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Homeopathy - advantage or charlatanism?

the Homeopathy endures the real boom - more and more people are interested in natural methods of treatment. It really treats or this charlatanism?

the homeopathy was more progressive

at the time of emergence (Germany, the 18th century), than usual medicine. The risky bloodlettings which were then in the course, preparations on the basis of toxic mercury and lead, etc. stirred useless enemas patients rather, than cured. But the medicine developed, there were antibiotics and other powerful drugs, and the homeopathy conceded superiority.

Mono - and the complex homeopathy

in homeopathy is a lot of Today different schools, each of which has own view of diseases and approach to treatment. Schematically all currents can be divided into two big groups: classical (or unitsistsky) and complex homeopathy.

of 1 - I group: Belgian school, French, Indian, Kiev, Greek (Vitulkas`s school). To the patient the one and only, picked most precisely up means which has to consider all characteristics of the patient - from illness symptoms to a mental state is appointed. Supporters of such approach claim that they are successors of ideas of Ganeman. The part of them is guided by its councils as religious dogmas and opposes homeopathy to all other medicine. It is clear, that it creates not the best reputation to all method.

of 2 - I group: representatives of complex homeopathy (the most known direction - a gomotoksikologiya). Supporters of complex homeopathy consider that it is impossible to cure the person the one and only means. They apply the preparations consisting of several components and are ready to cooperation with usual medicine. The founder of a gomotoksikologiya German doctor Hans Heinrich Rekkeweg in general considered as the main objective “to connect classical homeopathy and modern medicine for the benefit of patients and for convenience of doctors“.

the Main principle

the Main principle of homeopathy was removed by her founder - the German doctor, the druggist and the chemist Samuil Ganeman. Making experiments with bark of a cinchonic tree, he found out that in the concentrated look it causes the same symptoms which cures, being divorced to extremely small concentration. This phenomenon suggested the scientist an idea that such effect can be characteristic also of other substances. Experiments confirmed a guess. So the main postulate of homeopathy was born:“ Similar is treated by similar“.

of the Proof of efficiency

the Main claim to homeopathy - insufficiently proved efficiency. Scientists trust only results of the clinical trials conducted by rules of evidential medicine today. Those long remained “the weak place“ of homeopathy. Why?

Reason № 1. In classical homeopathy are guided not by indications, and by symptoms. To pick up even 10 people with absolutely identical symptomatology extremely difficult, and for modern serious research hundreds of volunteers are necessary. From the point of view of the complex homeopathy which is also operating with indications it is much easier to make it. Therefore now the greatest number of serious publications is devoted to complex preparations.

Reason № 2. the Principle of homeopathy - to treat not an illness, and the patient with concrete symptoms. It is difficult to squeeze the individualized therapy appointed by the homeopath in a strict framework of standard clinical trial.

Reason № 3. Even the large companies - producers are not able to invest enough money in clinical trials. The cost of serious research on the big contingent of patients begins from 100 thousand euros. Homeopathic medicines thousands. The largest companies making them have a turnover of 150 million euros. For comparison: turnover of the firms making heteropathic drugs - several tens billions of euros, and the range of drugs much less. Weight categories are obviously unequal.

However, in the last decades the situation changed.“ Works on studying of efficiency of homeopathic remedies are performed at the highest, modern level of evidential medicine today“, - the doctor of medical sciences Andrey Maryanovsky considers. These works are published in authoritative medical magazines Lancet, JAMA, British Medical Journal, Cancer.“ It does not mean that effectiveness of any homeopathy is automatically proved, - our expert specifies. - It is about confirmation of effectiveness of certain preparations at certain indications“.

As are done by homeopathic medicines?


one part of substance, carefully mix with 9 parts of alcohol and 10 times intensively stir up - it is called “dinamization“. After that one part of the received solution is mixed with 9 parts of alcohol and repeat process so many time how many it is necessary for receiving the necessary cultivation, or a potentiality. For example, to prepare the sixth decimal potentiality of a camomile, it is necessary to repeat process 6 times. Then the received substance is applied on sugar balls, do of it drops or added to ointment. Homeopathists are sure: by stirring solution is given new quality. The solutions changed in this way have absolutely other effect, than simple cultivations to the same concentration. The reasons of a phenomenon are still studied.


