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Test by fire, water and copper pipes, or the Story about how I gave birth to Diana. Part 2

there Began

Test with water

B 22:00 at me sharply ached around intestines. Not strongly so, tolerantly, but it is unpleasant. It was right there remembered about a tomorrow`s planned enema - now it would be, probably, by the way, time already guts play pranks.

In minutes the 10th pain in guts repeated. Decided to descend on a post behind laxative that though somehow to alleviate suffering to the unfortunate intestines.

- I am hurt by a stomach... - I began, but did not manage to finish that the laxative candle is necessary.

- With what frequency? - the nurse interrupted me.

- Time 10 minutes, - for some reason was blurted out by me, having guessed that she meant fights.

- It a little. 3 times 10 minutes are necessary, - the nurse muttered and lost to me interest.

Ya started wandering back in chamber. That for unlucky day - even in a toilet cannot descend to help what already to speak about stimulation... How to learn what is “fights“? And suddenly I will have them painless, and I do not learn that I already give birth. Painful feelings in guts when walking ceased to be felt therefore decided to walk on a corridor.

22:30. Returned to chamber, went to bed. It is not slept. Everything takes guts. Decided to mark frequency of spasms for the sake of a trick:

22:33; 22:42; 22:53; 23:02... Oops. Time 10 minutes... So can do it and there are fights? Painfully, but it is not strong, cyclic, but the stomach or a back do not hurt - guts hurt!

I Take

a piece of paper, the handle, phone - I go to wander about a corridor and to mark further.

23:08; 23:16; 23:22; 23:26; 23:32... Became a thicket! And pain already lasts longer, but it is still tolerant. I call the husband to brag that, probably, fights began. Though would not be gone - I so want to give rise already...

23:38; 23:44; 23:48; 23:54; 23:59... And the frequency of fights already is also 3 times 10 minutes!

Sharply wanted in a toilet. Hardly reached “the white friend“. Here and self-cleaning of an organism before childbirth - me already and the enema is not necessary! Only why at normal people it occurs one one or two days prior to childbirth, and at me just before?

I Continue to reel up circles along a corridor, than fairly I irritate the nurse on a post. On my happiness on the floor the doctor on duty ran. She invited me to a chair - to check, maybe, and the truth - I give birth? Disclosure of 1,5 cm (wow, half-centimeter increased). We try to catch fight to learn disclosure on it. And me in such pose it is good and cozy - fight does not come. Here the folk remedy comes to the rescue - to stroke a tummy. There is a contact - a stomach in a small group, and the skhvatochka came! Disclosure on fight - 2 cm. The doctor gives command to do me an enema... And in maternity with things! Hurrah - and - and - and! Happiness does not have a limit - I will give rise soon!

24: 30. Enema. Nothing to how many in me collected waste. And it seems the organism not bad self-cleaned an hour ago. On a post ladies for forty“ with fights come crawling two more “. One after survey is sent to have a sleep - rather early came, the second to the company to me in maternity.

1:00. Post. I with things. We expect my workmate after an enema. Fights became more sensitive and more sick. But I as the diligent woman in labor, I breathe on each fight, occupying at the same time a pose “zyu“ - helps. But now there are no doubts - it is valid fights, but not guts...

1:30. Under escort of the nurse we stride to give birth on the 4th floor! We are defined in prenatal chamber № 2 (precisely - magic figure!) . The nurse scornfully throws to us on a bed of a pile of linen and silently leaves. It should be regarded as “make to yourself beds and change clothes - we have a self-service“. We dress a maternity dress - a disposable shirt of color of a sea wave. Very uncomfortably, there is a wish though somehow though to cover something, but it “is not necessary“. Fights are already much more sick. To breathe so far it turns out, but the brain controls a situation already worse.

2:00. I walk along a corridor - all - in vertical position is easier to endure pain. Palm off a piece of paper for the signature - I agree to inoculations for my yet not been born child. In the next prenatal chamber one more woman in labor groans and shouts. From such shouts it becomes horrible at heart.

