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Children`s cosmetics “All that we know“ from mothercare

All knowledge and experience of experts of Mothercare are used during creation of new brand of cosmetics for children “All that we know“. The cosmetics “Everything that we know“ is tested by group of independent medical experts on care of pregnant women and newborns to make sure of soft and gentle impact of cosmetics on the child`s skin.

Children`s bath foam, shampoo, lotion,
the oil and liquid soap entering a series
are packed by
in 300 - millilitre small bottles (250 rub everyone)

are a part of all cosmetics natural extract of a camomile and olive oil. The camomile is ideally suited for care of newborns and possesses the softening, protective and antibacterial properties. Olive oil provides the best natural moistening, it is known around the world, as well as its ability to protect skin.

All cosmetics of the Everything That We Know brand can be used since the birth.

are Also presented to

to series:

Cream under a diaper (280 rub)

Soft children`s soap (150 rub)
Wet towel wipes with a fragrance and without (180 rub)

Various Q-tips (60 rub)
Cotton wool (from 60 rub)

Bathing - one of the most pleasant daily occupations for all family. Several councils from Mothercare how to make it safe, easy and cheerful.

Be convinced by

during the several first bathings your child, most likely, will cry - it is absolutely normal. After a while the kid will fall in love to bathe.

Babies rely

on sense of smell and touch so longer embrace and iron your child that he felt safe.


Bathing - excellent occupation in which also fathers can participate, giving real help in care of the child. Bathing helps with establishment of the evening mode at children is more senior.