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The summer on giving

at the dacha gives Summer us the surprising chance to receive a charge of health and energy for the whole year. Only here the child can run barefoot all day long, breathe forest air, enjoy sweet berries directly from a bush. That children did not miss city entertainments, parents should think over the playground device at the dacha in advance, to stock up with books and games, to get acquainted with neighbour`s children.


First to children needs the help in arrangement on the new place. Acquaint them with those advantages which are given by summer at the dacha: warm water, proximity to the nature, is a lot of place for bustle and an opportunity to make a noise. In the fall in the city they will remember wonderful sunny days and cheerful games in the fresh air more than once!

is required to Build the city

For arrangement of a children`s game corner to you at least 10 - 15 quarter site m. Choose the solar and warm place on which morning dew quickly dries, kids are ready to game since early morning. It is better if the shadow covers children from day heat. If nearby there are no big trees, locate the platform near the house or a fence. Then the wall will act as a basis of the rock climbing wall or a corner for graffiti. If you plan installation of an awning or big umbrella, in advance strengthen strong and reliable support which will sustain casual collisions with the got naughty players.

It is good if your platform is looked through from the house, especially it is actual for safety of the least summer residents. The green hedge or a bright small fence will help to designate tactfully borders of children`s possession, to detain the departed ball and will not allow children`s toys to occupy all site. Choosing the place for a playground, pay attention to a soil relief: there should not be acting stones, roots and borders. The played children can not notice an obstacle in a dense grass.

can choose by

as a covering of a game zone a sports lawn, steady against trampling, on which it is so exciting to play a ball and to somersault. Sand will soften landings near hills and sport centers, and a bulk floor from the granulated rubber will serve to you not one year, without demanding additional service.

the Equipment of a playground depends on quantity and age of children in a family, the size of a site and financial opportunities of parents. Kids will be glad to a sandbox, a hill, a swing and a game lodge. The senior children with pleasure will be engaged on various shells of sport centers, to jump on a trampoline, to arrange staffs on trees, to master game complexes.

Regardless of age of children equip a children`s corner with a convenient bench and a table for a sit-round gathering and role-playing games. The bench is useful to the grandmother looking for the kid, a table - the grown-up children for game in “ringlet“ and to teenagers for heart to heart talks. There will be a place for joint creativity with new friends. It is possible, without being afraid of losses, to spread out fine details of the designer or a board game and just to arrange tea drinking. The thought-over lighting will prolong game in twilight, having turned the day platform into the fantastic night town.

the Sandbox - architecture and excavation

Own “Sahara Desert“ will give

a lot of joy to your children. The small will suit the sandbox of the small sizes equipped with a convenient surface for game with molds. It can be a little table, a big stone or wide boards of the framework. The senior children need a scope for construction of locks and digging of channels. Various models of sandboxes are presented at the market: stationary wooden and plastic folding, standard capacities for sand and the children combined with small pools, so like to potter with sand and water. Plastic frameworks are issued various forms and coloring. The protection under a natural stone or a tree will turn into a border for a flower bed when the owner grows up. Amusing bright designs in the form of flowers and animals will become decoration of a playground.

Pay attention to game tables in which under a table-top capacities for sand and water, labyrinths and systems of water supply are located. This compact option of a sandbox will be suitable for game on a terrace in rainy or hot weather. And removable legs will allow to turn a table into a usual sandbox which can be placed in any place of a site.

Surely check quality of assembly, lack of gaps and acute angles. The cover or a cover for a sandbox will protect game space from uninvited guests, a pouring rain and dew.

In large hypermarkets, the Internet - shops and the garden centers is presented a wide choice of the most various sandboxes from producers from Russia, Europe and China. The prices of them vary from 1000 to 8000 rubles.

the Swing - we train a vestibular mechanism

the Swing by all means will become favourite entertainment of all neighboring kids. A swing is an excellent exercise machine for a vestibular mechanism, muscles of hands and an abdominal tension. If on the platform usually plays several children, it is better to protect a zone of rocking. Teach the kid independently and to safely use a swing, and the “vestibular exercise machine“ has to correspond to age and abilities of the child.

For kids will be is suitable one - or double rocking chairs from bright plastic in the form of a hemisphere with convenient seats, footboards and handles. The smallest rocking chairs cost from 1 000 rub, many-placed for several children - to 10 000 rub.

of the Little girl and the boy are very much loved by spring rocking chairs, they can be operated, bending here and there, to be shaken and jump up up and down. This construction is familiar to all on city platforms: a horse or the motorcycle on the elastic spring fixed in the concrete basis.

the Classical suspended swing pleases with

already many generations. You can buy a seat with fastening in any children`s shop at the price from 1000 rubles, it was necessary only to find the place on a site and to fix it. The seat with a convenient back and a front bumper costs from 5 000, however it should be got for the kid who only begins acquaintance to a swing.

to the Grown-up children it will be interesting to p to shake on the simple suspended board strengthened on a metal or rope suspension bracket. Swing - the bungee in the form of a plastic disk or an automobile tire suspended on a rope or the springing elastic bands allows to jump up and twist at the same time in different directions - the real school of the young astronaut!

the Hill - it is cheerful and slippery

children of all age like to Ride from a hill. For the kid to scramble on steps and to roll down fearlessly down - the whole adventure demanding considerable courage. Hills for the smallest low and flat with wide steps and convenient hand-rail. Most often it is easy, compact models which are easy for transporting and storing in a cold season. To the senior children will have on temper of a hill higher, with a trench in a wave mode or a spiral. Hills with the adjustable height (from 1 to 3,5 meters) will grow together with the thrill-seeker. Provide to the child a soft landing in the form of a pillow from sand at the bottom of a hill.

