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Test by fire, water and copper pipes, or the Story about how I gave birth to Diana. The Preface

Should noting part 1

that my pregnancy in general proceeded easily and carefree. I was not in hospitals on preservation, had no painful toxicosis, did not drink the mountain of tablets, did not adhere to the sparing way of life and even managed without consequences to endure the most severe stress - death of my grandmother.

In the first half of pregnancy I chronically did not gather additionally weight (the increase was scanty); in 17 weeks on that place where there had to be already rounded tummy, at me the press flaunted that awfully upset and caused many disorders and emotions. The situation radically changed in the second half of pregnancy.

- and weeks the stomach began to grow at

After 20 sharply, however, as well as my weight. First the increase caught up with norms, a bit later all norms appeared far behind. In 30 weeks, leaving in a maternity leave, I already felt indecently big-bellied.

On the last planned ultrasonography in 30 weeks and 3 days we were told that at us “a tendency to a large fruit“. The fruit weighed at that time 2020 gr., the circle of a tummy and length of a hip exceeded the average sizes for our term on average on 3 - 4 weeks. I urgently took measures - put myself into a diet and ceased to drink complex vitamins. But the less I ate, the quicker I gained weight. In a month of a diet I spat all this and returned to a usual diet (it is necessary to tell, fat, confectionery and other vrednost I already did not play about from the first days of pregnancy).

In a maternity welfare unit my doctor did not attach special significance to either a large fruit, or my not so small sizes of a stomach, or a big increase of weight (at all this did not look grown fat - all weight concentrated in a stomach). Therefore on a family council the decision to descend on control ultrasonography independently was made to dispel the tendency to a large fruit established earlier (weight on ultrasonography is very often wrong) or to confirm the diagnosis finally and prepares for the worst.

In 35 weeks exactly we descended on ultrasonography. The result was shocking. The fruit weighed 3400 gr. and still exceeded on 3 - 4 weeks the sizes. The doctor consoled, having told that at the child everything is proportional, it is healthy and such sizes are caused only by the father`s genes (188 cm) and mothers (173 cm). Distances forecast: promised to receive at the exit of the baby weight around 4 kg and growth in 57 cm. But I - that knew that the child will overcome a mark of 4 kg till the birth. In the scariest forecasts I saw figure in 4700 gr. (if the tendency of growth remains, as for last 5 weeks), but secretly continued to hope for “no more than 4500 gr.“

I went On a diet again - fruit and juice were this time limited.

Since 38 weeks I waited every day that here - childbirth here will begin. So there was a wish to give rise somewhat quicker until the child gained absolutely a lot of weight. My stomach was just immense, it as if was pasted to me and looked so that here - here will burst. Weight read off scale for a long time, and I already ceased to be upset from - for it.

40 - week the boundary was safely overcome without any prenatal harbingers - probably, my baby suited everything and therefore it did not hurry to be born. The circle of my stomach made 104 cm, an increase in weight - 18 kg. My modest build at the same time was left without changes.

Test by fire

In 40 weeks and 2 days I went to a maternity welfare unit where issued me “invitation card“ in regional maternity hospital. To resist hospitalization I and did not gather since. fondly believed, chtokak I will only get to maternity hospital, to me right there “will accelerate“ the beginning of childbirth, and I fast will give rise, not perekhazhivy to term.

Giving to

the direction, the doctor told me the parting word loading with a positive: “Perhaps, to you will allow to strike most, and then will already make emergency Caesarian, all - a large fruit...“ I already was ready only for natural childbirth - I have to give rise to it the child herself if I was able to take out 9 months!

By the evening the husband brought me to maternity hospital. In an accident ward the doctor on duty dumbfounded me with the question “At You that - Twins?“ then stated existence of disclosure of a neck in 1 cm (eh, nothing changed in a week...) . After that the nurse took measurement of a circle of a stomach and other parameters. I with surprise found out by results of its measurements that I “grew thin“ in a circle for 6 cm until I reached from policlinic to maternity hospital.

