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Health of your child during the spring period of

In the ziyena - the spring period the organism of the child is a little weakened and easily susceptible to various diseases. The kid lacks vitamins as their contents in food is considerably reduced. For ensuring good physical development of the child and increase of its immunity it is necessary to make correctly a children`s food allowance and to increase amount of vegetables, fruit and juice on a table as they are a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins are irreplaceable components of our food. They play a huge role in all processes of activity of an organism, especially children`s, during its active growth. They regulate a metabolism, participate in blood formation, formation of enzymes and hormones. Besides, they considerably increase the child`s resilience to diseases and influence of adverse factors of environment.

Very often children reluctantly eat with

crude vegetables and fruit dishes. Therefore juice can be excellent alternative to these vegetable products. Juice can be prepared houses independently or to buy in shop. It is very important what juice of industrial production would be intended for children`s consumption. For example, carrot Thady juice in glass bottles is intended for children from 3 - x years.

juice with pulp is Most useful to

. In them cellulose and pectinaceous substances which have salutary effect on digestion remain. Cellulose stimulates work of intestines, that is prevents locks, absorbs and brings toxic substances out of an organism and promotes growth of useful microflora. Pectinaceous substances possess the enveloping action, protecting a mucous membrane of a stomach and intestines from influence of various harmful substances.

Many mothers worry that big consumption of juice can lead to emergence of caries and excess weight in the kid.“ All juice sweet also contains a lot of sugar,“ - they explain. It`s not true. The real juice does not contain additional amount of sugar, besides, which initially contained in vegetable or fruit of which it is made. If juice contains sugar, then it is not juice, but nectar any more. Everything that it is allowed to add to juice, is vitamins. And if any other components are added to juice, then they transfer juice to the category of “drinks“ or nectars.

In order that juice was stored long, it will be pasteurized, that is brought to temperature of 95 degrees, and then spilled in aseptic packing: in glass bottles, cardboard packages or plastic packing. Therefore for long storage of the pasteurized juice preservatives are not necessary. And dyes or fragrances neither in juice, nor do not add to nectar. They are added only in sokosoderzhashchiyesya drinks which use it is really better to limit.

the Most popular juice in our country is apple and orange juice. Apple juice perfectly satisfies thirst. It contains a large amount of vitamin C and iron. Orange juice is also rich with vitamin C. But it often causes allergic reactions in children of preschool age.

needs to be noted that juice from vegetables, for example from carrots, beet or a tomato is especially useful to children. Carrot juice of the doctor is recommended to drink as the all-strengthening cure for cold and for inflammatory diseases in an oral cavity. It contains a large number a beta - carotene - 0provitamina And, vitamin C, and also is rich with iron and potassium.

the Beta - carotene improves a condition of skin, mucous membranes and sight. Iron is the main component of hemoglobin. Without it processes of blood formation are impossible. At a lack of iron at children anemia (anemia) can develop. Potassium is also a necessary microcell. At its shortcoming the tone of muscles decreases and muscular weakness develops, warm activity is broken, work of a stomach suffers. But the vitamin, most important for an organism, is vitamin C. He takes part in a metabolism, helps the active growth of cages and bodies, and, above all, increases resistance of a children`s organism to catarrhal diseases and negative impact of environment.

At shortage of vitamin C at the child immunity decreases, the kid becomes sluggish and irritable. Unfortunately, vitamin C easily collapses under the influence of oxygen, sunshine, high temperatures. And best of all it remains in acidic environment and in the tinned products which are stored without access of air in the dark place, for example, in juice and fruit purees of industrial production. Therefore often this juice contains more vitamin C, than freshly squeezed, staid more than half an hour on a table. Besides, in production special technologies for enrichment of juice are used by additional amount of vitamin C. For example, carrot Thady juice contains about 50% of norm of the recommended daily consumption of this vitamin in the structure.

Many children with pleasure drink carrot juice. Also it is not necessary to limit them in it. Carrot juice can be given to 3 - 4 time in day. Some mothers with a fright notice that at the child palms after the regular use of carrot juice turn yellow. For nervousness there are no reasons! The similar phenomenon is connected with the fact that the organism gets used to acceptance of carrot juice. It is normal reaction to digestion of pro-vitamin A.

more juice Is especially important to give

to the child in the summer when at it the need for liquid increases, and appetite decreases. Juice not only is a rich source of vitamins, but also improves appetite, strengthening production of digestive juice.