As the homeopathy works?

Everyone who was at least once treated at the homeopathist well remembers the classical recommendation - to rassasyvat granules under language. The components getting on mucous a mouth and intestines affect receptors of immunocompetent cages and promote their transformation to different types of lymphocytes. Having got to lymph nodes, these lymphocytes “train“ other, unripe lymphocytes, forming thereby the immune answer. Even the small dose of initial substance (just such what is used in homeopathy) is capable to stimulate immune system, curing separate symptoms and a disease entirely.

Some homeopathic medicines cope with viruses. It engistol, girel, euforbium kompozitum. Others act on articulate a cartilage, improving its elasticity, and arthrosis symptoms treat. The third improve blood circulation and at the expense of it treat dizziness (by means of special microscopy it was succeeded to photograph this process on video). The fourth protect cells of a liver from heavy metals (for example, lead and cadmium) and viruses.

Together or instead of?

the homeopathy is included by

In Russia in number of traditional methods of treatment. And here in the West it is included into the list of methods of complementary and alternative medicine (complementary and alternative medicine). This term defines the place of homeopathy more precisely: it can supplement usual medicine at treatment of separate diseases, and in certain cases and to replace it.

schemes of complex treatment in which homeopathic medicines are applied along with usual are popular

Recently. For example, by means of homeopathy it is possible to reduce or prevent diabetes consequences, side effects of chemotherapy at cancer, to cure stomach ulcer and 12 - perstny guts or osteoporosis. Cooperating with allopathists, homeopathists can create new dosage forms; besides, the homeopathy is perfectly combined with acupuncture and other refleksoterapevtichesky methods.

Important plus of homeopathy - an opportunity to combine it practically with any drugs: microdoses do not influence action of the last. However, most of doctors everything are recommend to accept gomeo - and heteropathic means serially: for example, one - to food, others - half an hour later - hour has to be p>

  1. In medical schools do not teach homeopathy, study it at advanced training courses. The doctor has to have the diploma about the higher medical education. Big plus - existence of certificates on passing of special courses in Russia and abroad.
  2. it is better than
  3. if the doctor specializes in certain problems, but does not try to cure any diseases.
  4. Most of modern homeopathists - the ordinary doctors who are owning a homeopathy method, but usually using complex preparations and only in rare instances resorting to monopreparations, do injections and even put droppers with homeopathic medicines.
  5. Doctors of classical homeopathy pay the main attention to communication with the patient, detection of the clinical record and today`s symptoms. Primary reception at such doctor lasts till 2 o`clock, repeated - about an hour. To the patient homeopathic monopreparations (granules) will be appointed, is more rare - complex means.
  6. Some homeopathists work as
  7. by Foll`s method (electroacupuncture testing on active points at hands and legs). By means of computer system of diagnostics they test preparations (both mono, and complex). Primary reception in this case lasts longer than 1 hour.

In certain cases homeopathic treatment can become full replacement usual. Of course, it is about not the most serious diseases. Physicians include articulate pain, respiratory viral infections, sleeplessness, some female diseases, consequences of sports injuries in this list.

the Homeopathy does not treat everything. It will not yield result at serious diseases - severe forms of arthrosis, cancer diseases, cirrhosis, Alzheimer`s disease... A reasonable combination of several types of treatment, application of all arsenal of modern medicine, from the latest microsurgery and biotechnological preparations to homeopathy, acupuncture, other traditional and national methods - the most successful decision.

Conclusions of “Health“

  1. When the homeopathy appeared, it was more advanced, than medicine of that time. Since then the last made huge breakthrough forward, achievements of homeopathy more modest. It is impossible to oppose homeopathy and an allopatiya at all. The most fruitful approach - to combine them.
  2. Homeopathy - not panacea: it, as well as at any kind of treatment, has borders. Allopathists categorically against its invasion into oncology and other really life-endangering serious illness. But they only welcome it as prevention of exacerbations of chronic diseases and treatment of some sharp illnesses (laryngitis, flu, a SARS...).
  3. In homeopathy treat not an illness, and the specific patient. Therefore it is especially important to find “the“ doctor in it.