2:30. “Immured, demons!“ - laid to write KTG (probably, I the first time lay down in the last 5 hours). Each fight is a torture. I clench teeth, I breathe and I fidget on a bed - rather to give birth already! In the next chamber already just inhuman cries. Well, it is also impossible - all desire to give birth will disappear at the others. “I will not shout, I will be able to bear, I strong“ - I think and silently I suffer from this wild pain.

my workmate was lucky

- it has no such pain, but also fights at it were gone too - she worries that it will be sent back to pathology.

the Shouter was called in rodzat, and in 10 minutes loud crying of the kid was distributed from there! As quickly, it appears, it occurs! Already it cannot wait to give rise somewhat quicker, and I fondly wait since a minute for minutes of the invitation in rodzat! Even forces became from one thought more that here - here everything will end.


of KTG it is written down. “Fights are good!“ - the doctor comments.

3:00. Fights are very painful. And as I could only think that they can be not noticed... I breathe on each fight, but already it is rather from panic, than from understanding that it is necessary to breathe. The doctor running by along a corridor praises that I well breathe. From it it is not easier for me... When already in rodzat? During presence at delivery room already performed two operations Caesarian and two women in labor gave rise. There were only we with the girlfriend by misfortune.

I Notice

that the personnel in office became much less - there were only 3 persons.

3:30. The doctor invites us to a chair. Disclosure of 2 cm. How 2 cm? What so slowly? Then it is long and painfully picked somewhere there deeply me why feeling that already the hand will reach my stomach. Then there is a feeling that I pisat besides my will. Blood flows much - and I am not sorry, for pregnancy its quantity increases. My workmate has a disclosure of 4 cm (well it is lucky, there are no fights, and disclosure full speed), but waters were green. And here reached me - to me just punctured waters, it is strange what so a little then flowed out...

I continue “to be written“

On each fight - still the part of waters departs, and constantly there is blood.

4:00. The workmate was laid under a dropper with oxytocin to return the left fights. To me inject intravenously some drug removing spasms why instantly grows turbid in the head, and in a mouth strange smack appears. Strange, and I did not ask anesthetic - why to me it was entered? Really I will go to give birth not soon?

I Wander about a corridor, the head is turned, but anesthesia did not help. Fights became even stronger and more often. I already poorly control myself why I notice that I postanyvat. By effort of will I force myself not to break on shout.

4:30. Again laid on KTG - well how many it is possible! There is no fight well just very good, according to the doctor, but disclosure. We wait further. Lying on a bed, I become some monster - I break a bed back (well that it metal). My groans already at the top of the voice. And for some reason I cannot control myself. When it comes to an end...

5:00. All left. Left to sleep. To sleep when we suffer here. In office there were only a nurse and 2 unfortunate women in labor. It means that in the next hour we will not give birth? No, I do not want to think of it.

are spent by

of the Lining one by one - yes how many in me waters and blood?! The brain was already disconnected. There are only an infinite corridor and pain, awful pain which breaks off me on part. There is no groan any more - I just shout, creeping on walls. Where my will power? I cannot make anything... It is higher than my forces...

the Nurse pretends that I am not here. I ask it to call the doctor, to make though something since. I cannot suffer it more....

5:30. The nurse took pity and gave to me an injection of the next anesthetic, apparently, it was spazmalgon. Naive and this spazmalgon even during monthly did not help me, and here it...

I Ask for a shower, say that in soul of fight it is easier to transfer. But on the 4th floor, it appears, there is no hot water till 6 in the morning. I wait 6:00 as rescue - water will appear, I will go to a shower, doctors will come, we will go to give birth... Time as if stopped. I do not want to give birth... I just want that all this ended...

6:00. Anesthesia, naturally, did not work in any way. Water did not appear. Doctors did not come. From pain and a hopelessness I already at the top of the voice shout, I cannot breathe any more, thirst torments, to me it is bad... The workmate under a dropper begins to postanyvat - probably, begin to catch up with fights.

6:30. I do not remember how I worried these 30 minutes, probably, the consciousness refused to endure it together with a body... Svatki not periodic - feeling that it is one big fight. There is a doctor - disclosure of 5 cm. It is not enough...

Me is stacked again - I do not want to lie, I try to get up and I otgrebat the nurse`s hands from myself. Laid and enter something into a vein again, and I faint. Somewhere far I hear only a voice of the doctor: “It is necessary that she has a rest hour 4, otherwise forces will not give birth“. Failure.

