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it is important whether the care of a daily bread or desire to diversify the life, aspiration to earn to the child on pampers or themselves on pins will set for you the task of job search at home. Having armed for its decision with the corresponding newspapers and magazines, you will soon find out that a set of options of home work in all editions approximately same...

Hallo! Firewood is necessary to you?

“Dispatcher“ or the operator on a home telephone number - the most extended sentence in the section “Outwork“. Carefully! Among similar announcements there is something standing comes across extremely seldom.

working at phone can refer To category also vacancies of the interviewer conducting sociological surveys. As a rule, questions in questionnaires happens from 40 to 100 and to find the person who is ready to allocate time, sufficient to answer everything from them, happens very much and very not easy.

Without boots and in shaving

we will refer various handicraft works To this category: woodcarving, ceramics, art processing of skin, beadwork, sewing and knitting. Employers promise a good salary, awards and product sales at once.

But we will reflect: what the apartment where cut on a tree will turn into? Tools for cutting are scattered within reach of your kid, and shaving captivated everything around. Fine sketch. Or beads which eat with handfuls your child. Skin which exhales a doubtful smell. The vases which are kindly broken by the baby. Generally, work dusty.

A as for payment... In your house there will be many products of handicraft work? And in houses of your friends and acquaintances? - and it. It is impossible to tell that these products are terribly popular, - in other words, with product sales there can be big problems. Therefore before taking a chisel in hand, think whether it happens so that the promised “training with the subsequent employment“ will be limited to a training stage. By the way, paid.

If you decide

to address to firms which suggest to sew Panamanians at home, pillowcases or to cut edge of sheets, then before signing with them the contract, count, what is the time it will be required to you that payment of your work became a noticeable contribution to the family budget. And then think who all this time will look after the kid - so far you scribble on the machine, it should be borrowed with something too, otherwise it is necessary to work at night.

Besides, sewing business has such unattractive features as back pains which arise from - for long findings of a body in one situation. It is not excluded that having sensibly weighed all pros and cons, you will come to a conclusion that it is better to settle for full time and to employ the nurse.

As for knitting, it is worth mentioning also those firms which cooperate with owners of knitting cars. Some of these organizations provide training of future workers and even provide them with the equipment. Of course, and there will be the “but“. Perhaps, the main thing from them - a saturation of house air the woolen motes smallest (more largely). If your child has a diathesis or he often has respiratory diseases, it is necessary to give knitting up as a bad job - otherwise the state of health of the kid can worsen up to emergence of cough with an asthmatic component.

Making the decision to earn houses by manual skills, be ready to that, as in this sphere swindlers come across.


If ifs and ans were pots and pans on a nose mushrooms grew

In newspapers offer “work on production of environmentally friendly production simple and available to everyone“. What is behind this mysterious formulation? Cultivation of oyster mushrooms and champignons in a house bathtub. But let`s estimate what sizes it has to be that at least once in a week to reap a crop more, than on one frying pan? Those who tried to cultivate mushrooms, speak at least about the cellar in which humidity and temperature are maintained in strictly set framework.

Look for

and you obryashcht...

After everything read above can seem to

that it is impossible to find normal outwork in principle. It`s not true. There is a mass of creative and interesting work which it is possible to carry out houses, having the computer, especially if it is connected to the Internet. But continuing the line “from simple to difficult“, we will begin with purely technical activity.

the Computer connected to the Internet transfers to

home work to other level. Remote imposition of web - pages, article in magazines (as this, for example), programming. But be careful! Everyone occurs among offers of outwork.

Well and, at last, real offers for professionals. Try to visit the website - worthy options of work offer designers and programmers foreign firms.

of Any post office boxes, only a credit card. The website is supervised, all employers are checked. Only condition: professionalism and excellent written English.

Summing up of

the results

First of all needs to understand two moments from which it is necessary to make a start, making the concrete decision: outwork does not give high earnings and anyway demands more - less regular absences. That is ideally it is necessary to have an income source more serious, than yours, and the person who can entrust the precious child for the period of your absence.

the Decision to get to work for young mother can be unambiguous only in case of lack of other source of the income - otherwise it is necessary to explain to people around and first of all itself why you need all this badly paid trouble. For example, the author of these lines, from 17 years being accustomed to work, so uncomfortably felt as the housewife that used the first possibility of return to the paid work. All gained income went to lovely gifts to the family - what could not be afforded when business concerned family money. Discussion after day of work of production problems became one more unintentional pleasure - having collapsed in a chair as the husband.

according to psychologists, at the women who spent several years at home sociophobia (fear of world around) therefore any activity allowing young mother to keep feeling of social activity has to be welcomed only develops. Presence at her life of the occupations which are beyond a household will make an exit to the real work as smoother and will not cause stressful situations.

However if any foreign activity causes in you excessive fatigue, it is necessary to refuse it without regrets. Eventually, you already are engaged in the most important issue in your life, and the healthy and happy kid will be an award for this round-the-clock parental service.