Depending on the producer and the size of a hill is cost from two to ten thousand rubles.


the Lodge - a secluded corner for the little person

It is surprising, but even in the smallest apartment children seek to fence off the corner, by means of scarfs and blankets to equip own space. This desire to imitate adults is very important in development of role-playing games and interaction with world around. The lodge can turn into “shop“ or “hospital“, the magic palace and a knight`s castle. Here it is possible to hide during hide-and-seek, to posekretnichat with the girlfriend and just to remain alone with itself, to deal with children`s thoughts and dreams.

the simplest lodges - bright tents from strong fabric which easily are established thanks to the built-in metal framework. Such lodge can be in the form of a tent, tent or “machine“, is supplied with a window or a tunnel for cheerful fuss. Depending on the sizes and accessories frame lodges cost from 1000 to 5000 rubles.

Plastic combined lodges are made by

of the light bright plastic steady against influence of the sun and bad weather. The design easily understands. Creators consider the most various children`s tastes, arranging lodges of fairies and princesses, small little shops and garages, knight`s castles and dwellings of Indians. Depending on the size and a design the little resident will find a little table and small benches, the real sink with water, a children`s kitchenette and even phone inside! Careful parents will help with the flower bed device on a window sill and a small ogorodik on the “back“ yard.

Two-storeyed lodges represent the real game complexes with one or several hills, tunnels, observation decks and the rock climbing wall. The simplest plastic lodges for preschool children cost from 10 000 rubles, game complexes of the big sizes demand more serious capital investments - 25 000 − 40 000 rubles.

Sport center - sports summer

in the Summer far from sports sections and pools to parents needs to create to

favorable conditions for development of movement skills of children. The sport center is capable to teach children to climb short flights of stairs, to somersault on rings, to use rukokhody and a trapeze, to count the forces, to commensurate opportunities.

Producers offer

stationary and mobile sport centers. Permanently on a site the majority of the wooden, plastic and metal game centers are established. All knots and support of such complexes have rigid fastening. On a stationary framework you will be able to buy in addition the additional equipment:

  • vertical, horizontal and rope short flights of stairs,
  • of a trapeze,
  • horizontal bars,
  • a rope and a grid - a spider line,
  • gymnastic rings,
  • a swing,
  • a hill,
  • a basketball ring,
  • of darts,
  • a punching bag.

Create your family sports corner taking into account age of the child. To the two-year-old kid it will be terrible and unsafe even to approach shells for school students, diameter of pipes and distance between steps at which it is calculated absolutely on advanced age.


to Absolutely tiny summer residents will suit the small, safe and functional complexes created taking into account age features. Height of a short flight of stairs allows to clamber safely even to the one-year-old kid, and in two years the child grows to a rukokhod. Thin rings will be located in the smallest handle. And as it is pleasant to young gymnasts to be shaken and turned on them! The design of a hill allows to change height and a tilt angle that it is useful to the walkers only mastering bipedalism. Small kids quickly lose interest even to the hobbies, in this case you will be able just to turn sport center, the kid will surely seize the new opportunities.

Children`s metal sport centers and modular plastic can be transferred to the protected terrace during a rain or a long absence of a family at the dacha.

you will be able to replace with

in process of the child`s growing sport center on more suitable I will increase. On the stationary equipment capable to sustain weight more than 200 kg, not only children, but also adults can be engaged. And that can be better than joyful and interesting occupations by all family in the fresh air!

Depending on the producer and a complete set you can get a sports complex worth from 5 000 - 7 000 to 25 of 000 - 35 000 rub

the Trampoline - jumps to exhaustion!

the Trampoline won love of children and adults long ago. Jumps perfectly train muscles of a back and a vestibular mechanism.

Small trampolines take a little place (from 1 meter in the diameter), easily are established and move to the house during bad weather. On a trampoline with a diameter from three meters it is possible not just to jump, but also to be engaged in fitness, to carry out gymnastic exercises.

On a trampoline can master jumps to children since two years, the spring basis maintains weight to of 80 - 100 kg, so be not surprised if you find jumping not only young gymnasts.

do not forget

about safety measures: the trampoline has to be established on a smooth surface, only one child can jump. During a rain clean a trampoline under a roof that metal springs did not rust.

children`s trampolines cost to

Depending on diameter 2 000 - 4 000 rub, more extensive platforms for jumps cost from 5 to 10 thousand rubles.


In the Russian shops presented the country gaming equipment from the famous producers of children`s and sports goods, such as Chicco (Italy), Smoby, Berchet (France), Feber, Injusa (Spain), Kettler, BIG, JOHN (Germany), Starplast, MARIANPLAST (Israel), Paradiso (Belgium), Step2, Little Tikes, GROW “N UP (USA), (USA), WOODY (Czech Republic), GOWI (Austria), Happy box, HAENIM TOYS (Korea), and also from producers of China and Taiwan. Domestic producers offer metal sport centers, wooden lodges, sandboxes and a swing (“A spring - sport“, “Early start“, “Vertical“, “Roundabout“, “Leader“, “Mowgli“).

Let the country summer will bring to your children joy and health!