8:00. I wake up from wild pain, then a failure, again pain, again a failure, I cannot understand where I and what happens to me.

8:30. I make an attempt to rise - I nearly fall. What for drugs to me stuck?

I Creep out in a corridor - personnel became much more. The doctor with horror looks at me:“ You have to sleep hour two. At least“. But I cannot sleep, the same pain - wild, tearing me to parts. I continue to go along a corridor and to shout by an inhuman voice. From continuous shout and thirst the voice sat down why my roar got even more terrible shade of a hoarseness.

8:45. Survey. Disclosure of 6 cm“ Acquire fights,“ - the doctor says and leaves. How “acquire“? Yes where still - and so tears me to parts from these fights!

the Workmate still lies under a dropper and already shouts.

9:00. Fights at the workmate became good, disclosure is no place better - her learn to make an effort. She trains minutes 20 then it is taken away in rodzat.

Here I begin to realize

that on each fight the strange feeling of involuntary tension appeared - me grieves! I shout that me grieves that it is necessary to do something. But me forbid to make an effort since disclosure insufficient. But it cannot be controlled!

9:30. Bring me a stool with a hole in the middle, having providently thrown it with a pad. With wild pleasure I settle on a stool and fast I natuzhivat absolutely not that it is necessary. And it seems did an enema...

Disclosure of 7 cm. Looking at my sufferings, to me allow to be trained to make an effort.“ On each fight - 3 attempts“, - say to me and leave, leaving me in tortures. I try to train to make an effort. On one fight I idle and instead of 3 attempts I do 2. But the nature you will not deceive - the organism does the third attempt why pain amplifies. I will not experiment any more.

Ya, probably, I look shaky - to me put a dropper with glucose. It is good that it on wheels. I continue to wander about a corridor with a dropper, publishing every minute a heart-rending cry. I see only people in white dressing gowns, I beg each of which: “Make to me Caesarian, I cannot more...“

10:00. Everything, is a limit. I stand on the center of a corridor and I shout with all the dope: “Get it from me! I cannot suffer it more! Make though something...“ Here someone in a white dressing gown reacts to me and says treasured: “All right, come what may - we go to give birth“.


Yes, it will end soon.“ In 10 minutes I will give rise, and everything will end,“ - I fondly think, remembering as shout of kids in the rodzal was quickly distributed after there left to give birth.

Ya on a chair, nearby three, one orders what to do. I obediently execute - a breath, we hold the breath, we make an effort, slowly we exhale. And quickly we repeat 2 more times this sequence. Feeling that I will burst as a balloon, but it is better, than 12 hours of tortures. I make an effort, I breathe, I follow teams of the midwife. It seems that it lasts already whole eternity - and how give birth for 3 attempts?

Soon there is a feeling that something awfully disturbs me, something got stuck in my basin. Very inconveniently, there is a wish to get rid of it somewhat quicker.

I Continue “to work and make an effort“ under the accurate guide of the midwife. “White dressing gowns“ became around more.

the Next attempt (what it on the account - 30 - I, 50 - I?.) and the midwife joyfully exclaims: “I see a chubchik!“ I for some reason do not understand what she speaks about, on the full automatic machine I continue to make an effort and breathe, effort and to breathe. There are no thoughts, there are no feelings, there is no understanding where I and that occurs. I only know that I should make an effort and breathe... I do not understand why I do it...

the Strange feeling arises somewhere where something disturbs. “White dressing gowns“ already in a bigger structure something fuss. It seems that me stretch on a twine.

All in fog from where - that from far away I hear a voice of the midwife. Feeling that we with it together in this fog.

the Next attempt and discomfort in a basin disappears. Right there I hear shout: “Not tuzhsya! Push out a press!“ Right there in the head for fractions of a second slips crowds of the confused thoughts:“ Why not to make an effort? What there occurs? Yes, I had a quite good press 9 months ago therefore I will do that they want a press - I will well work with a press!“ I strain where once there was a press, and here between legs something slippery literally takes off and wet. Takes off - it is loudly told, just extend from me. And right there appears shaking feeling of ease and emptiness.

I Manage to notice

how the midwife carries away from me something big, long and it is bright - claret from my blood. And here shout - that treasured shout which I waited for 9 months is distributed, and it is even more - the last half of days. Only at this moment I realize that I gave rise! I gave rise! And this shout is the first shout of my daughter!

