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The review of the market of real estate of Germany of

Germany by right is considered the country with strong economy. The market of real estate overcame crisis rather surely. What situation in the market now? What will occur in the next years?

The fact that current crisis touched Germany a little does not say

at all that the market of real estate of this country always was stable. Falling of the Berlin wall in 1989 and reunion of the country was led to a distortion in the market. Many moved to other regions of the country, often selling the housing for nothing. First of all it concerned East Germany. In some parts of the region the average prices dropped by 30%.

From the middle 1990 - x to the middle 2000 - x years while the real estate of some other the European countries steadily grew in the price, progress of Germany in the sphere of real estate was more than modest. In the Frankfurt am Main and Dusseldorf, most favorable to investments, of the price since 1995 on 2003 - y grew up for 7%. For comparison: in Great Britain each seven years of the price increased twice. In Berlin for similar the period average prices for apartments fell by 7,75%.

But when in 2008 the prices at the European neighbors after dizzy take-off also dizzily began to fall, Germany stood on the own two feet. For 2008 the cost of apartments decreased taking into account inflation by only 1,3%, houses - for 2,6%. If to compare housing cost in the third quarter 2008 and the corresponding period 2009 - go, will turn out that the prices in Germany or remained practically at the former level, or raised. According to the Kwartira company, the cost of square meter made in Dusseldorf € 2 379 and € 2 447 respectively, in Munich € 3 397 and € 3 586, in Berlin - € 2 148 and € 2 218. Decrease generally concerned East Germany. For example, in Leipzig these values made € 1 623 and € 1 600.

Among the reasons of such stability - insufficient amount of objects. According to the Sollmann+Zagel Immobilien company if in 1997 in the country 700 thousand new apartments were built, then in 2007 - m this value decreased to record-breaking low 230 thousand.

Where to buy?

Not all lands in Germany are equally economically active and evenly populated with


of Earth Bavaria and Baden - Wurtemberg (the Southern Germany) - economically developed and popular tourist region. Munich (Bavaria) - one of the most reliable cities in Germany for investment of capital. It is the large industrial city, and also in it large educational institutions of the country are located. From the tourist point of view of the earth are famous balneal (Baden - Baden) and alpine skiing (Garmish - Partenkirkhen) for resorts. Real estate in the south of the country rather expensive.

Saxony, as well as the majority of regions of East Germany, is attractive first of all by democratic housing prices. However, this region concedes to the country West a condition of real estate in the secondary market. Perhaps, in the east the greatest stability of investments is guaranteed by Berlin - in the capital really favourably to lease real estate.

the Western Germany is characterized by higher quality of housing, but and the prices are higher. First of all the earth Northern Rhine - Westphalia with its largest cities of Dusseldorf, Cologne and Dortmund, and also other large cities of the region - Frankfurt am Main, Hanover, etc. enjoys popularity. If the purchase purpose - preservation of savings or business, it is necessary to be guided by this earth as on economically developed and densely populated region. Here 24 of 50 largest companies of Germany are located (Metro, Deutsche Telekom, E. ON, RWE, ThyssenKrupp, etc.) also about a quarter of the population of all Germany lives.

That, how much?

the Range of the prices of residential real estate is quite wide


City Apartments, 50 sq.m of the House, 100 quarter. m
Berlin 40 - 200 80 - 450
Baden - Baden 50 - 170 300 - 400
Dresden 20 - 200 70 - 300
Dusseldorf 30 - 160 150 - 450
Frankfurt am Main 50 - 200 200 - 400

Rental rates depend on type and location of housing. For example, apartments in 70 sq.m in Berlin can be removed approximately for € 790 in a month, the apartment of 50 of “squares“ in Munich - € 670. The investment income fluctuates in the range of 3,9 - 5,1% per annum.

the commercial real estate of Germany is of Traditional interest. The most frequent offers are shops, hotels and profitable houses. It is possible to give the following offers as the most general review of the prices: shop of 52 sq.m to Baden - Baden - € 69 thousand; shop of 173 sq.m in Munich - € 390 thousand; hotel of 387 sq.m in Leipzig - € 250 thousand; the profitable house of 212 sq.m - € 128 thousand

Profitable houses are rather popular

among Russians. In the country where 80% of the population live on rental apartments, demand for the leased housing corresponding. According to Elena Skrobova, the director of the company of Immo - Interess, this effective investment of capital thanks to the stable income of 7 - 10% per annum and, in case of a mortgage, self-sufficiency.

At the same time interest in large-family houses from Russians a little specific also allows to estimate the width of the Russian soul. According to Alina Todor, the sales manager of the BMG Invest company, quite often our compatriots initially are guided by cheap real estate - aloof banks housing. As a rule, its price is lower market than percent on twenty. Now in Germany the small qualitative apartment can be got at the price from € 15 - 20 thousand. And after purchase Russians appreciate advantages of profitable houses and seriously consider the possibility to buy them too. As the expert notes, interest of Russians in the German real estate sharply increased recently. Crediting today

Real estate it is real to p to get

on credit, however conditions of its granting in connection with crisis are toughened. Quite often banks, besides providing, demand existence of the income in Europe. The rate makes about 3,95% per annum. The size of an initial contribution depends on type of the acquired real estate. For housing it makes at least 60%, for profitable real estate - 40%, for commercial - 50%. However, there is an opportunity to increase the credit sum for residential real estate. Such housing needs initially to be declared as profitable real estate, for this purpose it is necessary just to confirm to bank that the object is handed over at the time of purchase. Further the creditor does not show interest in how the real estate is used.

of Prospect of the market

On the one hand, prospects are developed by itself. That, how surely Germany passed crisis, and also insufficient amount of inhabited objects allow to count on reliability of investments of capital and in the future. On the other hand, for development of the market there is a serious obstacle - a demographic situation. Since 2002 population decreases on average with a speed of 50 thousand people annually. At the same time the population becomes more senior, and this process, according to forecasts, will stop not earlier than 2030. Pensioners, even in stable Germany, it is difficult to call the most active category of buyers of real estate. Therefore in many respects development of the market depends on foreigners.


, the main thing that should pay the greatest attention upon purchase, is a region. If the purchase purpose - housing, qualitative and interesting from the investment point of view, you do not consider East Germany. The East everything is did not reach the Western European level yet, Elena Skrobova is sure, and it is unknown, what is the time it will be required on its development. And here in the West, in particular in Northern Rhine - Westphalia, in the next years the increase in prices, and also increase of rental rates is expected. As Alina Todor is sure, it is quite possible to count on it as for the last year rent in the region grew by 6%.

Summarizing a situation with real estate for the last year and opinions of experts, it is possible to confirm the developed reputation of the market of Germany only: stability and reliability.