. It is necessary to add a teaspoon of honey and butter to them - you will not find a product more valuably.

Such exotic additive to food, certainly, can be used by

with success and in the oseena - a winter season. But in the spring somehow it is offensive to be limited only to similar things when around violence of greens.