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The best for the kid - a chest milk of

to me 26 years. Gave birth to the first child in 22 years (Caesarian). At once began to nurse. In chamber we were 4 kesarenny girls, I gave rise the first of them, me the first and the son`s distance on feeding. My son at once grasped a breast and began to suck. The first three days it was not really pleasant, and then I nothing, except pleasure, tested.

hourly feeding, practiced every 3 hour In maternity hospital. When also began to bring others children, nobody managed to give a breast correctly. Or there was no milk yet? Then I, one may say, raised the first three days other three children. Milk at me was more than enough! Other mummies rejoiced that their children are fed and, looking at me, learned to feed the.

Ya nursed the son till 2 years: it took a breast of 5 - 6 times in the afternoon, and night 2 - 3 times. When threw, he strongly shouted the first night, cried, demanded a breast, but I had to give up feeding because he did not want to eat other food.

In 25 years I gave birth to the daughter (Caesarian too). For the second day to me it was brought, and I moved to chamber for the round-the-clock stay of mother with the child. Though after Caesarian it is difficult to move, but what happiness that I without medical staff look after the daughter and I can nurse her without any mixes. The medical staff offered me the help, but I refused. To my coevals who were in chamber, but they had a firstborn, I also helped and prompted how to look after the child.

Ya I will feed the daughter with a breast for the night and I sleep with her a quiet dream.

Now to the daughter 1 year 3 months, she on breastfeeding and well eats all other food. Breast milk promotes immunity, my son and the daughter while were on breastfeeding, never had catarrhal diseases!

Main, the first three months of breastfeeding to eat to mummy properly not to cause intestinal gripes in the baby, and in then it is possible to enter gradually into a diet bread, cabbage, red and orange vegetables and fruit, etc. All the time, while you nurse the child, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, to eat properly. Nothing fried, salty, tinned, aerated, sharp, spicy, extremely exotic! To walk more, to laugh and caress the child more often! Same it is not so difficult!

Council everything is surely feed the kid with breast milk! Present it health and mother`s love!