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The doctor declared magic milk

After inspection: “You need to give birth urgently! It is so much mammary glands: there will be a lot of milk!“ In a month I became pregnant.

during pregnancy colostrum was not emitted to

therefore I believed that it is absent just. When the sonny was born and zashlyopat sponges, the doctor solemnly declared that now I have to apply him to a breast. “But I have no colostrum yet!“ - I was upset.“ There cannot be it“, - the doctor made simple manipulation, and colostrum appeared. The kid with greed dropped to a breast.

the First 3 weeks were especially difficult: the sonny hung on a breast for 40 minutes, callosities, cones were formed. But then everything was adjusted. The consultant for GV modified technology of applying and the mode (each breast had to “be on duty“ for 2 hours, also there had to be a night break, and feeding upon the demand of mother if the break dragged on).

In 6 months I entered a feeding up. And slightly earlier I for the first time saw a magic power of milk. To the kid for the sake of a joke allowed to lick tomato. In a few minutes its face became covered by crimson spots. I awfully was frightened, but is more handy than nothing, than a breast, at me it did not appear. I applied it, and spots began to descend in the eyes.

the sonny together with me Slept. It very quickly “passed to self-service“, and I began to get enough sleep.

the Most difficult was to continue to feed after a year. It caused public condemnation, and everyone considered a duty to teach me that I “indulge the child“ that “it does not need it“ that “nothing nutritious in milk remained“. But I was adjusted to feed to 3 - x years. Besides, just did not see an opportunity to stop feeding. There was a lot of milk, and it was worth making a pause longer usual, the breast inflated to pain. And the kid was put any more not to eat and to be consoled as I could refuse to him it?

B 2,4 the sonny went to a day nursery. I admired its immunity. He supported half a year twice for 3 days. I even more often began to tear off feeding. He matured already enough to understand that “to mother it is painful“.

in the middle of the winter I was hospitalized. It was necessary to forget about feeding. All of us three together (I, a breast and the child) endured it without shocks now. Only I had a feeling as if between me and my kid some thread broke. And the sonny is ill now as all children, the first year visiting a garden: week in a week.


Tomorrow to it it will be executed three. Before going to bed he takes a breast in both palms, kisses it and speaks: “Ah, mother... Mother!“