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The fashion show of confidence

to make indelible impression on people around, is optional to turn a breast into a show-window of family jewelry at all and to be ruined on a collection coat from a short-haired mink from Karl Lagerfeld.

“The real woman is able to reach also small sums great effects“, - the fine judge of beauty Heinrich Heine claimed. Life daily confirms correctness of the great German poet.

False magnificence

Recommending to readers the heroine of “Anna on a neck“, Chekhov especially noted two of its main talent: ability to put in order ball gloves by means of chalk that looked as newcomers, and to wear false jewelry as the presents.

By the way, persons of royal blood and Hollywood stars arrive in the same way: family diamonds keep in banks, and prefer to put on their copies executed from pastes or rock crystal receptions. With the real stones of efforts you will not be gathered!

to ensure their safety, bank in which usually there is invaluable jewelry puts

to the bodyguard`s clients who claimed them. And quality of its work is looked after by the special employee of a security system sent by the same bank which is taking care of the material values entrusted it. And happens that such observers even not one, and a little!

to Celebrities does not smile to

at all to have a good time at parties in a dense ring of the men in black who do not take eyes from their ear rings, rings and necklaces. It is not surprising that the highest paid actresses of the world, starting with Julia Roberts, prefer costume jewelry: gloss on one million, and any cares!

Julia, receiving on 20 million dollars for a role (an absolute record even for the American superstars), manages mostly in general to do without jewelry. Even of the English queen the actress attended appointment nothing not embellished moreover and not in an evening dress, and in jeans with a t-shirt, having broken in advance stipulated dress - a code. But at the same time looked most magnificent, thanks to the company smile for one million dollars which eclipses any jewelry!

Still wise Coco Chanel claimed that beautiful teeth and healthy gums which serve them as a natural frame belong to the category of natural jewelry which you will not buy not at any price.

But if the jeweler has to clean a string of pearls or a diamond necklace periodically, then jeweler care of teeth nobody, except you, will provide. Worked as a brush, smiled - and it seems to all that there ascended the sun. Also you do not say now that the best friends of the girl - diamonds: will be in your personal arsenal which - what is more essential!

Beauty in Jen`s style

the Most original jewelry in Hollywood at Dennifer Aniston. She molds various sinks and spirals from clay, and then jewelers cast them in gold and platinum. Jen is convinced: nothing so paints the woman as the modesty, especially in clothes, and prefers to put on in t-shirts of color of ripe tomatoes and democratic jeans.

the Devil carries


What to do if you are not accepted for good work? “It is correct to pick up things from already available in your clothes when you go to interview!“ - speaks to Meryl Streep. After a brilliant impersonation of the publisher of the magazine of haute couture she often should answer this question.

“It is considered that at acquaintance to potential employers it is necessary to look on a half of a desirable salary, - the actress who thoroughly understood a situation declares. - You want to earn one thousand dollars - put on a business suit for five hundred, you apply for 3 thousand - put on on one and a half... But if you attentively looked “A devil “Prada“ carries, for certain noticed that this stereotype in the scenario did not work“.

Any exclusive suits from Dolche & Gabana or Dior will not help you to hold a desirable position if in the head it is empty. However, happens and so that the women having the mass of necessary professional qualities cannot correctly give themselves from - for “not format“ appearance. The first impression therefore and is called that develops instantly: it is important to create the correct image at once.

to look elegant and tightened, the dark suit with a direct skirt and the fitted jacket is enough to put on

, to pick up under it a white blouse which refreshes complexion and shoes high-heeled - in footwear on hairpins the woman seems to more harmonous and holds a bearing. If things fit on you well and look effectively, they make impression expensive, though are bought not in the Parisian boutique, and in the nearest market.

to Scrape a bottom of the barrel

In the movie “Star Dust“ Robert de Niro says the sacramental phrase under which any woman will subscribe:“ I do not like to throw out old suits. As soon as you get rid of some clothes as it becomes fashionable again“.

Reconsider clothes, for certain, in it there will be unfairly forgotten things which can find the second life without prejudice to your purse. And at the same time and around yourself look. From the becoming dusty idle gobelin rug in skillful hands the exclusive jacket in Chanel style can turn out. Only a little imagination and skills is necessary!