“Time 11:00,“ - the nurse discloses. I pay, I cry with happiness. The crowd of “white dressing gowns“ - seems, their 6 people - go to look at my child. “Yes here all 5 kg!“ - someone from them exclaims, and in the rodzal there are even more “white dressing gowns“.

“Girl. 4546 grams, 60 cm,“ - I hear. “Strange“, - I think, - “And unless children at the birth are more than 58 cm?“

“We do not distract, gave birth to not all,“ - the voice of the midwife interrupts my crazy thoughts.

- As not all? And there someone else is? - I brake, than fairly glad midwife.

- Yes you, mummy, flatter yourself, you have not enough of one it? It is necessary to give rise to a placenta still, - someone yumorit nearby.

A I make an effort again, again I breathe - extend a placenta. “Well, now - that precisely all!“ - I think, remembering that the last period of childbirth comes to the end with a placenta exit.

- You are a good fellow, very well gave birth, and made an effort as it is professional - probably, to us went to courses, - the midwife admires me.

- Not - and, - I stretch and I begin to fail somewhere.

- What good placenta - tolstenky and nutritious. It is clear, why such strong kid turned out, - someone else says.

- All this genes, - already in a whisper is told by me.

are engaged in

in mending me So far, from the next rodzal bring the boy who was born after Caesarian weighing 2400. “White dressing gowns“ have fun, having put near this little one and my daughter. “The result of natural childbirth is twice more, than after Caesarian,“ - someone comments.

I am told that after all cuts and gaps I cannot sit down 2 weeks, something else, but I for some reason hear nothing.“ I do not hear you,“ - I whisper. Measure pressure - 140 on 100. For mine 100 on 60, probably, there is a bit too much...

Suddenly I remember that to me did not put on a stomach of the child and did not put to a breast. I begin to fuss. As if having understood the reason of my concern, bring already formy doll, pechatanny in diapers and blanket, is just put a cheek to my cheek for couple of seconds. And all...

Me is removed from a table and carried somewhere. “Probably, in a corridor,“ - I think as it is done usually with all given rise. But I appear in beautiful light chamber, in a pure and cozy bed. To me it is good. In a hand a dropper, on a stomach ice, on the head a cold compress - I that, in paradise?

Then I fail in a dream. I wake up from the fact that I am bothered by the doctor. One pressing a stomach - I feel an excruciating pain as if in me the nuclear bomb blew up, and in a flash I appear in a pool of own blood. Right there is a nurse, in a flash she changes clothes of me and changes to me a bed (as she managed it to make, without rousing me?) . Again to me it is warm, dry and good. Serve dinner, directly to a bed, even suggest to feed. I did not eat such tasty lunch for a long time...

15:00. Exactly in 4 hours after the delivery I got up. Legs refused to move after 13 hours spent on them. Awful weakness, is also turned the head, everything floats before eyes, but I strong, and I have to force to move, the movement is life! I leave chamber. Here it is that corridor, that prenatal chamber. Now here other women in labor already groan and suffer. In the rodzal deliver at someone. And I have all already behind - I gave rise, I gave rise itself, gave birth to the healthy and strong daughter! And there comes the stupor - and what is the date today? I run (as it seemed to me) in chamber and I ask girls, and what is the date today?“ The seventeenth“, - answer me. The seventeenth of March! I will remember birthday of my firstborn well.

Three days in maternity hospital flew by quickly. The daughter slept almost all the time since she fed her with mix. We could not adjust breastfeeding, all attempts of doctors and nurses were vain, and pronounced me a sentence - decantation and feeding by the decanted milk from a small bottle. I very much worried and blamed doctors who did not apply the child to a breast on a maternity table for everything, however the choice was not, it was necessary to reconcile.

For the 4th days us was written out, despite my low hemoglobin. Only my ruptures of a neck of a uterus, crotch cuts, anemia were damage from this childbirth. The child did not suffer.


Probably, it is a high time for the happy end of all this history... Also it is worth finishing my narration with words:“ The kid is healthy and gains strength, mother “blossoms and smells“ if not one “but“ - mother really “smelled“. But it already third test.

To be continued