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Mother`s milk - guarantee of health

Is not present anything better than maternal milk, I as mother with a five-year experience tell it to you. Mix, additives - needs also all this for the correct growth, addition of weight and, of course, for health of the kid. But better than a mother`s milk (in my opinion) there is nothing.

And my kid in it agreed with me. It at me fed on it even till 2 years and 2 months. Though it was given, of course, hardly. There was also in a month a falling of amount of milk, up to almost total absence, but I did not lose strength of mind and began to drink strenuously tea with milk, naturally, at the same time also eating for two. In this period I already began to give mix though the child categorically (somewhere till 6 months) did not wish to lean on mix strongly at all. Peele it it approximately on 20 grams, and then all the same reached for a breast. We since the birth had a dysbacteriosis therefore mother`s milk had to be obligatory in a diet as long as possible. In 8 months we completely cured this illness. Moreover and I in two days prior to childbirth managed to devour 2 kg of apricots (from mother`s giving), and Artem was born krasnenkiya. But, maybe, thanks to it we avoided the physiological alfalfa butterfly?

Then, after the delivery, I ate with

everything, except for some fruit and berries (generally red and orange). Though, of course, it is necessary to look at reaction of the kid. Try not to eat allergens (fruit, vegetables) that kids had no rash. Here we, for example, had a reaction to cream of wheat somewhere to 1,5 years. Of course, slightly was rather afraid when the first made the way zubik (it at us appeared in 9 months) - whether he will bite me, but my fears quickly disappeared. My Artemka began to bite me about about 2 years and that because I began to be lazy and is not so frequent as happened earlier, nursed him. It was absolutely simple to disaccustom the kid, though it is a little on - barbarous it occurred. I slightly smeared a breast with mustard, and the kid at once very clearly showed that milk tasteless. Though at my friend on cunning such trick her sonny did not give in, and brought a towel.

you ask

why 2 years and 2 months. The matter is that Artem was born in July, and I wanted to disaccustom him till summer, but in April Artyom strongly caught a cold (after the next visit of policlinic). And if at once to disaccustom him to a breast - it will be blow to its immunity. And in the summer doctors do not recommend to give up feeding as in the summer at a heat at children temperature at a separation from a maternal breast can sharply rise. And in general, the summer is time of dysbacteriosis, children often have ponosik. Having weighed all pros and cons, with feeding we finished in September, 2007.

Ya I test huge pleasure how my Artyom grows. We are practically ill nothing, except, naturally, seasonal colds. I wish to all mummies and their kids excellent health, happy days. Also do not forget that natural feeding is a guarantee of health in the future.