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Adaptation in kindergarten of

was necessary to me as to many parents of modern children, early to leave a child care leave. To my daughter Myshka - to Marishke was only 1 year and 7 months when I brought her first time into kindergarten - a day nursery with very good reputation.

Tutors, having been lop-sided on my girl, set to us three conditions: not to suck a pacifier, asks on a pot and to eat independently. Having inspected group of 17 kids, I saw one “pampersnik“, two “suckers“. I was sure that a half of them - “dokormysha“.

my daughter a pacifier did not suck

On my pleasure (I disaccustomed her to a breast in 13 months), we did not use disposable diapers since a year, and by one and a half years the daughter tolerably used a knife and a fork. From 9 months we all family visited the pool, and I hoped that its immunity will cope with the forthcoming loading. From this I drew a conclusion that Marishka “is ready“, and began the second stage of her preparation. In 2 weeks we began to drink the preparations increasing the immunity and vitamins corresponding to its age.

the Short diary of acclimatization in kindergarten.

on September 12 . Here I also sent the girl to a garden. A box with the sun, a bag of tights and huge desire to play with children. For two hours. She waved to me with the handle and told: “So long!“

on September 13 . First tears: “Where mother?“ But it is short. Wise tutors quickly involved it in game.


well. Rages, plays and shouts with happiness in the small kindergarten world.

on September 14 . Refuses to sit down on a pot. I take away Myshka and five tights. So upset one could cry that children fight.

on September 16 . End of 1 week. In a garden 3,5 hours - till a lunch. On classes in music and charging shows a disorganization and wild delight! Eats everything with pleasure (sweet porridge and tea very much are pleasant).

on October 3 . The 4th week went. On the third week began to go the whole day, and the garden became “obligation“.

Marishka is upset with

, does not want to go though meets me with a smile in the evening. Began to put on and quite often without reminder to go to a pot. The lexicon and a stock of thematic games increased. Everything comments. With pleasure spends days off with us. The last week sleeps in a garden and at home badly. Wakes up and cries - I give on droplets for the night a valerian. Probably, adaptation affects. Began to pay whenever possible more attention in the evening: to read fairy tales, to play board games.

By a weekend the mood exchanged, and everything changed. She began to cry and does not want that it was taken away home, and at the weekend began to demand that conducted in a garden.

on December 6 . The garden loves as the pool, theater and all everyday life. Learns the new heard verses and songs, dances, sings, draws, molds. Waits for Father Frost.

on January 16 . Marishke - 2 years. After vacation - in a garden! Father Frost - the brightest impression.

“Father Frost, Father Frost a fir-tree from the wood brought

For now I went to a garden, mother decorated a Christmas tree!“