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On a pot!

Process of schooling to a pot - an important stage in development of the kid. And what it will be for the child - interesting and fast or, on the contrary, long and painful - completely depends on parents.

Many mothers consider that the earlier they will begin to put the child on a pot, the quicker he will learn them to use. Actually, all far not so. Toilet skills, as well as any other, are formed at a certain age. Agree, it is difficult to teach the child to move freely on the room in a year, to read - in 2 years and to speak a foreign language - in 4 years. In order that training bore fruits, it is necessary to check whether your child is ready to it physiologically and psychologically. Pediatricians claim that the correct assessment of readiness of the kid for training - the first step to success.

Better luck next time

For certain on the advice of the girlfriend, mother or elder sister you tried to put the child on a pot aged about one year more than once and then for the first time met difficulties. The most probable explanation of failure in schooling to a pot is lack of readiness of the child for training, but not the level of intellectual development or character as many mothers mistakenly consider. If the child is physically not ready to study, any attempts to put him on a pot will be met by frustration and refusal that is fraught with deterioration in the relations and emergence of psychological obstacles in a way to success. How to understand that time came?

to Business time

the Russian and foreign pediatricians recommend to begin with

schooling to a pot at the age of about 18 months as at this particular time the child physiologically also is psychologically developed so that can consciously control muscles of a bladder and intestines. Moreover, attentive parents for certain will notice also other signs indicating that optimum time to start process of training came. Confirms it, for example, ability of the child to remain dry within at least two hours, emergence of the phrase speech, attempt to imitate adults when someone from them uses a toilet, ability to take off from himself clothes, and also to show that the diaper got wet or it was soiled and that it is time to change its.

the Expert group at the Union of pediatricians of Russia considers that it to skills of neatness is trained the child quicker and more simply if the child is physiologically ready to it that occurs approximately at the age of about 18 months. As show researches, mothers which begin schooling to a pot aged till 1 year spend for it more than a year! Therefore before beginning process of formation at the child of toilet skills, check whether it is ready to innovations. There is nothing more terribly for the kid, than coercion to do that to it yet not in power.

Pluses of timely schooling of the child to a pot:
  • the child is capable to understand sense of process and to achieve success for less long time
  • less stresses and requirements imposed to the child
  • more intensive process of training of the child
  • the child derives pleasure from obtaining new skills and itself sets speed for the subsequent training