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To Italy with children of

to Choose the place for family rest, especially if you have small children, always more difficult. Flight has to be not too tiresome, food - tasty and habitual, the sea - warm and pure, and protected - a little sandy. Besides, there is a wish that also adults did not miss - was what to look and buy. Where to find your place? Of course, in Italy!

Along the coast of the Adriatic Sea the chain of resorts lasts: Richchione, Rhee - pass, Chezenatiko, Milano - Maritti - ma, Cherviya, etc. which belong to one of the most beautiful and rich regions of Italy of Aemilia Romanye. All these cities are devoted to tourists and rest therefore completely “come to life“ only in the spring when the time of holidays begins and people reach for the sea.

One of favourite resorts of indigenous Italians where families with children have generally a rest, - Cherviya. Place is taken by the special shape. This very cozy small town is in an environment of the Mediterranean pines - stone pines which cover all adjoining territory. Cherviya is often called by the city - park because air here surprising (pure and fragrant), and it is always possible to take refuge in a shadow of trees from the hot sun.

Beach rest

the Clean and tender sea, with the sandy coast and a flat bottom, does to Chervy by the ideal vacation spot with children. In the city there are a lot of comfortable hotels, and each of them has the, completely equipped beach. Generally all hotels are located near the sea therefore to choose suitable it is possible. A maximum of time which can be spent for the road to the beach, - 10 minutes on foot. On beaches all conditions for comfortable rest are created: awnings and chaise lounges, shower and locker rooms, playgrounds with a swing, toys and trampolines, playgrounds where it is possible to play basketball, volleyball on sand or a bochcha, and a set of small cafes which are near the sea. In the city the Thermal center “Di Cervija`s term“ (Terme di Cervia) using the European popularity is located. The therapeutic treatment which is carried out here is based on use of sea water and efficiency of oozy dirt from nearby salt copies which possess strong salutary properties.

Cherviya and Milano`s Beaches - Marittima stretch for 10 km and contain hundreds of game and sports grounds.

If to go in the direction from the sea, you will get in historical the downtown. On the main street little shops and boutiques are located here. On days off on a central square there take place interesting fairs where residents of the next towns of the region bring a handiwork and any antiques. Here it is possible to find jewelry of handwork, crystal ware and porcelain figures, tableware and accessories for the house, old plates, pictures and cards in retro style.

of All 20 - 30 minutes of pedestrian walk, and you will appear in the beautiful city of Milano - Marittima who separates the water channel from Cherviya. It is one of the most respectable and refined resorts of Italy. The well-known picturesque city in a pinery with smart country houses and hotels. In May designers - florists from various cities of Italy gather here to create bright beds and flower ensembles, unique on the beauty, therefore the city is buried in flowers and greens.

all family can sweep in the Evening across Cherviya on the cycle mobile hired. It is set in motion as well as the bicycle, and accomodates up to five people, including children. The ridiculous vehicle will help you to travel over all city and quicker to accustom to it.


After seven in the evening in Cherviya numerous small restaurants begin to be filled. Italians like to have supper late, and obligatory all family. At a table, as a rule, it is possible to see three, and even four generations: young couple with two kids, their parents and the grandmother with the grandfather. All of them at once begin to talk, laugh and joke briskly, telling each other some stories, and gradually the same cheerful and cheerful mood which reigns around begins to cover you too.

By the way, with the choice of dishes you and at your children for certain will have no problems. In the menu there is always a huge choice of the freshest, often manually, home-style, the prepared paste with various sauces. The pork, beef and mutton dishes prepared on coals and also sausages and cheeses of the most different types. Of course, at all restaurants prepare tens of types of pizza which is loved by all children. For the most conservative kids there is a sure bet: all favourite “Margarita“ and the most tasty in the world the Italian ice cream. And adults surely should taste the most tasty seafood fresh shrimps soup, mussels and several grades of fish, and also traditional flat cake - “pyadina“ which is cooked in Aemilia Romanye from the flour mixed with milk in combination with soft cheese or ham.

Useful information
If you at least know English a little and are not afraid of the unfamiliar road (by the way, there is nothing to be afraid here), then rest will be much more interesting if to lease the car. For this purpose the driving license of the international sample will be necessary for you, and also it is possible to take with itself the navigator, having downloaded an Italy map there. It is possible to reserve the car, having visited the website of the known rolling network (Avis, Rent - a - Car, Europcar, Hertz), in this case the car will wait for you about the Airport, or already on the place, in that city where there is your hotel.
in the Evening, in open cafes dances begin

. And look at this special show which you should not pass so by all means be late how Italians dance. And best of all dances not youth here, and those to whom for a long time for 50. The brought-up gentlemen and respectable ladies so dance a mamba, to a point and cha - cha - cha that looking at them, heart fades.

Children`s parks

of “Mirabilandiya“

In a seaside zone located most of all parks which are designed for parents with children. In 5 km from Milano - Marittima is constructed one of the best amusement parks in Italy of “Mirabilandiya“. The park is considered the largest in Europe after Parisian “Disneyland“ and Barcelonian “Port - Aventura“. In the territory of “Mirabilandiya“ 37 most modern attractions work. There is both roller coaster, and circus, and 3D movie theater. Boys especially will like representations of stuntmen by cars, and also laser shows, fireworks and an indicative diving, and to girls - performances of theater on ice. The latest novelty of park are attractions of “Maya“ and “Kata - the panel“ which decide to try only the most brave.


In twenty minutes from Milano - Marittima is water park “Atlantic“ with a huge whale who welcomes all visitors. In the territory of park there are pools with artificial waves and a set of waterslides which are so loved by children.

In a seaside zone of the region Aemilia Romanyaraspolozheno of most of all entertaining children`s parks!

of “Akvafan“

Near the city of Richchiona located the largest water park with five huge pools and the only rExtreme river in Europe, with downhill racing more than 70 km/h.

the Dolphinarium

near Rimini - Richchione also two dolphinariums where it is possible to look at fascinating performances, and also the Museum of sea shells, skeletons of dolphins and aquariums with sea small fishes are.

“The house of butterflies“

Surely visit

with children of Casa Delle Farfalle which is in Milano - Marittima. Here the climate appropriate to natural environment of life of many butterflies and tens of species of other insects and birds is supported. Butterflies of the most various colourings and the sizes are brought generally from the South of America and from South Africa. Except them it is possible to meet interesting insects, poisonous frogs from South America, aquariums here with fishes who catch insects, distilling their stream waters over a meter, and predatory plants.

“Italy in a miniature“

Similar parks is in each country, and Italy, of course, not an exception. And here the oldest of them is constructed near Rimini. Here all Italy with more than 270 architectural sights is reproduced. It is worth visiting similar park at least once. Before you the unforgettable show with moving tiny trains, the ships, planes, gardens, lakes and mountains will open. Each miniature is made manually, with the smallest details. In park there is Small Venice where it is possible to float on pass - the boat on tiny Big Venetian channel Grand Canale. To see the Venetian palaces which are only 5 times less than originals.