Then the doctor on duty on the basis of such “exact“ measurements and the formula borrowed from the Internet (we know, too on it considered), calculated the approximate weight of the child, than very much pleased. At it it turned out 3800 gr. It was necessary to afflict him that already was 5,5 weeks ago 3400 gr. on ultrasonography. But the doctor did not become puzzled and assured me that at most 3900 gr. However, having begun to doubt, asked whether to write the indication to Caesarian. I still did not hesitate - I will give birth.

Due to chronic overpopulation of office “Pathology of pregnant women“ I was lodged on “a bed without bedside table“ in a procedural office № 2 where 3 more same “lucky women“ already lived. Promised that by the morning I will be defined in normal chamber when somebody leaves to give birth.

Next day in the morning, even by a lunch me was not moved in chamber. By the way, from an accident ward there arrived all new pregnant women, and the majority of them at once went to chambers. On my question the nurse on a post with it is impenetrable a look declared:“ At them it was reserved“. I, appear, lagged behind life, in maternity hospitals presently as in five-stars hotel, it is necessary to reserve places in chambers in advance.

From - for absence of concrete chamber, the attending physician to me was not appointed, and, respectively, morning round took place by. Therefore the unforgettable feeling when you lie in a rastopyrka on a chair, and you looks crowd of doctors led by the associate professor “there“, I did not manage to test.

By a lunch my patience ran low, and I went to catch the manager of office for conversation. She assured me that the doctor will surely come to us, inhabitants procedural № 2.

K 17 00 the doctor did not come, but I was transferred to normal chamber - № chamber; 2 (and that for magic figure 2?) And right there I had a doctor who called on survey.

to us a chair I flew up on hope wings. Hopes failed 2 minutes later, there was a severe reality. Survey was short, but very painful and bloody.

- Disclosure of 1 cm, a neck prepares, - the doctor told.

- I have this picture 1,5 weeks, and I still do not give birth, - I ached, nearly crying with offense that everything stands still.

- Nothing, give rise soon. Still nobody remained pregnant. And at you intestines are crowded. Tomorrow we will make an enema, - it continued.

- But, maybe, it is better for p to help, somehow to accelerate process? - I shouted already after the running-away vrachikha.

- Everything will begin itself, do not worry, - reached an echo in a corridor. The doctor was behind turn.

Ya nearly roared from disappointment. To spend days in hospital to learn that I should wait for the natural beginning of childbirth.... And why I went to maternity hospital?

In chamber I unpacked things when neigbours with melancholy in a voice declared: “You can especially not be displayed - on this place long do not linger. For today 3 girls left this bed to give birth“. Became still tosklivy after these words.... As to me to begin to give birth... Perhaps though the tomorrow`s enema will accelerate process? Someone said that he helps.

Already later the same neigbours in chamber “pleased“

: told as soon as took away in delivery room the girl with term 42 weeks and 1 day. It lay 2 weeks here, and only today by it appointed stimulation. On my naive question why it was not made earlier, I was answered:“ So it not criminal, gave bribes not to nobody with anybody of doctors of arrangements had no“. Here reached me - and “the reserved places“ in chambers, both the attention of doctors, and a good attitude, and expeditious appointment Caesarian or stimulations - all this is bought or got by communications.

Having discussed current situation with the husband, decided that on tomorrow`s round I try to finish the doctor on stimulation (well it did not look selling) if does not help - the husband will go “to talk“ to the manager.

Having equipped

in chamber, I decided to have a sleep - somehow rolled fatigue with all these experiences. It should be noted that after survey blood all leaked though I already not strongly worried about it.

Through a couple of hours the doctor on duty came to evening round. I complained of not stopping allocations and a pandiculation of a stomach. The doctor, having estimated color of blood (it is worth worrying if brightly scarlet, and I had a claret color), told that after survey it is normal. And the stomach pandiculation - well on it - that term it is not terrible.

through a couple of hours the pulling feelings became stronger than

, blood still went and even color as it seemed to me, was scarlet. Or it was auto-suggestion? With such sad thoughts I went to bed.

Be continued.