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“Vit“ - means life of

of Vita in translation from Latin means “life“. Vitamins are the substances necessary for maintenance of full-fledged life of the child. They are irreplaceable components of our food and play a huge role in all processes of activity of an organism, especially children`s during active growth. Vitamins regulate a metabolism, participate in blood formation, formation of enzymes and hormones. Besides, they considerably increase the resilience of the person to diseases, influence of toxins and other adverse factors of environment.

Vitamins are practically not formed by

in an organism (an exception some vitamins of group B and vitamin D make) and have to arrive from the outside, with food. In the ziyena - the spring period the child`s organism almost always lacks vitamins as their contents in food is considerably reduced.

One of the most important vitamins is vitamin C (ascorbic acid). He actively participates in a metabolism, helps the active growth of cages and bodies, and, above all - increases immunity of the child to negative impact of environment. At shortage of vitamin C the kid becomes sluggish and irritable, his organism is more susceptible to catarrhal diseases.

Unfortunately, vitamin C very easily collapses under the influence of oxygen, sunshine, high temperatures. And best of all it remains in acidic environment and as there is no wonder, in the tinned products which are stored without access of air in the dark place - for example, in juice and fruit purees of industrial production. Therefore often this juice contains more vitamin C, than freshly squeezed, staid more than half an hour on a table. Besides, in production of children`s juice special technologies for enrichment of a product are used by additional amount of vitamin C. For example, carrot Thady juice contains about 50% of norm of the recommended daily consumption of this vitamin in the structure.

Carrot juice in general is considered one of the most useful juice. Doctors recommend it to drink at inflammatory diseases in an oral cavity and as the all-strengthening cure for cold. It contains a large number a beta - carotene - pro-vitamin A, and also is rich with iron and potassium.

the Beta - carotene promotes improvement of a condition of skin, mucous membranes and sight. The last is especially important for the growing children`s organism as with 5 - 6 years load of eyes considerably increases. Iron is one of the most significant minerals in an organism as is the main component of hemoglobin. Without it processes of blood formation are impossible. At a lack of iron at children anemia (anemia) can develop. Iron is acquired much better in the presence of vitamin C. Potassium is also a necessary microcell. At its shortcoming the tone of muscles decreases and muscular weakness develops, warm activity is broken, work of a stomach suffers.

Can prepare for

carrot juice in house conditions. But in this case it should be combined with cream or other product containing fats as the vitamins which are contained in carrot juice are acquired only thus. If there is not enough time to prepare juice independently, it is possible to use the juice presented in shops.

It is very important

what juice would be intended for baby food. For example, carrot Thady juice in glass bottles is intended for children from 3 - x years. Many children with pleasure drink carrot juice, and some, unfortunately, not really love it. Then it is possible to use the full range of Thady juice which contains in the structure not only carrots, but also apple, a peach and raspberry. Berries and fruit considerably enrich taste of carrot juice.

If to the child juice was to the taste to

, he will drink it much and with pleasure. Also it is not necessary to limit it in it. Carrot juice can be given to 3 - 4 time in day. Some mothers with a fright notice that at the child palms after the regular use of carrot juice turn yellow. There are no reasons for nervousness! By Etoyavleniye it is connected with the fact that the organism gets used to acceptance of carrot juice. It is normal reaction to digestion of carotene - the predecessor of vitamin A. And here on skin after the use of carrot juice it is necessary to treat emergence of reddenings or rashes more seriously as it can be manifestation of allergic reaction.

Upon juice purchase to parents should pay attention to packing in which it is on sale. There is an opinion that sometimes by production of some plastic packings poisonous chemicals which can get into products anyway are used. Unfortunately, only highly skilled experts can define their existence. The glass container still remains the safest packing material. Besides, taste of juice in glass bottles differs from taste of juice in plastic packing. Try!