Follow an example of inventive Scarlett O. Hara from “Gone with the Wind“. To make impression of the successful lady, she sewed to herself a dress from velvet curtains - the last that reminded of richness of the patrimonial nest plundered during civil war of the North and the South. However, as Scarlett was necessary most to perform manual labor, it was given by not well-groomed hands with the broken nails. On their background expensive dress lost a luxury charm, having turned into a cheap rag.

you Want to look kingly - make faultless manicure: it will draw attention to itself(himself) and that there is put on you, nobody will remember. Do not take offense at a similar carelessness of people around - it is worth a lot! “If you were struck with beauty by some woman, - the Italian fashion designer Emmanuel Ungaro says, - but you cannot tell in what it was dressed, so it was dressed ideally!“

It is improbable, but the fact: one of the richest successors of America 30 - x years of the last century - 20 - summer Barbara Hutton whose fortune was estimated in 42 million dollars, chose for wedding with the Georgian prince Alexey Mdivani... a modest greyish dress from printed calico. Among your clothes something will absolutely precisely be found similar!

A the most expensive wedding dress created by the couturier Elaine Jenvill, embroidered by pearls from Alexandra Raza and decorated with diamonds in a platinum frame still becomes dusty on a show-window, though was presented to public in March, 1989. It also is clear: having laid out 7 301 587 dollars 21 cents for this extremely an exclusive thing, you will look under a wreath as a Christmas tree. To whom it will be pleasant!

“Today in fashion the naturalness in everything creating feeling of harmony with the nature, - the famous fashion artist Elena Pelevina says. - Things which you carry have to be simple and convenient. Then they will look stylishly and expensively. And to emphasize figure advantages, different details and accessories - bags, buttons, scarfs, hats, huge scarfs and shawls will help to make clothes of more effective. They can be tied in the different ways and it to give to the shape identity and novelty, but not thanks to pretentiousness of a cut or silhouette.

I Will open for you a trade secret. All my difficult, at first sight, models consist of simple figures - a triangle, a circle, a square. Depending on that, in the middle or the cut for the head and where the dress is grabbed with a belt - on a waist or under a breast is sideways made, absolutely different silhouettes turn out. I consider that the woman has to be read as if by a hint in these streaming folds, the flowing-down scarfs with long brushes. And one more council. It is no secret that most expensively today the clothes from natural fabrics - flax, cotton are appreciated. We - that with you in them always put on. Each woman in a case has not one such thing. Carry them more often to feel dressed on one million!“

Ellochki`s Complex - cannibals

- Fine fur! - Ostap exclaimed.
- Joke! - Ellochka gently told. - This is the Mexican jerboa.
- cannot Be it. You were deceived. You were given much the best fur. These are the Shanghai leopards. Sure! Leopards! I recognize them by a shade. You see how the fur plays on the sun!. Emerald! Emerald!

As Ellochka herself painted the Mexican jerboa with a green water color, the praise was especially pleasant to it. And here the glory of the exclusive owner of shinshillovy coats did not please at all Aleksandra Kollontay who fascinated the aged Swedish king Gustav V the false bellows.

“Around the world is written about my toilets, pearls and diamonds, and for some reason especially - about my coats from chinchillas. Look: one of them now on me“, - the first-ever woman - the ambassador to the friend Muza Kanivez complained, showing a worn kotikovy cape which could be taken for a chinchilla only at very rich imagination. And to some diplomats the shabby cat on shoulders of the Soviet envoy seemed an imperial ermine!

Probably, everything depends on how to carry these furs. If you hesitate rabbit and furthermore - an artificial fur coat, then it also will look on you as if it is sewed from old cats. But in the same thing it is possible to walk so as if on you precious sables, and nobody will doubt that this is true.

to Take

at least Sharon Stone, the respectable public a few years ago shocking, having appeared on charitable reception in a short fur coat of an uncertain origin, the faded jeans and... sandals in the middle of winter.

the Most surprising that no charges of bad taste from colleagues from shop and journalists followed: same Stone, she is able to afford anything! At first develop such regal bearing, a steady gaze and sure gait, and then safely put on sandals under fur: then this ridiculous combination will look on you extremely magnificently.

to itself the fashion designer

according to Lise Hurley, it is fashionable to be dressed - means to carry that to you to the person. And how many there are these things, not so it is important. However, sometimes brings it - depth of a decollete of the actress was already included into a saying. “There`s nothing to be done, a beautiful breast - my main jewelry“, - she laughs the matter off about it.